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secretary's life

hi there - any one wanna rp into the dual life of a secretary ....
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It was a hard morning and I was already late for my two meetings. I left my girlfriend's house at midnight last night after shouting together and fighting and hit a car from back in the morning while coming to work. It took me more than two hours. This must be one of the worst mornings i have ever had. I come in the office and faced your worried look which is asking what happened to me. I have never realized that your look is that much warm and peaceful. I just wanted to stand there and give myself to these eyes for a while...
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Still looking

Are you still looking to do this
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This sounds like fun. PM me if you want to try it out.
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sounds like fun - something I do have experience with (smile)
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i am interested...
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I am interested

I am interested
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