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Poly lesbian relationship

The poly tag doesn't seem to have any stories about poly relationship with just women. Even in the Lesbian Sex category a guy always gets thrown in! And I mean an actual, intimate relationship between multiple women, not just group sex.

First off, I was thinking 3-4 women. The first idea was a women(the main character) going through a bad breakup and needs a place to stay for a few weeks. she stays with her best friend who lives with her girlfriend. The other idea was two lesbian couples moving into an apartment together because it's New York or Vancover and it's expensive as hell to live there. Lots of sexual tension and confusion

Second would just be background stuff. For the first story idea, I was thinking mid twenties. The main characters boyfriend would dump her, citing a new job offer and the fact that she never even seemed to like having sex with him. Her friend offers her a place to stay while she decides what she wants to do (go back home, look for work in this city, come to terms to the fact that she is gay and in love with two women).

For the other idea, I think the story would have to have multiple point of views. At the very least two, one for each of the couples. Two lesbian couples both find the same amazing deal on an apartment. Amazing location, not that crazy expensive, and a hot tub! Neither want to lose it, so they decide to move into together. In this story, I think the women should all be late 20s to early 30s. Definitely should be an interracial groups. Asian women seem to be underrepresented in Lesbian stories on this site, as well as Latina women to some extent. The main conflict would be dealing with the jealously that their partner seems to be very attracted to the other couple, and dealing with their own feelings of attraction.

Any other ideas to flesh out these stories? Anyone can take these ideas, I really want to see them!
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You know, I see great lesbian ideas every day and wish I had the chops to write one. But I can't find the voice to tell it. Not being a lesbian (duh!), I just don't think I could pull off a credible story from a woman's point of view.

I hope someone else picks this up and runs with it. I think it could be a good exploration of certain aspects of sexuality, not just a Hot Stroker.
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I'm more interested in the relationship aspect of these two stories rather than the sexual side (though that would be nice to read as well :P)
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I have an idea I'd love to get off the ground from an incest angle...

A young woman comes home from her first year at college, and before she's home long, she tells her mother and sister that she's a lesbian and had a girlfriend at school. The mother, who's a widow, is upset, since she wants her daughters to have the same type of marriage she and her husband, the girls' father, had.

After an uncomfortable summer, the mother makes some arrangements, and the younger sister is sent to be her big sis' roommate in order to keep an eye on her, and in her mind, get her past being a lesbian. Well, the two of them end up spending most of the year fighting and resenting each other, as the big sis is very loud, outgoing, has girls over a lot, goes to parties, and smuggles liquor into her room. The younger sis is shy, studious, not flashy at all, and is scared she'll get busted for the liquor.

In the meantime, the big sis is inviting girls over constantly, and the little sis hates her for it - naturally, it turns out she's jealous that her big sis gets all the girls while she's too shy to go after a girl of her own. Big sis gets confused by her little sis' revelation - at this point, little sis reveals that she was hoping to learn from her big sister and that's why she agreed to be her roommate.

Needless to say, little sis is a lesbian like her big sis. The two have an honest conversation about how Mom is driving them crazy, but then the big sis says that she's used to doing whatever she wants and can get away with it because she's at college and her college money is in her name. Big sis asks what her little sister's into sexually, what she'd like to try, but little sis is evasive for a while - but, seizing a moment of thinking her big sis isn't paying attention, she steals a kiss.

Big sis is shocked - but enjoys it. They go on to turn that kiss into a full-on make-out session, then a round of hot lesbian sex, one that they repeat a lot.

Well, they decide to keep their trysts to themselves when they return home, but they get a summer job together and hook up on breaks - Mon loves how close they got at school but has no idea why.

Coming from work one night, the girls spot a particularly attractive woman dressed in black walking out of her storefront. The girls decide to watch her, both turned on and planning to use that for a quick hook-up at their first opportunity, when they get a shock - also exiting that storefront, dressed slutty, is their mother. The woman in black speaks sternly to her - and as the girls listen closely, they realize that this is definitely dirty talk and that the mother is being blackmailed by this depraved woman.

Fortunately, the quick-thinking little sister recorded the whole thing and approaches Mom with it before she has a chance to change. It turns out Mom has been doing this for a long time and is quite good at it. The girls want to find out just how good - and they do. Mom becomes their sex slave and lets her girls do anything they want, both to her and with their lives.
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Eh, I'm not really too into the whole incest angle or d/s kinda things. Mostly I want this to focus on the workings of a poly lesbian relationship, with sex almost being a secondary thing.
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Hi all,
The set-up to a lesbian poly lesbian story is done and will be released next week called simple
Lesbian pologymy: a beginning
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