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The Frat king.

Got way too many stories to work on right now.

Got the idea a week or so ago and just now decided to throw it up here.

Like in rather popular television shows, most people are pushed into a life of crime by convenience after a major disturbance happens in their life. Important money problems, Death sentence, Family needs, or they get roped in by others. So if one certain Frat Boy were to realize the supposed 'simplicity' to starting a mob during his mandatory Criminal Behavior class or something like that, then he might decide to step forward and deal with something like students loans and the hospital bills of his family. Perhaps he could just do it for a little while then back out, only to get addicted to the adrenaline rush of the thing. Only to eventually start the biggest mob that the world has ever known.

Frat boy, obviously loads of opportunity for smut scenes and if you decide to make him smart enough, or wise enough to learn. He can figure out how to manipulate and use people, good opportunity for more smut. Manipulate people to obey his orders could get him lackeys that could seduce damn near anything out of anyone who challenged him.
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