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Let's see, if you have opened this thread, I'd like to welcome you to my humble thoughts and ideas. And also I promptly threw my Writing Profiles in here as well, so yeah there we go.

Sexual Role Play Profile

Gender: Male characters, will do multiple male characters on request

Age: 18-40ish

Orientation: Straight

Power Exchange: Equal

Race: Whatever you wish

Bodytype: Anything you want

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Traditional fantasy species and near humans should be fine. Furries....nah. I'll treat mutations on a mutation by mutation basis.

Settings: I'm open to all sorts of settings. Fantasy. Science fiction. "Real Life" scenarios. I suppose I have a preference for science fiction and especially superhero type of fiction, and more generic fantasy settings. For the modern day settings, I'm open to things but prefer to build a story before the sex, it isn't a MUST just something I like.

Likes/kinks: Well like any hot blooded male I like big breasts as long as they don't become unmanageable, further on I don't have any real kinks, but I must admit that the blond hair, blue eyed genre still manages to catch my attention

Hard limits: Violence, I won't mind giving a smack here and there, but causing serious harm is out of the question. Further on I think scatology, watersports, choking that sort of stuff is not something I find a turn on.

Availability: I try to post during the week, but I'm mostly here weekends.

Role Play Profile

Gender: Male characters, will do multiple male characters on request

Age: Anything

Race: Whatever the mind can conceive

Bodytype: Anything as long as I can imagine it

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Any species can work as long as I can imagine myself in that role. Furries....nah. I'll treat mutations on a mutation by mutation basis.

Settings: I'm open to all sorts of settings if I know what is expected of me in the specific setting.

RP Ideas

NB: These ideas can be Sexual or Not, all depends on how you want to write it with me.

Thunder at Lowe's Creek

Time frame: 1881
Plot: A widow living alone in an Amish comunity stumbles upon a near dying man, she save his life and take him on as a farm hand as she have no other help. The problem is that the man is a famous gunslinger, as word gets out that he survived, the nearby town becomes the scene for a showdown.
Needs: One female player

Magic Moves

Time frame: Current
Plot: As a wizard, Ben is talented, as a photographer, he is the best. He is well-sought after and in his life only one thing lacks. A woman. Then she appears, a fresh face in the modelling world, she is young, fresh and slightly na´ve, Ben has two choices, approach her as himself or use his magic to charm her...
Needs: one female character

In dreams

Time frame: 2000BC up to current, take a pick
Plot: In dreams so erotic it makes the skin crawl and pulse race in memory, a stranger visits each night. Pale skin, black hair and eyes deep dark pools of blue, when these erotic dreams turns bloody and upon waking blood is found on the bedding/clothing, things takes a turn for the hunt of the phantom stranger.
Needs: One female to write victim or vampire/succubus

Sisters of the MeFuN

Timeframe: 1990 to current
Plot: On 20th March 1990, Bob Freeland saw a market and he started the MeFuN. The name is misguiding, but only the people who ever called found out what MeFuN was all about. Bob was first accused of running a brothel, then he was tried on charges of prostitution and in a final attempt: Illegal Escort Service, but in the end none of the charges stuck. One simple reason, the ladies who applied to MeFuN, wasn't employed, they were able to select their assignments and everything that ever took place was completely voluntary.

The goal of MeFuN? The full name said it all: Mercy Fuck Network. If you had a friend, relative, neighbor whom you thought only needed one little shove in the right direction to gain enough confidence to hit the dating scene, you called MeFun. They opened a case number and collected data on the client, any of the ladies could pick the file if it interested them and it was up to her to boost the client back into the saddle.

As of late the clientelle service was modified and now female clients was taken up as well.

Needs: One female to write as agent or client


Timeframe: Futuristic
Plot: In the future humans finds a way to manipulate worm holes to send them to reaches of space previously undreamt of. New planets are found, planets rich with resources, planets that could give the Earth a fighting chance in the race for it's survival.

But as teams excavate on these planets, they find signs that humans have been there before, signs of superior humans are found as well, though it is never certain to what extend these are connected.

Then all hell broke loose, the last communication happened when a Marine sent out a distress signal, warning of monsters, mutants and demons. As GM I will play most of the characters

Need: A female character or if there is enough interest, a group can be formed. For one on one the female character and main character will be buddied as he is relatively new to the command and she a civilian.

Changing history

Timeframe: 1800's to present

Plot: A scientist stumbles across the formula to allow modern machines to transfer humans on the same time-line. But as he tests this, his work gets sucked up and he himself sucked into time, he becomes a time-paradox, he arrives at moments in history, where he could either change the past, or allow things to happen as they should. He has no control over where he will land, nor when he will leave, can he change the right strand of history to ensure his safe return to the present?

Need: Female character to play the recurring love interest (basically reincarnation)

The Protector

Timeframe: Current

Plot: For centuries his family had been protectors of her own, in recent years this protection had turned his family into vigilantes. Never did their families meet, never did they fall in love and never did their bloodlines mix. With him being a notorious killer, she a hard working, hard nosed, headstrong cop the hunt is on. Can he prevent her from being killed by the crime syndicate whose faceless leader eludes him and at the same time stay out of the cuffs she so badly want to slap around his wrists?

Need: Female character to play the cop


Timeframe: Current

Plot: A hired assassin takes a job to silence a prosecutor, by chance he misses, she manages to escape, but he will not allow thos failure on his record and he is in pursuit. The chase leads them along roads, towns and cities, will she fail and become his latest victim, will she manage to elude, capture or even kill him or is there another option, something that neither one could have foreseen?

Need: One female to play the mark

Music the Maker

Timeframe: Current or Futuristic

Plot: A struggling musician/singer meets a girl in the park. She seems to be his lucky star, talisman, muse as shortly after meeting her his star suddenly rises and he becomes famous almost overnight. Will their destinies stay together or will they part?

Need: One female
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