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Magneto's Fury (Open)

Kat Green

Kat Green was a very sweet girl she had a big heart for everyone, animals and children loved her. But there was a secret she had kept hidden for a very long time, when she was about sixteen she started to find people who saw the world as she did, saw mutants the way that she did. Ever since Kat was five years old she had understand what was going on between humans and mutants. She knew someone who was a mutant until she was taken away, and never heard from again. Her name was Abby Backer they had been really good friends, unfortunately one day kids were picking on her and fire came out from her hand and badly burned the boy picking on her. Kat was happy he got what he deserved, sadly though she had heard many things about Abby and was scared that she had been killed, since no one took kindly to mutants.

Kat didn't fear what she didn't understand, though perhaps it's because she never wanted to control them. She grew up seeing a lot of nasty things, when she was sixteen her parents were murdered. Because her family supported the good mutants, her parents murder was made to look like a mutant had done it. But she didn't believe it though others did. So that was the age when she decided to do something, something those against the gifted. She began to gather people from school first that were against this stupid war, humans that wanted to live in peace with all mutants. And they had friends, family and soon by the time she was eighteen even mutants were among her group. She covered her face however she wore a hood that never showed her face, but those who knew her best knew who she was.

Funny thing there was a man in her life, originally she was in Poland because her father was in the military. He was her friend for a very long time, and stayed silent to the fact of what he was. Everyone had the right to private things. She went from knowing only English to being fluent in Polish, which was a hard yet beautiful language. But things were about to the change, one day she was going to his job to surprise him she had made lunch. And something in the plant started to explode. She dropped her bag and ran towards it, she saw a man on the ground and a huge block of metal was floating? how was that even possible? She noticed that Erik's hand was extended and could see the concentration. "Erik?" She said softly and looked down closing her eyes, hearing what they were saying and she knew, and looked up at him.

"Run!" She whispered but was loud enough for him to hear, she knew all to well what was going to happen. And sadly it did, the events after trying to help him and by the time she got to his home, she saw what they had done. She saw him holding his girls and she grew even more angry on his behalf and shook her head. She had a gun in her hand and shot the three policemen and looked up at him, she wore her outfit and everyone knew she was the one who helped mutants, she placed her fingers on her hood and pulled it down. "I am so sorry" She spoke in polish. "But not all humans are the same" She said honestly.
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SRP idea's link for 2019. http://forum.literotica.com/showpost...0&postcount=25 All my notices go into my e-mail, so I will see a pm or post if I am logged in or not.

If you want a good feel for how I write in a srp here is a story http://forum.literotica.com/showthread.php?t=1495035

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