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Stranded Stewardess has to survive the night

Heya All,

Am working on another story to do with a stewardess. She's in a foreign country, and was on a taxi back to the plane after a stop-over the night before. On the way there, she's robbed and left to fend for herself in a bad part of town in a foreign country.

The story starts with her needing a place to stay for the night, because the next bus that comes into town isn't due till the next morning (or maybe even a couple of days from then, because it's such a secluded spot of the country.) This is kind of based off a video I watched a while back, where she starts off by giving blowjobs at a gloryhole to earn something.

Anyone have any ideas for how the story could progress? Ideas for how the night would go from there?
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This resembles the current wife's car breaks down on wrong side of town story idea. How does the woman react and survive in dangerous / unsettling circumstances? Who does she have to fuck to survive and escape? What are the ethnic-race-class subtexts?
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First of all, lose the word "stewardess." That term hasn't been used since the 70s. Unless your story involves bell bottoms, coke, and a night at the disco, you cannot refer to her as a stewardess.
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