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Writing for Nubile Films

Hey, Literotica authors. Just reporting back on a writing gig for Nubile Films that I took up because they recruited here... I guess it's a little over a year ago, now? Something like that.

They may come looking for new writers because I think they're down to one from the group they recruited here last time. If it turns up again here, here's what you need to know.
  • They're on the level, at least in that they will make a real effort to pay you promptly upon invoice, and their contact guy with the writers, Nick, is really good about getting on any lapses. They do occasionally have to be prodded b/c I get the sense that the boss is a bit disorganized and misses things, but I've never had to prod them more than once or twice or wait for more than a couple of days.
  • The pay is extremely low, particularly for what you'll be asked to do. Apparently their director has a hard time parsing words to turn them into images, which is the whole point of writing a script, so they eventually took to asking the writers to essentially do low-grade storyboarding and submit "scripts" that consisted largely of guideline images. I found this faintly ridiculous and really time-consuming, much though it augmented my hard drive's porn collection, but it essentially works out to being paid well under $10/hour for two to three hours' work on a script (maybe more depending on your efficiency at image-searching). If you're doing it as a labour of love, fine, but if you have better-paying freelance opportunities it gets hard to justify the time spent.
  • You will not get to write genuine stories. NF does story- and dialogue-driven content but I got the distinct sense that the boss wants to keep this particular wicket to himself. The most you'll likely be permitted to do is soft-focus romantic setups to relatively vanilla hardcore pr0n, so it's best to think if that's your bailiwick.
  • They're pretty demanding despite the low-paid and aggressively vanilla nature of the work. I would occasionally get dyspeptic lists of things the boss wanted no longer included in scripts, some of which embraced very generic porn-vignette setups. It's good that they try for some originality, but they leave a pretty limited canvas from which to generate that, so fair warning.

On the whole, I'm glad I did it and it was a helpful revenue stream during some very lean months. But if you have other employment, higher artistic standards than just churning out sets of images with prompts, or an interest in making more than 1.2 cents per word -- the barest minimum freelancing rate -- I'd take those things into consideration.

Hopefully this is helpful to some people here. They may well not recruit on Literotica again, but if they do, the above is what you can expect based on my experience.
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That might be fun for a lark. How does one get connected with them?
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So that's where you got to. Welcome back.
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I'm surprised they use writers at all! But thanks for the behind-the-scenes info.
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