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Confused about size of illustrations with story...


I'm working on some illustrations for an author to be submitted WITH the story. I checked out the FAQ's and it had this written about the size:

"Image must be no more than 525 pixels wide. "

Do they really mean "width", or do they mean "longest side"

For example, can an image that is 525 pixels wide but 800 pixels tall be submitted.

Or, should the longest dimension whether height or width be no more than 525 pixels.

What's the scoop?

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It IS confusing.

Some more info

I used the forum specs. 600pxH x 800pxW 100mb max
But for Illustrated STORIES, they say they will resize, so... I assume that they ended up being reduced.

A quick peek at some illustrated stories reveals a max WDITH indeed is 525pixels and without a deep probe, found one that was 525px W x 527px H...so I think you can go taller. editfound another that was 576 pixels H) not sure what the UPPEr limit might be. Likely affected by files size limit. (not sure what that limit may be)
another 500pxH x 598pxH
487pxW x 800pxH tallest so far.

525px appears to be the column width.

EDIT: Curiously, I just found a story with images 550px W x 412pxH they hung over the story column... Which was a bit surprising.

I recommend keeping them at 525pxW and let the height fall where it may, while saving in a manner to keep file size at minimum (optimize for web etc...)

I gather this is what you had found.
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Thanks for the info. Sincerely appreciated!
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600x800 is actually very old info set for old low-resolution monitors but as most view on other devices that is why I assume they format the text and only require width specs of 525 pixels. Keeping the image under 100 megs is for download speeds
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