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The Lingering Beast (Need An Active Beast)


Several years ago Prince Adam had crushed the heart of a very beautiful woman, but there was something about the woman the prince could not stand, and pretty much it was how she didn't have much of a back bone. Though he was a young man in his twenties and was rather cruel and it was something that would change but not by the young girl who very much wanted to be his queen, the girl much younger then him. Beautiful but more of a dumb blond, but what the prince didn't know was he never should have hurt her feelings and destory her heart. When he told her to leave, that he just couldn't love her because she was ignorant and couldn't stand the sight of her. Her mother and nanny that stayed on one side of the castle couldn't believe what the prince was so nasty, how many words her mother knew that all meant monster, as the venom from her mother's lips could be heard all the way till they got into the carriage and left, Adam had no idea just how bad he had screwed up. Because the girl was not what she appared to be. She was the youngest of three witches, women you did not want to screw with. The oldest of the sisters had been controlling both women for there game to make sure there sister was taken care of. But sadly no matter what they tried to do it failed any way, they knew it before there sister came home.

Soon the door swung open and the young girl's makeup all run due to the tears that she had shead. The sisters were very fast to go to the side of there sister, holding her and saying the son of a bitch would pay, but she refused to let her sisters do such a thing. She had faith one day that he would learn to love, and perhaps it wasn't meant to be. You could force many things but love was not one of them. The three older sisters looked at one another and grinned at one another, there young sister knew all to well what it was, but before she could protest or fight the oldest cast a sleeping spell and she fell into the arms of her middle sister. They put there little sister to bed and knew what needed to be done, and that was to damn the man that hurt there sister. They watched the prince for a very long time, keeping there sister asleep the years they needed to plot, the prince ended up falling in true love with a girl named Belle, a beautiful young woman about twenty years younger then himself and they truly seemed to be in love with her. He was sweet, kind and very loving though pretty much the words that described him meant the same thing. Belle had not known him love but they did fall in love very quickly, he made arragments for her to go back to her little town and to pack up. Because when she got back they would be man and wife.

But while she was gone the prince got a nasty little surprise, one night when he was getting ready to turn in for the night, the three sisters surronded him while his eyes were closed. All with smirks on there faces. When Adam opened up his eyes he was startled and quickly his fear turned to anger and began to demand that they leave and all they did was laugh at him. They told him exactly what was going to happen, that everyone who lives in the castle would be damned for hurting there little sister. The only one that would be spared was his soon to be brided. Because they said that they only loved him because of his looks and power, but what would happen if they took away most of it, everyone in that castle became cursed and twisted. Everyone were now objects and before the prince could say anything, he screamed as he turned into a beast. They gave him a rose to look after, and told him that if he doesn't make the ultimate sacrifice he would be cursed to stay as the beast he has become, the beast that was hidden behind perfect skin and a perfect body. Once the girls were done they laughed and they left, once they were done they allowed there sweet little sister to wake up. Beause now there was no way she could stop this kind of curse. They told her everything and once she found out he had a soon to be wife, that he learned to love she slapped her eldest sister.

She had found out that he had interest in another woman, she was happy the monster was slowly becoming a man in a natural way. Her sisters damning him and being sneaky about it she couldn't take it. She ran out of the house and she wanted to run to the woman that he loved and tell her everything, but knew that wouldn't do. She was angry at her sisters but they did what they thought was best. It was hard to face certain things and she let out a scream that could be heard from a mile long and wide. Looking up at the moon she sighed and fell to her knees, hoping that he would find out what the ultimate sacrifice was. To be a monster forever was something she would never want for him. But there was nothing she could do accept that hope this Belle was a good woman at heart as well as beautiful. She cast herself invisible to all and went to see Adam, not once did she show herself to him but she needed to see what kind of beast her sisters made of him. The sight of him made her even more angry at her sisters, but anger was going to do no one any good. It was done and over and nothing but good could change it, though she did not know if she could ever trust her sisters again. Now all she could do is wait quietly and hope that his love would still love him, not fear him and to help him figure out what he needed to do.

One Month Later...

Belle had finally gotten back to the castle she had missed her love and didn't want to be away for so long. But she had no choice what so ever, she had to make sure all her things were packed and had to make sure that her father was going to be okay, and once that was taken care of and wanted to spend some daughter/father time any way. Belle missed her mother when it came to certain things, this was one of those times. But now she was back and she got of her carriage and knew right away something was very wrong, no one was there to greet her like always. She went inside the castle and it was cold, and very dark. The lights turned on by itself and she went to Adam's study where she could always find him, the fire was crackling and she walked into the room, removing her cape and had a bad feeling something had happened while she was gone. He wasn't in his chair reading like he liked to do and that scared her, she left the room and her eyes scanned the area. She looked in the area and had no clue what the hell was going on, her eyes showed fear of losing him. "Adam!"
she cried out and heard nothing, she ran up to the west wing that was their bedroom and she saw a rose under glass protecting it. She noticed someone by the table hunched over and she swollowed hard. She didn't know if it was him or if it was someone tresspassing, everything seemed so strange to her she just didn't know what to do so she walked closer and stopped, something was very wrong.

she called to him.
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