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Tawny T
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Ok, all you dog lovers and dog writers, listen up. Lets get the facts straight. A dog has a knot at the back of his cock for one reason, to tie him to the bitch WHILE & AFTER he has/is unloaded his sperm inside her. It plugs her vagina up keeping the sperm inside, insuring pregnancy.

Look at a bitch the next time you see one - no, not your ex - the damn dog - canine species - four legged dammit. It's pussy is small. When they fuck, he pushes hard against her, slipping his doggie cock as far inside her as possible - BECAUSE - while IN THERE, his cock will expand to something HUGE as cocks go. It locks him to her. He and she cant't go anywhere untill his knot goes down.

So next time you have one of our canine friends fucking, his cock won't expand outside, it will expand inside. If it expands outside it won't go in - it's too damn BIG. UNLESS she had a reall BIG pussy. Yes - that's her, your ex - that bitch!

If you think you're hung, go look at a Great Dane. Those guys have huge cocks. John Holmes would have given them a second look. The knot at the back of one of those guys is humongous.

And no this does not come from personal experience.

Check your friendly vetrenarian and ask him/her to verify this. Make sure it's a female Vet!!! She'll be happy to explain it to you! In great detail. Tell her Tawny sent you.

Tawny T
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Fallen Angel
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Zeke come here boy. Have you been to see Tawny? Dang if you don't quit running around the BB showing off I will have to put you on a chain.
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Chi Xi Stigma
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Tawny, I think you are doing a great public service in attempting to educate these people. I get very frustrated about all these inaccuracies.

I hope your message won't fall on deaf ears as usual. They just don't pay attention! Zeke may well be the only solution.

Well Tawny, since you are kicking ass and taking names on beastially, I think I'll go rant about these shower stories on the story ideas thread. As if men care! Geez.
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Darn My CheWaWa are hiding now!!

I made the mistake of reading this thread out loud. When I mentioned humongous Great Dane, I heard a yelp and a brown streak heading for the closet. Now I'll have to go to Toca Belle to get something to tease the little fuzzless ball out!! (Well I might try taking off my shoes and waving my toes since it does have a toe fetish.)
Just A Nice Guy
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R Nitelight
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I like dogfucking stories as much as the next guy, but where's the romance? Is it all about sex to you people? I'd like to see a little courtship first.

And maybe a wedding.
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Originally posted by R Nitelight
I like dogfucking stories as much as the next guy, but where's the romance? Is it all about sex to you people? I'd like to see a little courtship first.

And maybe a wedding.

Ummmmmmm? <Running away scared.>
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