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OOC: "Dirty Cops: Working For The Public Good"


Dirty Cops:
Working For The Public Good

I am only just starting this, so don't bother posting your interest, questions, or comments yet please. If you have something to say, please just PM it to me.

I will tell you what the role play is going to be about, however:
  • The Federal and State governments have drastically cut back on the budget for Capital City's Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force.
  • The Commissioner of the Task Force is told to fire 1/3 of his officers.
  • Instead, he brings together a secret group of men and women he trusts and convenes the AFB, the Alternative Funding Board.
  • The AFB is, essentially, a team of agents, cops, other law enforcement officials, and even civilians with specific skills and/or access to important information who will be working in secret to -- basically -- steal from the criminal element to support law enforcement in and around Capital city.
  • Characters can include AFB members or the criminals they are bleeding, as well as any other character affected in some way by the AFB's operations.
  • While the RP will be more about crime and punishment, sex will be involved. I am looking forward to individual story lines -- let's call them mini-RPs -- that involve whore houses, expensive call girls, sex for the purpose of getting close to bad/good guys, and just plain ol' general sex.
  • You must arrange the direction and future of your mini-RP with the writer with whom you are participating and with the host. No running rough shod over the role play and ruining it for others, or you will simply be ignored. (BTW: All mini-RPs must be approved by the Host. Lack of cooperation amongst the writers and/or lack of supervision by the Host will always spell disaster for a group RP.)
More soon. Promise.
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