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A Hypnosis Experiment (Ryanmo97 x Lady_S)

Name: Ryan Morris
Age: 35
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Body Type: Athletic.

Ryan Morris was a Psychology professor at large University. Every year he did a study on the effects of hypnosis on different people. He chose about 10 students a year that a needed some help in their grade for his classes. But, this year, he was hoping to do something different. He was going to change one of the woman slowly into the type of woman he wanted. When he was done she would be all his.

He was in his office looking over some papers when his intercom buzzed. "Professor Morris... Your next test subject as arrived..."

"Very good," said Ryan, "Send her in..."

Ryan stood up as the door opened and his next test subject enter the room, "Hello... Have a seat..."
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Name :Nadia Hopkins
Age : 21
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
Vitals: Decent curves

Nadia Hopkins was keen to be under Professor Ryan Morris at this well renowned university. She was an ardent student of psychology and was certain that the professor was one of the best in the field. No wonder then that when she had got a call from the professor’s office asking her to present herself for an interview, she had felt elated. She selected a dress that would be more official than casual, something sober rather than revealing. So, she had preferred a knee length mellow yellow pencil skirt and a white full length poplin shirt with a light woolen sweater wrapped around. She had covered her legs with nude colored thigh highs and five inch heels that made her taller than she was.

The eager student had met the professor’s secretary who informed him about the appointment and the student who had turned up. When the professor agreed, she ushered Nadia in.

“Good afternoon Professor Morris….. I am Nadia Hopkins.”
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Ryan stood up as the door opened and Nadia entered the room, "Hello, Nadia... Have a seat..."

Once Sybill was seated, Ryan walked around the front of the desk. "Now, Nadia, as you know, every year I like to do an experiment to see how susceptible people are to hypnosis and to see how for their mind would go when given suggestions. Normally, I choose some of my students that need some help. But, this year, I want to see how one of my top students does in my experiment..."
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