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Editor - Please Help (Gay Male)

I have a gay male story that is 5,632 words in length.

Opening is as follows:

"Are you coming? 86th & Park. You're on the list."

"On my way," Kip replied to the text message.

He shut his laptop, made a side glance at the pile of work on his desk then gathered his things. It could wait. He'd promised to make an appearance at Tyler's first party of the year. Neither Kipís nor Tylerís schedule had allowed them to have much quality time together. Outside of a few quick romps before bed or heading out the door to work, they had been like strangers. Kip hailed a cab.

As the cab merged into traffic, Kipís mind drifted back to work. He reviewed a mental list of what he needed to accomplish in two short weeks before the merger and suddenly felt the need to go back to the office and plow through those tasks, but showing moral support for Tyler was where he should be. He made up his mind to only poke his head in for a few hours and then get an early start in the morning.

The cab stopped at 86th and Park.

"A little underdressed don't you think?" the cab driver said as Kip handed him the fare.

"Huh?" Kip followed the cab drivers eyes to the procession of people on the sidewalk. A construction worker and a sailor disappeared, arm in arm, through the doorway. Six men dressed as The Village People loitered to one side, smoking and talking among themselves. All others were a parade of costumes, some flashy, some subdued. There were even a few masked horror characters.

I mainly need proofing - catching typos and grammar stuff.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. PM me if you would like to help.
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