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Just to make it sound a lil less generic, how about she's a brunette with a jeckyl/hyde complex that makes her a blond horny bimbo. Maybe like that wierd chick Launch from Dragonball who's a blond bimbo who turns in to a gun toting rage filled brunette when she sneezes. Her boyfriend finds out and has friends over and tosses pepper in her face.
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Originally Posted by katt2007 View Post
This does sound like fun. For some reason bbc gangbangs are a huge turn on. I think it is really about the humiliation, sinking as low as you can go. There is a release there. I get turned on by the idea of becoming big tit bimbo dressed in outrageous slut-wear who drops to her knees for any black cock.
The black gang leader headed toward the slut, then stops. She reaches for his stiff one, but he backs away and says "Honey, you need to love me for mo' than my package. That's humiliating, you just want our bodies."

"Yeah!" says Lil'Jimbo.

"I knew something wasn't right. She drop to knees too quick!" said the tall one.

"Well hell, I need to be respected as a man, not just a damn big cock!"

They all stood around talking about it. Sasha had no cock. Not even a little one to suck. She burst into tears and started sobbing.
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lazy lay / Sasha /katt2007 - I love you all!!

and please kee your story telling going - it is so fucking great!
I am so longing for someone to write a nasty gangbang story with me in it - any takers?

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