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Cool Turned on by wife's past?

I'm a guy who is tremendously turned on by the thought of my wife fucking and sucking other men from her past. I wish I could have been there to see her in action!

This feeling is relatively new. When I was first with my wife, I was jealous of the many guys from her past--some of whom I even knew. I got to where I wouldn't let myself think about it and that seemed to help.

Now we've been narried over 15 years and I find thinking and talking about her past helps keep our sex life hot and interesting. I often get her to tell me a story with names and details and it never fails to arrouse both of us.

My favorite story is about the time she fucked one of my fraternity brothers in college--before we started dating. She dated him for quite awhile and spent many nights at the house-in fact, that is how I met her.

Anyone else get turned on by thinking about their wife/girl friend doing the deed with past lovers? We'd love to see the stories.
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there's a whole index of those stories

on the other hand, would you share your wife with me? then you can write a story.
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I bet you would like that wouldn't you?

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