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Lightbulb New faces, come say hello...

I'm noticing a lot of new posters around these parts, and it's getting difficult to keep up. We've been a small and kinda insular little community for so long, it is both thrilling and a little overwhelming to realize that we have so many people joining us with their own questions, experiences, and ideas.

So, on behalf of antiques like me, I ask for a favor:
Please, stop in and introduce yourself. Give us a chance to see you, get to know a bit about you, and we'll likely be more readily able to answer your questions or join a conversation with you. Let us know that you aren't a troll, and you'll jump way up the priority list all in one shot. At least, for me.

I'll start: Hi there. I'm RisiaSkye, bifem masochist & Switch, married to major lurker and rare poster MasterMe, also a Switch. We've been together for nearly 9 years, and have been slowly exploring BDSM for most of that time. This is my second long(ish) BDSM relationship, though I have dabbled with the "kinky sex" angle pretty much since the first time I progressed beyond kissing. This is a lifelong thing for me, I think. I am, however, all but totally ignorant about the world of BDSM that exists on the 'net. Essentially all of my experience of this kinda sexuality, insofar is it involves going beyond reading and thinking and into some kind of sexual contact with another, has taken place in the RL/skin-to-skin world.

I'm a college teacher, Ph.D. student, and writer, though at points past I have been a hotel maid, a waitress, bartender, English tutor, motel manager, telephone psychic and a phone sex operator. I collect Stephen King first editions and books on the occult and am fascinated by 19th century Bibles and 20th century French philosophers. I'm a sarcastic beyatch on occasion, but I'm generally pretty nice. (What? I AM!)

Welcome, new faces!

Now, who's next?
"We thought, because we had power, we had wisdom." -- Stephen Vincent Benet, Litany for Dictatorships, 1935

Don't you wanna read Risia's Stories, Poems, and Essays? Go on; it's good for you.

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unrepentant pervert
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Hello. I'm cym, bifem masosub. I've been involved with BDSM seuxality since the beginning of my first sexual relationship almost 30 years ago. Obviously, then, the majority of my BDSM experience has been of the skin-to-skin type, though i have wandered the online realms, too - but in the past. I no longer "play" online at all because it lacks too much of what i need and crave with regard to...to...everything of importance to me as far as emotional relationships and/or the expression of my sexuality.

I believe there's a place for online play in the exploration of one's newly emerging fantasies of BDSM contact. I believe, too, that to actually participate in BDSM sexual play, one must move from online to real skin-to-skin touching. In my experience, the benefits one can derive from online play cannot begin to match what one gets from the real thing. They aren't even comparable.

Currently unemployed, i've most happily and lengthily been a middle school science teacher. (That's 13 and 14 year old for you who are outside the US.) I'm well-read, well-educated, and well-travelled. Sometimes a bitch, i'm more likely to try to find a middle ground, a place where we can all be winners in any given disagreement. I collect pre-1900 science textbooks and very old etiquette books. I'll happily bore you into abject submission if you give me the slightest opening to talk about...well...almost anything.

Please read the stickies at the top of the Forum as you come in, slip your shoes off, and grab a comfy corner of the sofa. Yes, yes, yes, submissives certainly may sit at the feet of whomever they choose instead of grabbing that last comfy corner.

Welcome to our place of sanity and reality in the chaos of the slipstream.

Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.
--Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Not a Troll..........and other stories


I'm SirRobert, a switch. I am definately a masochist/sub for my wife who has yet to become interested in this forum.

I have a friend who I ocassionally have the delight to Dom. My fantasy life is mostly Dom.

I was introduced to BDSM by her in 1995 December ( What a nice Christmas Gift ) She shared with me the "Screw the Roses" book and quite literally my life hasn't been the same since.

Now if I could get my 3-d life to catch up with my fantasies............

Anyway I would like to take this opportunity to say that I am NOT trolling. However I do cast a mean line of conversation.

I have the utmost respect for, and often interest in, everyone else's "kink."

OK..I'll share one other thing about me on this post.........I love chastity belts. Ohhhhh.....I don't have one yet male or female but what a wonderful control device......mmmmm It is definately on the list.

Keepin' it Wonderful,

My name is Robert but YOU can call me Sir.

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Newbie Phase Two
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I'd love to see everyone tell a bit about themselves, not just the newest folks, so I'll pipe up myself.

I'm Caroline, 37 year old female from Detroit, Michigan. If you ever saw the movie A Polish Wedding, you know where I come from, that was shot in my neighborhood. I was married, unhappily, for 8 years, and since that ended, I've been sexually exploring like mad. I have discovered, or perhaps more accurately uncovered, my bisexual leanings, and my interest in bdsm. I have been to a few parties at a local club, and have gained some small experience. At this point I would characterize myself as a switch, although as I learn more I seem to lean more towards the submissive side.I have a wonderful boyfriend who supports my exploration, even though he does not share all my interests.

Added,7/21/02: Well, I have been through a few changes since I posted this back in May, so I ought to update it. A week or so after I wrote this introduction I was struck by a car and injured, and although it was a traumatic, painful experience, it had some very positive effects. My dear Sam came here to let people know how I was doing while I was hospitalized, and was sucked in by Lit's addictive charms. From his readings here he gained a clearer understanding into bdsm, and has joined me fully in exploring the lifestyle. We are having a wonderful time discovering this aspect of ourselves together, and plan to be married in September.

I run, with a partner, a small outcall catering service. I am generally even tempered and easy to get along with, although my constant wisecracking can sometimes get me into a bit of trouble.
I came to Lit. because I wanted to write of my experiences, and discovered these wonderful boards.

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Silly Rabbi, kicks are for trids!

And if you want the rest of the joke, email me.

Well, as I'm brand-spankin-new, I suppose I should introduce myself. I was introduced to Lit by a friend, Dustygrrl. And I have very much enjoyed reading and participating in the conversations here.

I'm KestralWolfe, 24, (25 in June) married now for 3 years to a wonderfull man, Blackwolfe. BW knows about, and supports me in my BDSM-life, and has taken an interest in Dom~ing himself. I am a Domme, and I have been one for 7 years, although I started as a slave. I love to write poetry, erotic stories, and music ... gardening, and cooking are two of my passions ... sketching, and many other "arts-and-craftsy" things.

Most of my BDSm has been the rl type...skin-to-skin, person to person, although I have done a bit ol. Now, however, I feel that I need the touch of skin, the feel of her breath.....well, you know.
I love having spirited debates about...well...anything, discussing philosophy, quantum physics (which I don't know a whole lot about, but am learning) poetry, writing styles, art in general, and anything else you could name...probably.

I own my own business, although I am going back into the regular work-world soon, because it's not working.

I also have a morbid, sick, perverted, sarcastic sense of humor, so just tell me if I take something too far...although that only usually happens when I haven't had enough sleep...so I'll try to keep my posting to when I've had enough.

One still must have chaos in one,
to give birth to a dancing star.

Where are we going, and why am I in this handbasket?

Dip me in chocolate, and throw me to the lesbians!!

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Polymorphous Perverse
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where am I going? and why am I in this handbasket?

Just kidding. I'm Freya, and I'm so glad to be here.

Physical description first. I'm 25 years old. I'm short (5'2") and quite curvy. I have long-ish, wavy, honey brown hair that refuses to be tamed. My eyes can't decide if they are blue, grey, green or hazel, but my driver's license says blue. I usually wear dresses because it's so bloody hot where I live. Also, because I feel very cute in them. I can't be entirely practical...

I am currently employed as a nude art model; it's the only job I've kept for any length of time. I've been doing it for 7 years, but only because I'm not required to adhere to any set schedule. I am also self employed as an interior painter. I do high-end finish work and some restoration. I have worked as a stripper in the past, and I'm thinking about doing it again because it's a lot of fun and good exercise. I have never seen work as a defining aspect of who I am, mainly because I haven't found that one thing I love yet. If I could request a career from the magic genie, I'd ask to be a sexuality guru/writer like Susie Bright. But I have a lot more ground to cover before I can hope for that.

I am bisexual, but I probably prefer women. My two best relationships ever were with women, and I love them both deeply, still. I find sex with women to be deeply comfortable, utterly satisfying, and resplendent with sensuality. Yet. . . . my attraction to men is undeniable. Sex with men can be edgy, hot, scary, and tender. I'm currently involved with a wonderful boy-thing who lives very far away, and it's frustrating because he's the best boy-sex I've ever had. And I want more.

I come to BDSM with the hope that I will evolve as a sexual being, and as a human in general. I long for the security of a sexual relationship that is based on strong communication, and BDSM sings to the core of me because it offers just that.

I identify as a switch, but a large part of me is submissive. I am intensely nurturing, and have almost always fallen into a submissive role within my 'nilla sex relationships, to my detriment. I'd love to be appreciated for my gentleness, instead of being thought a pushover. I'd love to be rewarded for the effort I put into my partner, rather than being taken for granted.

On the other hand, I really get off on being sexually aggressive. I have a devious, creative mind, and I relish the thought of being in control of a person's physical and sexual state of being. I can see myself assuming a Dominant role in a more recreational or public performance sense, and then retreating to the safety and comfort of a submissive role in my home.

That's all for now. I'm pleased to make your acquaintance.

"Women who prefer women, yet who are sexually active with men for money, for friendship, or for sport, are indeed kinky compared to the rest of the gay or straight world, but certainly identifiable as female sexual outlaws who walk on the gay side." --Susie Bright

Newer photos

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Biker Chick
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Great Idea Risia!

I am Miss T. 37, sub.

I am in the northern reaches of New York State where most think BDSM has something to do with tractor engines!

Welcome to all new people. I hope you find comfort, support, humor, diversion and whatever else you hope to gain by joining our community. I know it has been an instrumental part of my growth, not only as a sub, but as a woman.

Be well

Never put both feet in your mouth at the same time, because then you won't have a leg to stand on.

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tacos candy tacos yes
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I am 29,sub and now live in New Jersey to be with my Dom.

I do not work outside the home but will be going to college in the fall.

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Sex & Diamonds
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*takes a deep breath and steps up to the mic*

Most on here call me S&D, I'm fairly new to the boards. I'm 29. I live in Canada. Married for 10 years to a wonderful man. I have always had a desire to be a sub. I have explored that somewhat online. It's very restricting. My husband does not understand the lifestyle, but (yes there's a but!) he's slowly very very slowly starting to open to the idea. Right...back to me. I am a stay at home mom of 3 rowdy boys ages 3, 4 and 6. Other then boring you with stories of runny noses and potty training, there's not a whole lot more to what I do.

It's nice to meet you all, I have found this board to be most informative.

*looks relieved and steps away from the mic*

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i'm Doctor Blue. Still a newbie here at Lit and even moreso to the BDSM forum. It's still less than two months ago that the secret of BDSM was revealed to me in a BLINDING flash.

i'm still a total novice, in an area which would be no doubt quite repressive to BDSM if it knew what that was. i have read a LOT about the theory and philosophy in a short time,and am achieving a certain understanding.

Currently not working, i spent nearly 20 years as a keyboard player and vocalist in some rather good local bands in Northern Minnesota. (almost Canada, eh) i also spent 4 years as a radio announcer. i love to use my voice.

i'm absolutely fascinated by BDSM. i just turned 50 and have been sexually "retired" for a LOOONG time. By choice. But since discovering what Risia has called these "other ways of loving" i AM interested again.

i can't believe that people in this community think it's OK to "talk" about what excites them, actually dig to find new ways to please each other, believe that "analyzing" their sex lives might be a good thing. i didn't know anyone but me could feel that way.

You buncha fuckin'FREAKS! i love you SO much.

One more thing i will finally address, this seems a good place. i don't capitalize the 1st personal pronoun. (perhaps you noticed that)

It's partly a tribute to e.e.cummings, a poet who taught my mind to flex in ways i didn't know were possible. It's also because i think that the convention is egocentric in a way that removes you from your surroundings. It separates you from your environment in a way that i...resist.

i'm done for now, but i'll be back as long as i live, i hope. Somehow i belonged here all the time. i bless the "locals" who pointed that out to me.
i'm getting SOMEWHERE...
But i ain't there YET!
(Blue's Mom)

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madelaine angel
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um, Hi!

I'm Maddy, I live in Brighton in the UK, I've been visiting lit for as long as drxblue and so am ashamed at the few times I post! I watch a lot, and have started to feel like a voyeur, so this thread is ideal!

I have a couple of years RT experience, thought I was Dom then got together with a new partner and realised that I have a hidden sub aching to get out so i frequent the switch space quite a bit!

Be gentle with me...but not necessarily all the time!
i would like you on a long black lead,
you can give me all the things i need...

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Being me
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Hello.. i am sierramoon... i've been with the Lit boards for a couple months now, and love everyone here.. i am 34 years old (soon to be 35, yuck), bifem, live on the outskirts of Detroit Michigan, and work for everyone's favorite store.. Target... lol....
I have no real time experience with BDSM, but am learning more about it everyday... i find the whole concept of BDSM fascinating, and it touches me deep in my soul.. i am finding that i may have some Domme qualities, so i am still "on the fence" as far as my label goes...
I am a very inquisitive woman, which sometimes gets me into trouble... i also tend to babble when talking!! lol... i will leave you now, with most of your ear intact... take care all, and hugs to each and every one of you!!! sierra

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I am new to this scene, but have always wanted to be here.

I live in Pennsylvania. I am 34. I work fulltime as a computer technician.

My wife/sub and I are entering this scene together to further enhance our relathionship. I have found this board to be very helpful in providing lots of useful information. I look forward to spending time on this board and the possibility of making some friends.


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Thumbs up

Risia I cannot believe that you started this thread. I was going to do this last night, but got distracted and then forgot. Anyway, thanks Risia, this is great!

Let's see... hmmm... where to start... I'm 48 (yes I know that makes me one of the older ones around here), bi fem, maso-switch. Oh well that was a mouth full... LOL. I am in a committed relationship with Himself, my sado-Dom, for about 9 months now.

I stumbled across the old mother thread late last summer, lurked a bit, read a lot, and then because of something happening to me decided to post. The best decision I have ever made in my life.

These people are the most supportive group of people in the world. In fact, I might have stayed in front of the computer screen, looking and doing a little cyber, except for the support of the people here and their encouragement to move into R/L.

This has become, in a very real sense, a second extended family. You could never find a better group, more informed, and greatly supportive group of people.

Ass whipped in a pickup truck behind Krogers. Girl that is so Texas! Mz.C.

Visit Bound

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From a REALLY new conributor

Hello everybody. I am so new this is only my 3rd 'post'. So if you REALLY want to know.......
Middle aged English male, currently in USA for a few months. You could call me a switch, but in my current rl relationship most usually Dom.
Interested in BDSM since reading 'Story of O' when I was just 16 (bad little boy that I was).
Past relationships have been ranged from 'nilla to (previous girlfriend) into bondage but no pain.
I have been reading articles/posts for a while but only registerd recently.
The BDSM part of my life I would describe as an interest...not an all consuming passion but a very fulfilling one.

I do think that in this...as in so many things...the keys lie in common sense and communication. The problem is that few people actually have any common sense!!!

I am impressed and touched by the amount of people on this Forum who display such wonderful common sense, are great communicators and so willingly and freely give help to others. Give yourselves a pat on the back !!!

Till the next time....stay happy and healthy !!

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I always sleep through the good topics!

I am the Quintessential Quint, bi-fem quasi-maso-sub with occasionally leanings towards switch (bet THAT surprised everyone in the room). I go Domme when a.) hunny is in "that mood," and b.) I'm with a female. I've been consciously bi for two years, which is a whole 1/9 of my life, and I've had one r/t girlfriend. Girls are soft. I like girls.

I am a freshman in college, majoring in Letters, which is essentially "college for people who don't like money." Actually, it's liberal arts: philosophy (one of my minors), foreign language (Spanish is my other minor), literature, and history. I plan to be an editor someday, so when I'm unduly harsh in your feedback, at least it's productive for me. o)

I have thought about kinky sex since before I was sure what the mechanics of sex were. Seriously. I somewhat jaded myself to sex by fantasizing about it all the time, so there was no possible way for it to be as fantastic and infinitely imaginative as what I pictured. That and the fact that I'm one of those thrice-cursed women who can't orgasm any way but clitorally. Nevertheless, I'm cheerful and I like a good rousing romp with my hunny. We've grown into BDSM together; though I knew much about it before trying it, knowledge is SO ridiculously futile until you put it into practice. I'm more sub than he is Dom, but I love him lots anyway.

I follow the philosophy of Ayn Rand, which teaches that a person should live primarily for his own greatest happiness. I like Krispy Kreme and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I love this forum. What a neat place. I'm so happy here.

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Hello, all. I have been a teacher but have slowly moved up (or down on the ladder depending on who you talk to) on the educational ladder. I have been a Master for a long time and have primarily been interested in married subs for various reasons (pm me and I'll tell ya).
I respect and have respected all subs for their honesty in telling me what their needs and desires are. I believe strongly in the safe words.
I also collect various books on various subjects as well as look for signed copies from various authors.

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Hi, i'm lasavane. i've been around here for a few months now, but i never seem to have enough time to both read and post, so i mostly just read. i am a 33 year old female heterosexual (am i the only one?) sub to my husband. We live in Georgia and have two kids. We only recently started the BDSM thing. i have always been a submissive masochist, but didn't know people really did the things i thought about until i came to lit. looking for stories to read to my husband (he likes me to read erotica to him before sex sometimes). Surprisingly, after more that 10 yrs. together, i found out my husband had these leanings also. He is primarily a Dom, but occaisionally wants to switch, which i just hate, but he doesn't want it too often, and i love him, so we work it out. i am also going back to college right now, and i just finished a really tough semester, so maybe i'll have more time to post.


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Ball Stretcher
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I am Ebony, a 51 (soon to be 52 on May 12th) year old black female who is a hetero Domme. I am Mistress to tavish and sissy boy. I only dominate white males. Why? Cause I like it!

I started a a sub, and quickly learned I was better at giving orders than taking them. I collect books on D/s, FemDom, BDSM, polymory, and other assorted subjects.

I relocated last year from the Pacific Northwest where I was involved in a pansexual BDSM group. I learned a lot, and am still learning.

I am currently involved in and long distance relationship wtih someone I met on Lit, who is "tavish" my sub. If he decides to post here he may, but he does not have to declare himself. Those of you who read the LDR thread will already know who he is.

tavish and I intend to live in a 24/7 relationship, as soon as I can relocate to the UK. I have to find a job first.

Meanwhile, I play with sissy boy who is a part-time sub of mine. I am also open to meeting other male subs who might want to be trained to be good little boys.
Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often. Mae West

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Secret Dream Machine
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I'm 32 (dammit, birthday isn't until the end of the month and i added the year already ), female heterosexual and sub. I've finally discovered what i want, now i'm working on making it possible to have it.
Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are.

Don't go away mad. Just go away.

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new face here

Hello...I live in more central michigan and have been exploring submissiveness for a couple years now. I still feel I am very new and have a lot to learn. I have a Dom, and He is training me slowly. Sometimes too slowly, but how am I too argue. He allows me to explore my bisexual side as well.

Side note to CarolineOh....we play near Detroit quite often and would be interested in chatting.

I am a Catholic School teacher now, so my personal life stays quite personal. If anyone has any tips or advice I would appreciate it. One thing W/we are looking for is a BDSM club in Michigan. They seem to be very hard to find.

Thank You for E/everyone's openness and friendliness.

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hello everyone. im a 27 year old straight male. i m 5'8" tall. about 155 lbs. i m into tattoos. both my arms are sleeved out. no piercings. long hair almost to my waist and a goatee. im into working on my monster truck, hiking, fishing, hunting, i also play drums in a crazy heavy metal band. i m single. have been for a while, too long.
i am somewhat new to all this and am reading all the info i can. still am not sure if what i d like to get into is BDSM or just kinky. one of these days i ll find an answer. once i do i d like to find someone to actually do it with.
i guess i m a sub for now till i eventually become a master. however i think i ll always like a bit of both.

turn ons: bondage, rope, mild CBT, leather, latex, whips, cloths pins, rubberbands, smothering, tease and denial, milking, 2 DOMS tormenting me. a hot DOM taking control and training me as she sees fit.

turn offs: strap ons, spankings, crossdressing, extreme pain, no offence to anyone but heavy women. i take care of my body and i believe that someone who i m gonna control me should at least have the respect for their body i do.

i havent tried anything, so i guess i m still a virgin with all this. if any DOMs in NY or anywhere for that matter would be willing to maybe exchange an email or 2. i ve still got some questions i havent found answers to.

thanks all, and i m glad to be here.

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~takes deep breath, tries not to be nervous~

Hi everyone! I'm new here as well and like I've seen a few others, I read more than I post.
I'm a 32 year old, married female sub who unfortunately isn't married to someone in the lifestyle. I've been involved in BDSM for about 2 years now - mostly online but some (incredible!) real time experience as well.
Most of my time is spent writing or being mom/wife but my free time is spent reading the posts on here!

I'm so happy I found this place and I look forward to making friends with you all.
I write; therefore, I am

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Hi everyone,
I am fairly new to this boards so as to the whole BDSM talk. I was introduced to this boards by my wife. I am 30 years old straight male. I tend to think of myself as Dom, but if my wife wants to work her magic on me I don't think I would be able to deny her that pleasure :P.
As most of you said before, I hope to make some new friends here and learn all "ins and outs"
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