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First time writer would like an editor, preferably female, but I am open.

I am looking for a female editor for this particular story because it is written from the perspective of a female, while I myself happen to be a male. As a result, I am sure I grossly misunderstood/misrepresented what an actual female would do or say in several parts of the story.

Since I am requesting this edit from an open forum, I will update this post and reply back to any editor who contacts me as soon as I have an editor. I value your time. You do things I can't.

I would prefer to work with one editor if possible and I am hoping for a turn around before the end of the month.

I am a first time writer. While I think I can write a good story, it's only good if someone else is able to read and they like it.

From an editing standpoint:

. This story is approximately 23,000 words in length. Chaptering might be possible, although no provisions made for chapters.
. I have a tendency to add way too many commas in my writings. Some would say I haven't seem a comma that I didn't like.
. I have a horrible time using semicolons properly.
. I suspect the last paragraphs I wrote (regarding jewelry) were probably too rushed and might need some structural help.

About the story:

. I think the category will be 'Loving Wives', but I'm open to other suggestions.
. The story opens with a brief section where a couple is offering to explain a pink collar the man is wearing to a woman who asked about it.
. The story then segues into the couples' past and how they arrived at that point in their lives.
. The bulk of the story is about a sexually naive female divorcee who gets together with a man a decade her junior. She, of course, loses her naivete, and begins to expirement with her sexuality. Eventually the relationship between the couple grows and evolves into becoming one of extreme trust and turning into a female led relationship.
. The story then returns back to the timeframe where it started with the couple explaining/demonstrating the significance of collar to the woman they met at the start of the story.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.


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Check my stories if you want and feel free to email me if you're interested
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I sent you a private message asking you to confirm your email address.

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I have the same problem writing from a woman's point of view * but having a good female editor really helps. My original editor isn't editing right now since she got a promotion and I haven't found a new one yet, otherwise I'd recommend someone.

It sounds like you have the same problem I have with commas. My first solution was to break my overly long sentences into two or more shorter ones. There are some good guides in the "How To" section that can help with other over uses of commas. I eventually got my comma addiction down to a manageable level * although I have to admit sometimes late at night I'll write a few sentences and put one or two commas between every word....

Footnote -
* - I put a comma in these spots at first but after reviewing the message decided they weren't needed. I'm still a recovering comma addict.
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