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Did they get it backwards?

Or is it cultural, regional or just artistic license?

In Elton John's 'Sweet Painted Lady', the lyric is 'Getting paid for being laid'. I always thought it should be 'being paid for getting laid'.

There is another newer song I've recently heard called 'Regard' by an unknown group called 'Paper'. In it, the lyric is 'there is no reply to my regard' rather than ' there is no regard for my reply'.

Just curious.
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The Elton John lyric? Either would work for me, it depends whether you're emphasising the act or the money.

The Regard lyric? Can't say without the rest of the lyric for context. Either the regard or the reply could be the subject.

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It's probably just me, but I take "getting" laid as from either of the partners whereas I only use "being" laid from the perspective of the receiver.
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It is almost certainly artistic license. The actual, rhythmic flow of words is far more important that the grammar.

If you really want to dive into the Paper lyric, though (and assume there is greater meaning to the order of the words), it could be that the word "regard" refers to "regarding [X]." You can think about it as the header "RE:" on emails. Paper could be saying that someone made an advance, the singer reciprocated, but the person never followed-up on it, leaving the singer in the lurch thinking, "They started this, but now they're gone. What changed?"

Of course, I don't know the lyrics to the rest of the song, and a cursory Google search didn't bring them up, so I could be way off mark!
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