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The Oedipal Conspiracy

Maureen Olson and Abigail Thomas are neighbor in an upper middle class suburban neighborhood. They live a rather serene lifestyle that almost recalls the 1950s. Their husbands have secure positions in corporate America, and that is saying a lot these days. But what the husbands don't have is much of a sex drive left over for their wives after the day's work is done. They work long hours and are away often on business trips.
Maureen and Abigail, good friends, commiserate over their bedroom blues and in the course of it decide to call upon the sexual energies of their strapping 19 year old sons.
Thus begins the Oedipal Conspiracy, the sexual underground founded by Maureen and Abigail which spreads like wild fire, through American suburbia and into the globalized economy. While fathers fight for the bottom line in a ferocious business environment, sons squeeze the bottoms, fondle the tits and fuck their sweet mamas' pussies in a lustful new sexual frontier.
It should be a multipart series, with the pace much like Lucy_P.'s My First (Time) Taboo lesbian series.
In my mind's eye, golden age porn star Colleen Brennan is Maureen and Jennifer Aniston is Abigail.
In the course of the Oedipal Conspiracy's spread, it becomes known, but too big and with too many prominent families involved to speak openly of it.
It is really a comedy , a throwback to 1960s TV sitcoms. Except that every episode/chapter ends with a different mother and son in bed having sex. Okay, if anyone wanted to throw in son's girlfriend, fiancée, wife, sister, aunt or nosy neighbor lady, that is alright by me.
A boy's mom is his sex queen!
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Sounds more like one of those 'Man From U.N.C.L.E.' type of stories if you ask me.
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