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more watsu massage stories, please!!
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Yeah, I can write that.


"Hey, can I get a massage?"
"Sure, what type would you like?"
"Hehe, watsu."
"Hang on, i'ma call my buddy."
"Hey, I'm drinkin a Bud, gettin a massage, and it's watsuuuuuuuuu!"
"Yo yo, pick up the phone!"
"So how's your massage?"
"Yeah, it's pretty good."
"True, true."


Good lord, that pop-culture reference is now 15 years old.

Okay, I don't have a serious response for you. I didn't know anything about watsu massage until just googling it (it's a type of aquatic massage for anyone else unfamiliar with it), and it looks like solid grounds for erotica.
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