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HT find the right toy for a male

Hey Everyone!

Toys really turn me on, especially vibrators. My wife has 1 ( a bullet) that I like to use when I'm by myself.

I want to do more, but am looking for suggestions as to what kind of toys guys have really enjoyed using, and how they use them. It could be a male only toy or maybe a toy I could introduce my wife too if she opens up to it.

Also, what is it with sex shops..at least in my area. They are all so sketchy.
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delivering the goods
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Drummer, for me it's a steel ring around my junk. Carefully sized, chunky, with weight. I wear one most days. It gives me a sense of potency. There's more bigging up with every little arousal. A full erection is so solid, so thick. My wife loves to caress my balls when I'm wearing one. I always have aimed to get her to orgasm on my cock, but now with a ring on me that's a cert every time, sooner for her and later for me.
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My partner seems to love anything that vibrates against him - you can get couples vibrators that are inserted and held against her clitoris so that you feel it against your shaft (and her against her g-spot) as you fuck. I've found that holding a magic wand against as you're fucking works better for both partners - if you like a bullet you'd probably love the size and coverage of a wand (also easy to pretend its a present for her)

One of my friends swears by the aneros anal vibrator but depends if you're into prostate massage
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If you haven't tried prostate massage. It is a must. You will not regret it. I endorse Aneros as well !
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