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Books you read in 2017

Anyone got a list of books they read in 2017 and we can compare and get some reading ideas?

1. Tools of Titans --Timothy Ferris Great collection of interviews with literally thousands of ideas and things to try, read and do.
2. Killing Floor -Fiction-Lee Child
3. The Girl in the Spider's Web-I liked it. I thought he got the feel of the Original Trilogy nicely. Different Author.
4. The LIttle Red Book of Selling--Jeffry Gitomer Great book of lists if you need to get better at Selling
5. The Greatest Prospector in the world--Ken Dunn Book about selling written as a story. Good points but mediocre book at best.
6.They One Minute Salesperson--Great story type book with sales basics. If you liked the one minute manager books, which are amazing, you'll love this one.
7. Shark Tales --Barbara Corcharon Great book. Really great insights into how Donald Trump does business as well.
8. Be Obsessed or be Average--Grant Cardone Great book.
9.Die Trying--Fiction-Lee Child
10. How the Secret changed my life--Rhonda Byrne Average book. Law of attraction stories but not very insightful or inspiring.
11.Harry potter Scorcers stone-- JK Rowlings
12.Harry Potter prizoner of Azkaban-- JK Rowlings
13.Harry potter chamber of secrets-- JK Rowlings
14. Trip Wire-Fiction-Lee Child
15. I got here you can too--Berman Mediocre at best
16.Harry Potter Goblet of Fire-- JK Rowlings
17.Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix-- JK Rowlings
18.The $100 Dollar Start up --chris guillebeau Great book. Business genre
19.Harry Potter and the half blood prince-- JK Rowlings
20.Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-- JK Rowlings
21.Night School-Fiction-lee Child
22.Maze Runner-Fiction -Dashner I really wanted it to be better but was continually disapointed.
23.How I raised myself from Failure to success in Selling--Frank Bettger(Best sales book of all time)
24.The Scorch Trials-Fiction-Dashner Worse than the first maze runner book but I had to see what happened next.
25.How to become a rainmaker-- Jeffrey Fox Great sales book with short chapters and insights
26.The Death Cure -Fiction Dashner Worst one of them all. Why did I read this series! Ug.
27. The Dark Tower--The Gunslinger-Stephen King I didn't enjoy it. I remembered it as much better. Too convoluted and out there. Not logical. Couldn't get into it.
28.The Slight Edge-Jeff Olson Great sales/Business book.
29. The Millionaire Next Door Good book but very much written like a study on millionaires. very dry not humourous or well written but full of great information.
30. The Millionaire booklet Grant Cardone. Short, free, inspirational book. Love it. Did I mention it's free and short?
31.Manifesting Change Mike Dooley Great book. Mike Dooley is really the only person out there writing about the law of attraction well. He's brilliant.
32.If you're not first, you're last. Grant Cardone Love Grant Cardone. All his books are amazing.
33.Orc Omnibus first series-Stan Nicals AT first it was interesting, but then.. it's the same thing over and over again every chapter ever book. Not recommended.
34.The Everything Buddhism Book:-Arnie Kozak not well written and makes Buddhism seem really complicated when I know that it isn't. Not recommended.
35. Wizard's First Rule- Terry Goodkind I enjoyed this book. Some parts and whole chapters were slow and boring though.
36. The Law- Frederick Bastiat Good book. Hard reading, very libertarian.
37.The Stone of Tears- Terry Goodkind Not as good as the first book. last book in this series that I'm going to read.
38.Creative Visulaization-Shakti Gawain She did law of attraction but anyone ever heard of it. This is original source material. Great book. She's the real deal.
39.Crush it. Gary V Great business book.
40.The Shining- Stephen King Great book. ONe of his best for sure.
41 The Strange CAse of the Alchemists Daughter- Loved it! Best book of the year maybe?

It was a bad year for books. Loved all the Lee Child (Jack Reacher) books they are amongst my favourites and loved all the Harry Potter books. I usually re-read them every 5-10 years. Love the grant cardone books. Have one more of his to read this year all ready. I really need more Fiction Ideas
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I read none!
I started the MaddAddam trilogy, read the first book at the end of 2016 and started the second beginning of last year, then set it down, and tried to pick it up after a couple months but my brain doesn't work so good these days and I'd forgotten too much so to finish the second and then one day the third book I'll have to reread the first.

This is why I don't read these days, my fucked up mind. I read a chapter or two, life gets in the way for a month or more, I pick up the book again and have forgotten what was going on. So I start over, read a chapter or two, set the book down for a month or more, pick it up again and have forgotten it again.

This is also why I don't watch weekly tv shows, I forget what happened the week before.
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I read 144 books last year. Most were just entertaining not much thought books but still fun and an enjoyable use of my time.

You have an impressive list Sethp!

My highlights were:
Station Eleven by Mandell,
My First Murder (Mario Kallio series) by Leena Lehtolane,
Just One Damned Thing After Another By Jodi Taylor,
The Magic Bakery, Copyright in the Modern World of Fiction Writing by Dean Wesley Smith Excellent business of writing book,
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts 1 and 2 by J.K. Rowling,
Ancient Dreams trilogy by Benjamin Medrano,
Arcadia by Iain Pears,
Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson
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Wow, should have kept a list...

Shaara’s civil war historical novels

The latest Detective Bosch

The latest Reacher

Worked through Michael McConnelly

Some Bernard Cornwell

Worked through David Balducci

Worked through John Sandford

The Watch - Joydeep Roy-Bhattacharya

Big Sleep - Raymond Chandler

The latest Stuart Woods

Walking Dead - Greg Rucka

Probably others...
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Physical paper books: I've not read many, and mostly for reference.
Downloaded e-books: I re-read tons of old SciFi and varied histories.
Audiobooks: I didn't bother with any in 2017. But if I go blind...

My attention span has atrophied. I prefer magazine reads now. I don't know if I could bring myself to absorb a kilo-page epic. I know I'll never do GÖDEL, ESCHER, BACH again.
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