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Originally Posted by PleasePeesMe View Post
Timing is everything.
Yep, it sure is. I think about my friend in Virginia a lot. While I was single at the time, it just wasn't a good time in my life to take an unecessary risk to my career so close to retirement.
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I had one such experience many years ago. One day I went to the vending machines in our office to get a soft drink. A co-worker, well known to be gay, happened to show up at the same time. We exchanged a bit of small talk, and he proceeded to buy his own soft drink.

As he reached down to pick it up, he suddenly stood straight up and yelp "Yikes! I ALMOST did it!" At first I didn't know what he was talking about, but in an instant I figured it out. This was in the late 1970s, during the height of the disco rage. I, like many other guys, had taken to wearing the snug jeans and tight fitting pants that were all the rage back then. What he 'almost did' was touch me. I overlooked what he said, and we went our separate ways.

Now, were this to happen today, my response would be quite different. It just so happened there was a stairwell right by the vending machines. I would have invited him out into the stairwell, and once there, taken his hand, placed it on my crotch, and asked "Was this what you 'almost did'? If you can keep your mouth shut about it, how about coming over to my apartment this evening and you can do this all you want?..with the pants out of the way!" He WAS a handsome guy, and after a few such evenings he could have had me any way he wanted.
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little cletus
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I lived in NYC for 10 years. Went to college in a major east coast city. I have gone to gay dance clubs with friends. I have never been hit on by a gay man. Not ever. I'm not bad looking. I must give off a straight vibe.
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Definitely. The straighter I am the more I get hit on.
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Originally Posted by little cletus View Post
I lived in NYC for 10 years. Went to college in a major east coast city. I have gone to gay dance clubs with friends. I have never been hit on by a gay man. Not ever. I'm not bad looking. I must give off a straight vibe.
I've been hit on many times, in quite a few different situations. I'm usually with a straight crowd but not entirely straight myself. I think it must be a vibe that gay guys pick up on.
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One time I was smoking weed with a co-worker. About a year ago. I knew he was gay. I was straight then. Didn't think anything of it. Until he actually asked to kiss me. I don't think I would have done this with anybody else. He was one of the co-workers who helped me when I started.

I didn't want to say yes, but not no either. I actually thought he was cute. I didn't say anything. So I kind of shrugged. He leans in and plants one on my lips. I just left my hands at my side. His one hand touched my shoulder and brushed it. For about five seconds it's just his lips. Then, he puts out his tongue. Softlike though. He starts massaging my tongue. I obliged. Nothing really hard. I'm guessing it was about 60 seconds.

He pulls back. He says so? I shrugged again. He sort of laughs. He asked me if I'm working the next day. He starts is car. I get out and go to my car. I really thought he was going to hit on me after that. He never did. He was really going long term with this other guy. Sort of odd but that was really it. He changed to day shift. I didn't see him much after that.
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klippert1 on kik
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guess I'm in the minority...even when I was living the gay life style. I didn't set off the gaydar. since then (I woke up and realized i'm not gay) , I've had two openly gay guys just make the open offer of sucking me anytime.
one ended up leaving the company I worked for...no joke, for sexual harrassment
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In my 20's I would alternate between being overseas, and coming home to a 5-way polyamorous household. Long story.

But part of the fun was being the roadie setting up the AV for that night's show. OMFG gay men with a few beers were beyond unabashed, it became a running joke that the first guy to take me home would really get a set of steak knives. One night when the only straight girl in the place sneaked over and grabbed my junk while I was working I slapped her hand as hard as all the guys.

BTW getting your junk grabbed for 6-10hrs at a stretch, not a turn on.

Yeah, I'm a "BREEDER", but jfc no I won't 'turn' the second my cock is in your mouth, no I don't want to 'party', yeah when I was 23 I was the spitting image of Jason Priestly but no I'm role playing him for you tonight.

Y'all are vicious. I've got no sympathy for girls bitching about guys at bars.
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Though I'm not "exactly straight" I've been hit on more than a few times.

Dating back to my first visit to an adult store after coming of age, and before finally learning to not care what people thought, and being open about who and what I am, I used to be very careful, almost paranoid, about telegraphing my sexual interests when shopping in adult stores.

I'd openly browse the straight content, reading the labels on packaging and studying the content, but would only make a cursory pass at the gay content while taking what I thought were "clandestine glances" at the packages. Finally, and glancing around to see if anyone was watching, I'd scoop up the items I wanted from the gay section hoping I could get through the checkout before anyone (but of course the clerk) noticed.

In like manner, while perusing the toys, I'd openly look at dildos that seemed to be packaged for "straight" people while sneaking glances at the butt plugs, probes, and other toys obviously intended for anal use. After a deep breath, I'd pick up and buy what I wanted but I didn't want to telegraph, in public, that I liked things up my butt.

I must have set off the gaydar though as still, and in spite of the intended subterfuge, I was hit on more than a few times. Sometimes this happened in the store, by guys who merely gestured that they wanted me to follow them to the booth section, and other times I was followed to the parking lot by guys who were more obvious in stating their intent.

However, I never once was approached by someone I found to be "my type" or attractive so I always politely rebuffed their advances. In the distant past, though not so much anymore, many of those who approached me were what I perceived as "rough trade" and their vibe kind of scared me. Sometimes there was a little regret that I hadn't taken some of them up on it.

Of course with the proliferation of online video and sex toy stores I hardly go into the brick and mortar adult stores anymore. When I do, more often than not, it's when the wife and I are on a trip to someplace like Las Vegas where we suddenly decide we want a new toy or outfit to spice up the trip.

One time, when I was actually looking for it and hoping for some action, I got propositioned at Bally's Las Vegas when I was in town on a business trip. It was over twenty years ago and I was in town for a law enforcement trainers conference. Though I was staying at another property I went to Bally's based on reviews that said it was a good "cruise spot", and I got "cruised" in short order.

I was in the casino, at some slots on the north side of the property (recommended as "the spot"). I didn't even think I was giving off any special kind of vibe but I definitely pinged another guys gaydar. Who knew? In any event, he was exactly my type. Even though I hoped I'd get hit on, and still had some self doubt, when he sat down at the machine next to me and made some some suggestive but humorous small talk, I was smitten. His low key approach pushed just the right buttons and after I few drinks I found myself in his room.
"Pleasure is the blossoming of your desires. Your body knows its heritage and its rightful need and will not be deceived." - Kahlil Gibran

True stories of my youthful gay follies.

What can I say? After all these years, and a diverse variety of sexual experiences, kinks, and fetishes, I'm still trying to figure out this
"nature vs nurture" thing.

In any event, I yam what I yam and dat's all what I yam .

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Hitchhiking home one night

I thumbed a ride home one night when I was 18 and a guy in a station wagon picked me up. when we got close to my house he stopped to drop me off and said "do you have time for a blow job?" I was so freaked out that I jumped out of the car and ran all the way home. Now looking back I should have taken him up on it because I would love to give it at try now.
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When I was in my twenties, I lived in a walk-up apartment building in NY. I had a long-time girlfriend and one night she went out to the stairway to chase after my cat, who had run out when she opened the door. I lived on the third floor of a 5 story building. When she hadn't returned after a while, I went up the stairs to look for her just as a gay neighbor who lived on the fifth floor was coming down. He looked at her and then at me and just said he was surprised. I later told a different neighbor, a woman who lived across the hall from him, about the encounter. She laughed and said he had asked about me before. I asked, didn't he know I had a girlfriend? She laughed again and called it wishful thinking.

I ran into my neighbor, Bill, a few days later when I was bringing home groceries. I said hello as always and went to my apartment and he went to his. I sat drinking a beer and decided to go upstairs and talk with him. After all, we had lived in the same building and were friendly for years, so I thought I'd go and straighten things out. Even though I don't remember having any other intentions, I did bring the rest of the six pack with me.

I knocked on Bill's door and said I'd like to talk with him. He looked a little embarrassed and said he spoke to our neighbor and understood his misjudgment. Then he saw the six pack. I said, well let's talk about it and he invited me in.

We sat on the sofa, drinking beer and he lit a doob. I honestly don't remember how things evolved, but I know I took the initiative. What I remember is that I was going down on him, thinking about how his cock felt in my mouth, when he suggested getting undressed and we got into a 69 together. It hadn't even occurred to me he might want to suck my cock, too.

Now, I was, for a variety of reasons ready to take this step. It was the first time I ever sucked a cock, and it was long time ago. After a straight marriage, I am ready to suck again, in a much more intentional way.

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I’ve been hit on lots of times. I was of legal age, fit and horny when I spent the summer hitchhiking around California and the U.S.A. I was straight, mostly, but open minded enough to accept a blowjob from almost anyone…unless the guy was too creepy. I figured I’d rather have sex with a girl, but if none were available and a guy was, I’d let him suck me then I’d fuck his ass. I’d get my rocks off one way or another.

One guy picked me up as I was hitchhiking across L.A. He said he’d just gotten off work as a flight attendant, and he was going home to have a beer and smoke a joint…would I like to join him? 40 minutes later we’re stoned, naked in his bed and he’s sucking me off. He encouraged me to suck him, and I tried it, but I was uncomfortable. That was my first time sucking a guy.

After several similar experiences I eventually learned to relax and to love cock sucking.
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Originally Posted by secret_passion_49 View Post
Have any of you straight men ever had an experience similar to this one? It would be fun to have you share it and how you reacted to it. Here is mine:

Many years ago I had a boss who was gay. He wasn't open about it, but everybody in the office just 'knew'. He was a pleasant enough man, easy to work for. He lived in another part of the city I lived in, which was a pretty good distance from where I lived.

One evening I was in a shopping mall on his side of town, and I happened to run into him. He asked me if I would like to drop by his house before I headed home. As I was in the middle of a divorce, I had suddenly found myself with a lot of free time on my hands so I said 'sure'. He sort of smiled, and it was one of those smiles that I thought might have a bit of an unstated meaning to it.

So I follow him to his house, which was quite large for someone living alone, and it retrospect, very 'feminine' in its decor. He collected antiques for fun and profit, and would make trips to Europe to buy furniture and decor items, sometimes keeping them for himself, but mostly selling them in the U.S.

As I followed him, I found myself smiling a bit to myself as well, thinking 'I wonder if he wants to see if he can help a lonely guy going through a divorce feel a little bit better for a couple of hours?'

When we reached his house, he excused himself for a couple of minutes and when he returned he had a fancy robe on, saying 'The first thing I do when I get home is get comfortable'. Comfortable indeed I thought...

He proceeds to take me on a tour of his 'digs', furnished as it was with all manner of frilly European furniture and accessories. In one room, on a table, was one of these:


You lift up the barrel, and the figure's outsized wooden cock springs up and out. He smiled and so did I, and I could tell he was gauging my reaction to it.

A bit later we were sitting across from each other, me on one loveseat and he on another. He had put on a comedy record with all manner of jokes of a gay theme. Again I could sense he was gauging my reaction. Frankly, I just wasn't 'there' at that time. After a while I got up and left, thanking him for having me over.

Through the years, I've recalled this encounter many times, and wondered how I might have reacted if I were to have such an obvious 'overture' made to me today. Today, my reaction would be quite a bit different... and uninhibited. I would have made some comment about the man in the barrel, and then reached out to gently fondle his wooden cock with my finger tips.

I would have then expressed a playful, mock jealousy of the size of the cock as it related to the size of the body, and then proceed to open my zipper and whip out my cock (which THIS time would be fully erect) and say 'See? See how much smaller my cock is in relation to my height? I am so jealous
of this little wooden what-not!'

I would have then challenged my boss: 'How about you? Do you dare to reveal how you compare to this silly little staute?!' Something tells me he probably would have whipped his out too. Once we had both gotten over our mutual surprise, I might say something like: 'You know what might be nice about now? A shower. I need to take a shower. Could we shower together?'

It's amazing how time and our life's experiences change us in ways we could not have imagined in our wildest dreams... :^P
I wish.
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I've had it happen several times. My favorite was probably when I was out with my cousin (who is gay) having lunch at a sushi restaurant. We were seated close to the kitchen and one of the hosts (think early 20s, surfer type) kept making passes and I thought staring at my cousin. I told him to watch for it next time but when he came back he actually stopped and just stared, but into my eyes. I had to apologize to my cousin because I got his hopes up.
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In college a friend attacked me, but I resisted, even though I had sucked alot of cock in my teens. At the time, I thought I might be gay , but I liked women too, so I was confused.
Now I admit I am BI and want both.
Sorry I passed up a good looking cock!
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Absolutely, How else would we have ever discovered who we are. I remember the first two times a man wrapped his arms around me and that kiss. I wanted to just melt into him and be his girl forever.
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I have been a few times, once when I was 18 and at the time it freaked me out so I left. But now I wish I would have went for it.

I am a married Bi guy, I been Bi most of my sexual life. My current wife is however the only woman I have been able to share that with.

I love to hear feedback and hear about other people's fantasies and desires as well as the good times they may have. So if you feel like a chat feel free to write, we may just be able to share some past experiences.

I live in the puget sound in Washington state.
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A couple of times. Once when I was a teenager at a public change room on the beach in Florida. Then several years later when I was in university.
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Originally Posted by 4yourpleasureiam View Post
I wanted to just melt into him and be his girl forever.
With most guys, for me it's just been about sex and getting a nut and I'm dominant. But there's been a couple of guys that have done all the right things and I felt the "wanting to melt and be totally his" with.
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Two years back I was standing in line at Starbucks looking at CD's etc...when out fo the lbue a nice older (50s?) gent told me, "I'll buy you something if you want." My first reaction was saying, "no." Now I wish I had said yes.
Team PM

Just another horny-assed married guy.

Sexually flexible. So, what I'm into depends on my mood.
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Originally Posted by rattles1280 View Post
Two years back I was standing in line at Starbucks looking at CD's etc...when out fo the lbue a nice older (50s?) gent told me, "I'll buy you something if you want." My first reaction was saying, "no." Now I wish I had said yes.
Your profile pic makes me wish I would see you in line at Starbucks.
Flirty, fun, and friendly.

Visit my Am Pics art gallery

Chat me up on Kik.

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I can't say I am straight, but I have spend most of my adult life in long term relationships with women. Most of the men who came on to me were bi men in a similar situation, and our sexual experiences were safe and one-time things.
Along the way, some gay men would give me a lingering look or a suggestive line, but I did not act on it.

However, this past summer a gay man at a clothing optional beach checked me out for a while, and then just came right out and asked me if I ever had sex with a man. I described to him in detail my first and very memorable experience. With no one nearby, he started stroking himself and eventually pulled me toward him so that I could take over.

It was different from my experiences with bi men, in that he was much more affectionate while I stroked him. He pulled me in close to full body contact and kissed me passionately just before he climaxed. I jacked him off completely and held him close for a while afterwards.

I felt very feminine in that situation.
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I've been hit on many times, ever since I was a young hitchhiker. I eventually learned to enjoy & take advantage of it. I started just enjoying blow jobs and fucking asses. After I got comfortable with that I progressed to sucking cocks, and loving that, I went on to enjoying getting fucked and kissing, when it feels right.
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Once, in a gay bar. I didn’t know it was a gay bar, but some friends and I (male and female) went in as it looked good and the music was great.

After a couple of drinks, these two guys started dancing really close and rubbing up against me, I just thought I was in the way, well I was pretty drunk. It was only a little while later after we had left that I thought about it and how much fun it could have been.
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My cousin hit on me years ago and it turned into a 4 year incestuous relationship. I loved being on the receiving end and he introduced me to the pleasures of giving a blowjob. Midway through that 4 years, his gay friend came on to me. He was a little too pushy and turned me off. I was in a local bar one night (about six years later) and a black guy I knew sat down and started talking. It was after midnight and we agreed to go to an all night restaurant. He asked if I'd follow him home and we would go there in my car. I followed him and waited outside for him to come out. After at least five minutes I got out, went to his door and he was in his bedroom naked and hard and wanted me to join him on the bed. I said no thanks and left.
I've had at least a half dozen guys come on to me and I ended up being intimate with three of them, one being my younger brother.
What I'm hoping to do is find someone to come to my house and arrange for them to talk to my wife while I'm gone from the room and tell her they would like to suck me and see what her reaction is. I would enjoy doing a 69 in front of her and hope it progresses to more. Years ago, she would have been all in for anything to do with sex. We experimented with all kinds of sex play and I miss that.
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