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What's the best comment that you have received?

This is my favorite so far. An anonymous poster left this for my story, "Baxter's Plan".


Blooding amazing screw the critics (lol) this story was amazing. I've never bothered posting even fir my favs, and I've read ALOT but this one was by far the best and yes it's an unlikely size but ffs get over it that was one part overall it was incredible! I'm actually a little shaky now.

~Random young Auzzie gal

I like the idea that I got a girl shaky from over 9,700 miles away.
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Hard to pick one, but this one stands out it was within my first year of writing here. I was worried the story wouldn't go well because it was a final showdown between two characters with a history and I wasn't sure if I could deliver it properly. Also wondered if the violence wasn't a bit much for lit.

Oh fuck me!
01/05/11 By: Ladyredfang
This story is fucking phenomenal! I approached this chapter apprehensively knowing what was to come and I was surprised to find myself devouring your words voraciously.
As for living up to expectations, please.... you fucked the shit out of it AND left it begging for more!
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Wow. Just....wow!

Here My Stories

Creative Copulation - Gods do it too!

My New Best Friend, for our VE's

Spreading Seeds Sagas- Can a young man find happiness in a world where there ten women for every man?

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Not so much a single comment as the comments I've gotten on a single story.

09/14/12 By: trite_reader
Gave you full marks...

Story was so horrific, so graphic and twisted that I could barely finish it. Only a morbid fascination with seeing where the tale ends kept me reading.

Turned me off porn altogether I think...

Gotta agree!
02/15/13 By: Oleguy
Like most of the other folk remarking on your tale I was horrified and totally trapped all at the same time.
Sir, you have a fantastic imagination.

The most powerful story I've read on Literotica.
01/18/14 By: patientlee
Revulsion instead of arousal. So powerfully effective.

There are 18 comments on that story and most get what I was trying for. I wanted to take a serious look at the darker parts of humanity. I also was wanting to explore what I called "The Switch"

That moment after an orgasm when you look at what you have just done and can't believe you did that. When you realize that inner animal isn't as tame as you thought it was.

If you feel the need to be horrified (if nothing else than by my writing) it's here.


It is a very dark story. You were warned.


The lower the score the more likely the story is rather dark. Enjoy what you like and please feel free to comment.
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Obviously the ones which say that the story is one of their favorites are up there, along with the compliments on the writing and so forth.

But the one comment that always stayed with me was when someone said, "I am in sexual hell right now." That was a pretty fun line to read.

Another nice comment, that was more recent, was someone saying they had a long day and the story I wrote was what they needed. It was a story on the romantic side.
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I think one of the best I have received was on my newest story...

by carvohi
Let's see...

This story is certainly a five, and here's why. First, the typos and grammar errors were fewer than most published books. It started in the first person and ended that way with no slip ups - not one. That was well done! Second it was tightly woven; this story shows significant planning and work. Third, the reader, knowing there's a monster someplace, is led through a maize of uncertainty and deceit without being confused by amateurish clumsiness. Fourth, there's just enough doubt to make the reader wonder who the abusive person really might be. The connection between the tattoo and the abusive boyfriend was a priceless addition. Fifth, it was about one person, the husband, and how his faith, love, and trust were all mercilessly stripped away with each new revelation. Near the end the protagonist was left naked, helpless, and very much alone. Last, we got to meet a truly upright strong and moral man; a man whose unpleasant family past had given him the strength, the resolve, to set a once rich fantasy marriage aside and face bitter reality.

I admit I was ambivalent about the wife at first. I'm a man and inclined to be protective, and her first appearance as having been so savagely assaulted made me want to reach out to her. However, as more and more of the truth was slowly revealed my feelings of empathy were slowly cast away. Her deceit when she first emerged from the coma finished her off. I had no more interest in anything she would ever have to say. Joy was beneath contempt. Joy wasn't a woman; she was a gorgon
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For my essay WHAT IS CHEATING? (linked in .sig) --

A pithy and thought-provoking exploration

I bow before your insight and communication, and I am NOT being sarcastic.
Rarely if ever have I read a more eclectic, inclusive, insightful, or thought-provoking exploration of human sexuality in all its complexities.
You've given me pause, and food for much thought, and I thank you for it.

I especially liked the "But I try not to be an asshole." My buddy and I over many beers at a campfire decided that we could boil all of the world's major religions down to a simple mantra which anyone could understand: Don't Be A Dick. Poof! No more scripture, no more hierarchy, no more "interpretation" of arcane lore, just a simple phrase.

I also try not to be an asshole, in sex as in life at large. I don't always succeed, but I think trying is in itself worthy and beneficial. Would that all people followed that simple directive as best they could; the world would be a much better place, I think.

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This one made me feel good because it came from an accomplished Lit. author. She pointed out both the good and the bad in the story, which I find more helpful than pure puffery.

Wanted you to know...
11/16/13 By: LBGrant
This story got under my skin and I wanted to let you know you did a good job of grabbing the readers attention with complex, flawed characters and a unique plot line. Like everyone else, I was a bit surprised by the ending, not necessarily because you didn't have them end up together, but more so because the last chapter just seemed too rushed and ended too abruptly IMHO. Still, excellent noncon/reluctance story. I read it yesterday and I'm still thinking about it some today and to me, that is a big part if an author's job...to write stories and characters that stick with readers after they finish reading.
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I got an email from a woman one time who...

told me a LW story I wrote, caused her to rethink her own situation. 6 months later she wrote me again saying I saved her marriage. To think that a story I wrote actually changed a person's life is the ultimate high.
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I am grateful for the comments on Christmas Truce, but I like this old one on my low-rated story Bagged At The Opera:

I'm impressed

I'm a married female in her 30's, currently on anti-depressants that made my sex drive go fron 55mph to maybe 5 at best. (With my husband using every trick in the book--so to speak--at once).
That was well written, imaginative, and sexy. Plus, I think someone just FLOORED the gas pedal to the metal. Thanks. I needed that. Writer? Try to publish! You can do it.

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Oggbashan's long list of stories
Jeanne D'Artois' few

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I get a few flattering comments and tons of insults but almost zero useful comments. ASSHOLE! and LUVVED IT! are no help to me.
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