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Cum Story!!!

I don't know what it is, but I love stories about cum.

Let's make some great stories guys/girls.

New stories. The ultimate cum fetish story.

I ready one on here but can't find it.

Stories like, using a vile to store the cum. And taking it out in church or something!!! and having the female partner drink it!!!

Or holding the cum in the vagina, creampie, then licking it out. Bukkake

Club cum, I ready one story but it was not good, have like a club cum story, you can call it something else, but in this story you have like a real awesome club,

In this club, it's like a sorority or fraternity, you know like you have to get initiated to get in, like a women has to suck 5 guys, or suck her friend that indtroduces her to it, and she is like, weird at first, because your like her best friend, but like a friend zone friend, but she is really horny girl, or whatever and loves sex so she will do it, because her friends say how good it is, you can have different versions of the story.

There are so many great cum stories that have not been written yet, that I have not found anywhere.

I might try to write some myself, but writing isn't for everyone, and it's not easy as it seems, even though writers out there it may seem to be easy but it's not.

Also cum slave story, in this story a girl gets kidnapped, and is trained to be a cum star, she loves cum, or doesn't even have to be kidnapped, just wants to be a submissive women, that loves cum.

please text me if you write any of these stories, I would love to read one. [Phone number removed! Please read Literotica's forum rules.]

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Cum swapping

The cum in a story or film needs some art I think. Its really important to put it at the centre and not an afterthought. It seems a waste when you're enjoying porn, you get to the climax and the cum gets wasted on someones back, for instance. There's a great film of an Asian pornstar called Katsuni I think, being fucked by 3 guys in T shirts. All 4 are very good looking and we get to see their faces. Its not just gynaecological. And we get a lot of her face and dialogue. But they cum on her stomach when you really want to see them cum in her mouth and talk to her while she's cleaning them up. Its a cum scene which is always a let down after some great group fucking.

I've posted a story titled Swapping Cum with my New Neighbours. Probably not as cum focused as you like but maybe it's a start. Read it and comment and if you think its got potential, I might write another but with more cum.
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