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gift ideas

I need help with birthday gift ideas. This will be from a sub for her Dom. They are in a log term committee relationship.
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Originally Posted by moblue View Post
I need help with birthday gift ideas. This will be from a sub for her Dom. They are in a log term committee relationship.
Some service, perhaps? Something personal that she knows he will enjoy. Because without knowing a person, I really couldn't hazard a guess at what they might appreciate, or even what might be appropriate.
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Yes, it would be difficult for an outsider to suggest much in the way of presents for someone in a personal relationship. All we could do is maybe suggest a new flogger, crop, paddle, etc. which is OK, but not very personal, when you say they have been in a long term relationship.

A birthday present could be anything, depending on the person, their likes and dislikes, habits and hobbies. Maybe a special sexual act from the submissive, or a kinky weekend away without the kids, if there are kids. It's just very difficult to think of something, without at least knowing the two involved. Sorry.

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A sweater.

Come on. What did you expect?
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Since they're in a log term committee relationship, perhaps a wood splitter or a new chain saw (choice of vendor, make, and model decided by the whole committee, of course)?
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To the OP, I tend to remember a line from M*A*S*H* where Margret Houlihan gave Frank a flask that was her father's, given as a gift from her mother. The inscription on the flask said something like "The best things in life are worth waiting for. Bottoms up!"

There seemed, even to my adolescent mind, a d/s relationship between her mother and father as, in another episode, she gave Frank a riding crop that was again a gift from her mother to her father, where she gushed "My mother really gave it to my father on his birthday" or some such.

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We all have a different perspective about celebration, I would like to share mine...since I am also in a long term committed realtionship with my Dom.

Although I am into BDSM, I believe me and my Dom have more to our relationship than just that. Sessions may happen on other days, but birthdays are special and I prefer to nurture our relationship by doing something special for him on that day. I believe in celebrating the bond we share.

I am very much into personalized gifts, and I am a very creative person. I make greeting cards for him using a simple piece of paper and colors, and write a heartfelt poem on it. Or collect an odd assortment of our pictures, make a collage out of them and write a reason why he means everything to me on each on of them, or cook something nice for him. I believe the gift doesn't have to be anything grand or expensive, just something very special.

It may sound too romantic, but that is how it works for me and my Dom. I love to gift him something special, personalized, laced with my love and priceless, something money can never buy.
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