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I am standing in my bedroom, looking out the window at my neighbor sunbathing by her pool. I had just taken my cock out and began to stroke it.

Suddenly, the door opens, and I see my aunt standing there, with a shocked look on her face. She slowly begins to smile...
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Let me explain. My aunt is 22 years old, blond, and built like a brick house. Her breast must be a c to a d cup. Me I am a 18 year old HORNEY teen on summer break. In 2 months I will be in college.

My aunt, Jenny, just stepped into my room to ask me to change into a swim suit and come down to the private pool of hers. Her best friend was already down thier sunning.

She said" But I guess you have already seen that."

she turned and sarted out of the room. When you finish with that trot on down.

I could not believe it she did not stop me. My Mom would have had a cow if she had seen me jerking off.

I dropped my cock and grabbed my suit and headed to the pool. When I got thier aunt Jenney , She prefers Jen, was telling her best friend about me. She did not leave out the part about me jerking off up stairs while I stared at Shannon.

Shannon got got a wicked grin on her face and said well if you jerked off to me in a suit what will you do if I do this?

shannon reached around and undid the top of her suit and threw it across the lawn toward the fence.

My eyes poped out of my head as her 32 DD tits fell free. I could feel my cock regaing strenth. jen and shannon could see the tent start to grow in my suit. I froze.............
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My name is Tim. It had been a long day at the office, I was looking forward to a drink when I got home. Maybe a quick blowjob from my wife Jen before dinner.

The cars were in the driveway but no one was in the house. I figured they were out back enjoying the weather. I fixed myself a stiff drink and headed out to the patio.

As I pulled open the door and stepped out, I nearly dropped my drink.

Well, well I said with a grin. Looks like I'm home just in time!

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My father died. We were sitting shiva. There were tons of people there. She came to comfort me, We went into my bedroom to have some privacy. She hugged me and kissed me. Our hands moved over the others bodies and we found the core of our pleasure. She began to blow her hot breath on my pants over my penis and I became instantly erect.
She unzipped my pants and my penis bulged out of my underwear. To make a long story short, she blew me and just as I was coming in her mouth, my aunt walks into the room to see if I am okay. Now, my aunt is drop dead gorgeeous.She sees me getting blown by a 22 year old beauty and she says can I join in. She then begins to shed her clothes and lies on the bed with her legs spread and her fingers on her clit. She is makng more noise than me and Karen. I look over at my aunt and ask if she would care to fuck and she grabs my penis and we begin to fuck. It is unreal. Karen joins in and 2 hours later we come downstairs. Dad would have been proud of me.

Love is grand. Divorce is a couple hundred grand. Choose wisely!
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