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Narrative Poems

----------------- Narratives -------------------

Video Room

Hi, I am Max Renn, CEO of Video Room. I was one of those lucky guys who turned their passion into successful business. Video Room is a result of a passion for beauty, wealth, health and all the good things in life. Video Room is an adult oriented chanel. It provides its viewers the most elegant nudity on the cable and on the net.There is great effort and care behind every scene. We have great erotic writers on our team. Our directors makes these scripts into movies. Our gorgeous and talented models appear in vivid sex scenes. We chose elegant locals and exotic places to shot our films. The quality of cinematography is mesmerizing. We provide great entertainment for our viewers. You can enjoy these gems of soft erotica in the convenience of your home. If you are not a member yet, sign up now! I wish to all our viewers great fun and estatic entertainment. Keep in touch and enjoy the show!


The Babysitter

I was hired to babysit their little girl. It was a big secluded house with a pool and a long green lawn. I stayed in a little room in the basement. The wife would tan next the pool. When her husband was out a guy would come over and they would fuck.

I took care of the child, watched cartoons and sleeping.The couple had arguments from time to time.They joined me to play with their little girl. Her husband knew that she was fucking other guys in his absence. He also slept with other women. It seemed they cheated on each other as if it was a very normal thing to do.

One day, when I had put the child to sleep, the wife and I were tanning together. She unhooked my swim suit and began to kiss my breasts. I am not a lesbian, but I didn't stop her. She slipped her hand inside my Bikini and fingered me. She made me cum. I thought to myself, "she is a sex addict."

As the days passed I began to get close with her husband. He was gentle and romantic. One weekend he took me to the city. We had a great time at the amusement park and had dinner at a nice resturant. I was falling for him. He was very handsome and had deep dimples, green eyes, nice straight white teeth and an irresistible smile. We exchanged looks during breakfast the next morning. His wife was aware of our attraction to each other. She told me that I could sleep with her husband if I liked to. I felt ashamed and told him. He said he wanted to fuck me, he said, "I want to fuck you more than anything in the this world."

I was admiring naked reflection of my body in the mirror. I was very attractive. I was not a virgin. I'd had sex before with my boyfriend, but I wanted to have sex with him.I caressed myself and taught about him.

The next night I decided to give myself to him. He came to my room. He took off my dress and his shirt and pants. We stood naked in the middle of the room. He began by kissing my neck and my lips. He was very gentle. His hands were all over me; over my breasts and my buttocks. He laid me down slowly on the bed, parted my legs and pressed his body onto my mine. Then his manhood penetrated me. As he was fucking me as I wrapped my legs around him and moaned with delight. I gave myself freely and diligently to him as I carved my nails down his backside.

His wife knew about us. She looked happy, not worried. She said she was watching us from behind the door, which was held open a little from within. She had delightfull moments watching us making love.

I couldn't stay there anymore. One week later I left the house and quit the babysitting job. It was a very hot summer, extra hot for me!


I Don't Want Be A fly

What do you think?
About what?
About those.
Designer phone booths.Very cute!
They are teleports.You enter the left one to be teleported to the right one.
You don't say.
Look if we try this, I promise I will fuck you for hours.Teleportation rejuvenates the subjects, purifies body, remove energy blocks, enhances sex power.It is magical.

Hey, I know one guy fused with a fly on a molecular level and became a giant fly.I don't want mess my body for good sex.

I know that guy too.But don't be afraid.It is completely safe and secure.Main frame won't allow such a thing to happen.Get your dress off.I will go first.

A couple hours of later.

You were right baby.You have been fucking me for hours.No juice left in me.I liked it a lot.I am straving.I want steak and vine.


Non Stop Fucking

That car was a chick magnet. I picked two girls at a bar. One blonde, other brunette. I took them to my sea side shack. It was almost night. I fucked blondie first. She was a virgin.She screamed a lot. I was sticking my cock mercilessly into the beaver.

Blondie went to the bathroom to take a shower. I had a scotch. I sat down on the couch under dim lights. Brunette appeared. She sat next to me. We began to chat. She was not a virgin like blondie. I was glad to hear that. I had a lounge gown on me. I began to fuck her on the couch. As I pumping my buttocks under my gown, blondie was watching us from behind.

I thought that was it. They would fuck me and go. They stayed. Those sluts were obsessed with fucking. They demanded sex all the time. O sweet Jesus two days of non stop fucking. My muscles burned. My cock ached. It was like a torture. A sweet torture. I was fucking and collapsing then fucking again. They left after no juice left in me. I was flattened and exhausted. I was free but sad. I wished them come back for non stop fucking.


Booze And Smoke

Booze and smoking are essential parts of my life.They calm my nerves. I like smoking when I write poems It is the first thing I do after sex.Booze hits me quickly.It makes some guys a real bitch between friends.It makes some guys cute, funny, easy going. They dance on the tables, they adopt children, they tip big amounts of money.Booze wakes some guys up at unfamiliar places like on a beach, in an alley, at another city, god knows where else. Everybody knows the health hazards of booze and smoke. You see and read morbid warnings like:
-Smoking kills
-The alcholol is not your friend.
Both booze and smoke are my good friends.


Restrooms In A Nutshell

The rest rooms have a special place in my life. When I have hard times with my bowels
when I have a riot broke with pee.Rest rooms come to the rescue.I know the best rest rooms in the city.They are like emergency rooms to me.They save my life, they save my pants .But that is not only the relief they give me.You can find anything you want in rest rooms :You can views art works like winged cocks;you can listen tunes of Bach when you dumping your load;you can read swingers ads ;you can make business deals on the phone.As you see possibilities are endless.You can fit whole world into a restroom.


Alpha Males For Lunch

There is an ongoing war for females in the animal kingdom. Rules are simple:
strongest alpha male passes his genes to the next generation. Males fight for death
to mate with females while females wait for the winner to cover them. Victorious Wapiti deer for example, mates with all females in the herd for a month. But there is a huge price tag for passing his genes to the next generations. Mating season consumes his energy completely.He becomes an easy lunch for Minnesota timber wolves.



Writing is a solitary exercise. Especially if you are writing a novel. You need a long time for a risky venture like that. Many people try to write a novel behind their lap tops.They dream money and fame. Do novels bring financial security and fame for all novelists? Think about warehouses contain unsuccessful novels. You need many leverages to write a novel. You need a gorgeous neighborhood to live like Brooklyn Heights or Martha's Vineyard. A novel is a big gamble for its writers. It takes too much time and effort. It takes lots of money: rent, food, clothes, entertainment. If you are fucking a sexy muse, the bills double, sometimes triple.

A comment:

Yes, Brooklyn Heights is a grand place to novelize in; great food, good tacos, Chinese pastries, Indian treats, decent fast foods and pretty girls who offer themselves to self proclaimed novelists like the calluses that form on rough elbows. If you run out of money besides robbing a bank you can marry the daughter of one of those beaver hatted guys who control the world, they may even give you a job seeing as they appreciate artists and have lots of kids to marry off. Good luck with your novel approach. Keep it up, your cock that is.


Haven On Earth

He was a popular fiction writer.He bought a farm and a corn field at scenic south.He turned one of the rooms into a study.He produced novel after novel in a peacefull atmosphere.Each of them had became best sellers.He spend most of his time with his family.He took his family to local attracions, nice restaurants and baseball games.He took his family to shopping malls to watch the movies made from his novels.It was a great fun seeing his stories on silver screen.He was secure, wealthy, prosperous and happy.He had a beautiful wife and beautiful kids.It sounds like a dream but it was real like my bloody ass.It was haven on earth.


Happy Campers

Hi pal!
It sounds like you are not a happy camper.You are not content about you life.
You are craving for better things: for a better job, for a better home, for a better woman.
It is called hunger for happiness.It is the same at million places of the world
You can be a baby boomer or a bar keeper like me. It doesn't make any difference.

Our kind have many names and definitions: hoi polloi, ragtag, unprivileged
poor coutre, huddled masses, scumbags, lowlifes, average joes, minimum wage punks,
losers of all kind.We are the expendables, people of no importance so to speak.

Look around you.All those disfigured and raptured chaps.They are all like that.
There is no excitement, there is no beauty in their lives.They are all fucked up
more or less.

Skid row is a swamp.We live in a swamp man.
Which contains adult stores, hookers, muggers, junkies,
germs, dive bars, thrift shops, dilapidated hotels, bricks and mortar.

How hard you try.It never changes.
You dabble in the same shithole over and over again.
Your never exit your loop.
If you push to hard, you might have end up in a mental institution or behind bars.

Maybe somewhere out there some lucky fellas having all the fun.
But I assure you there is no boom boom behind every room.

C'mon buddy.Take it easy man.Don't be so sad.It is not so bad.
There is nothing to ponder about your life. It is simple as pimple.
A couple of beers and a ball game will do you good.


Zen Guide

There is a bible for every subject under the sun.The bible of beatniks is my favorite one. I keep a copy of On The Road by Jack Kerouac in the drawer like a gun. It was one of my favorite books.But I must confess.It lost its appeal to me in time.After two decades from my first reading, I visited its pages time to time.

As an old guy I ask myself:

-Does life must be a spiritual quest or a reckless venture especially for the young people?Should young people leave their comfort zones, and drift aimlessly from adventure to adventure, following promiscuity, drugs, alcohol, and travel for some sort of artistic fulfillment.

I am an old guy. I have many cracks in my mind. I don't need anarchic recipes of On The Road. I don't need a Zen guide like Kerouac.


Gypsy Kids

I was waiting my turn to make my order for juicy lucy burgers.Then an outburst break behind me. A dozen gypsy kids were confronting with mall security. They were noisy and obscene.It was a heck of a spectacle.It was fun to watch.They were shouting and hustling each other with lewd remarks giving security guys hard moments. Youngest one of the gang came to the counter and made a dozen order. But bucks were short.Order turned into a bargain.The dozen turned into ten. But bucks were short again.After a clumpsy calculation, the eight closed the deal. They were seated and still shouting at the top of their voices. Everyone was laughing.Me too.They were sweet kids.


Verbal War For Theater Seats

It was a free and a nice show.Like commuters in the subway
viewers were coping for the best seats. Most of them were half an hour early
to snatch one of them.An older guy and a very tall couple having a scene in the front seats like a blood feud.

The couple were obscuring the view of the old guy who was seating behind them.
Old guy was suggesting back seats to them instead of front ones.But couple didn't flinch a bit.They called him jerk in the face.Both parties muted after audience became weary and the show was to start.

The guy who was seating before me had a huge hat on his head.He turned and asked me gently if the hat obscured my view. I said no, I said I was doing fine.Then lights had gone and darkness fell.Lady who was seating next to me asked the guy who was seating before him to remove his head from her sight completely if it was possible.

-You must be kidding, you mean to cut my head off
the guy responded with a serious look.

She said -yes in dumbness.

Guy had bouts of iritating giggles through out the show by thinking over the unusual request she made.I didn't care about the show anymore The debate for the seats itself
was so spectacular. I had my fun already.

It was heck of a good one.


Things To Do Outdoors

There are many options to the things to do outdoors.Writing a romantic thread like Walden.Taking fresh air, having a barbecue party with your family.Sitting around a fire with your friends and chatting about your future prospects.Fishing or skinny dipping in Piranha infested waters.Cutting heads of sex having campers with a machete at Crystal Lake.Living in a cabin tucked away in the woods, writing a manifesto on modern day dilemmas.


I Want A Mars Bar

We Can Remember It for You Wholesale
Tongue Tied News Network.

- I want Mars, I told to my girl friend.I was seeing the same dream at the same time of the night.

She said:

-Everything come from stars baby.Coffee comes from stars, wars come from stars, fame comes from stars.Dreams are not exception.

What was your dream about by the way?

Iris doors, flying cars, vacant lofts, non-gravity zones, chasing rebels. it doesn't work like a dream, it works rather like a memory imprint.

-You went to those brain butchers called Total Recall, did you?It seems they have messed up your mind. You read the short story. You watched the movie versions of that bullshit. There is nothing special about Mars. It is big and ugly. I warned you about it. Belive me sweetheart, your memory is not erased, your are not an intelligence operative, goverment is not after you. I am your real wife.I am not your handler.You are what you are, a construction worker, a simple man fucking me heck of a good for a long time. While you are having those dreams about Mars, I moonlight to make both ends meet for both us. You are not pulling your weight.

It is not what you think babe. My life is so humdrum. I want some magic. I wish to have other versions of life. A spin-off adventure unfolding in the vastness of space.

-I have a better idea!
- Forget all about it. Go out and get yourself and me a Mars bar.I need sweet things right now.

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