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Red face a novel: lesbian demon story

ok most of the fantasies in my head tend to turn into stories and there's one i hope someone can put in black and white. I'm sadly not a writer so the only thing i can do is think about it. So if I'm giving to many details just ignore it and write it as you will if you think it might be something you can turn into a story.

the story is about a human who becomes a demon hunter by accident. She's not a good person. She's basically a child streets, steals and gets into fights, and does anything she can to survive and really doesn't care about anyone. She has a run in with a monster(after trying to rob it) that changes her physically (in my head she fights for her life and end ups taking a chunk out of him and ingesting blood) and manages to get away. After she escapes she gets really sick and starts to change. She doesn't pay attention to the changes at first after she gets better. But those changes have made her different(the usual stronger, faster, etc) and a demon magnet(they think of her as dinner). She doesn't know what happening at first but as demons come after her she finds a new world she never new before. So it becomes a kill or be killed situation. She has no one to guide her and has to learn everything on her on. She becomes a hunter through necessity not some latent hero complex. She doesn't kill demons to save people she kills them b/c that's one less demon that would come after her.

Her actions draw the attentions of a powerful female demon, who becomes interested in her. the demon then proceeds to taunt and play with the heroine. Emotionally and physically. Our heroine becomes confused and frustrated by the demon who appears not to want to kill her but to devour her, but not in the same way as other demons she's killed.

OK, i know there's a lot but i hope someone finds it interesting enough to make an actual story of it. Also, if anyone knows of any good demon lesbian stories you've read give me a few titles PLEASE!!
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