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Originally Posted by NaokoSmith View Post
I need someone to give a fresh look to the first few chapters of my novel. The novel is all written up and currently posting (at Chapter 22). It's had a lot of praise for the later chapters but feedback that early ones need editing. I've re-written these and am looking for someone to tell me if they work better now. Then I hope to re-post and get ardent fans to look back and tell me if they like the new versions.

The chapters are usually short, between 1 and 3 Lit pages, although one early scene-setting one runs to 5 Lit pages.

The novel is a feminist fantasy romance, lots of tossing of lace cuffs and heaving of bosoms by candlelight. In a feminist kind of way Read it if you're wondering how that works!

Thank you!
What's the story synopsis? You say feminist, and then mention heaving of plural bosoms. I'm not sure if you're talking about hetero or lesbian.
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Originally Posted by LadyVer View Post
What's the story synopsis? You say feminist, and then mention heaving of plural bosoms. I'm not sure if you're talking about hetero or lesbian.
It's a hetero romance. There is a bit of male on male, but not actually designed for a gay male audience.

I did write a lesbian romance in the series. It comes in right at the end though.


Just like one of the lads, really. (With tits .)

Submission. I mean my submissions.

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Beta readers request.

I am in search of beta readers for a story I've been working on. It's a brother and sister incest story. I'm trying a new technique ( at least new for me ). It's in medias res, and there is a story within a story. The outer story starts in the middle of things, and the inner story is the back story. It's a four chapter story, and with each chapter, there is a progression in their incestuous relationship. There will be an unexpected twist in chapter four.

Word count for chapter 1 is 13350.
Word count for chapter 2 is 7994.
Word count for chapter 3 is 6876.
Word count for chapter 2 is 11629.

I'd be interested in any constructive criticisms, but particularly I'm looking for comments on flow, continuity, whether the story held your interest, etc...

If you're up for reading it, drop me a PM.

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Red face I have this story...

I got ready to jump into the Literotica scene 3 years ago when I joined but then things went all wahoony shaped IRL and I lost the will to go on, but I never stopped writing and have this one story that I edited and re-edited to within an inch of it's life over the years. _I_ think it's ready to go, just needs one last read through with a new set of eyes and then it's off to the capitol E Editors.

It's a fantasy story, about an orc woman and her human lover: and a threesome with another orc woman, but I digress, around 3750 words in the actual story itself, anyone want to take a crack?

(I will give attribution in the acknowledgements if you want...)
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I am volunteering as a beta reader for stories under 6000 words. I prefer stand-alone stories rather than chapters from a series, though I will consider the latter. I will read any category except incest, celebrity, and mind control. BDSM is fine provided it is not an exercise in misogyny.

I write and have several stories posted on Lit, all exploring power exchange to one extent or another. Most of these have benefited from beta readers, so I understand how useful some tough love can be.

If interested, send a PM.

Stories and Poems
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Originally Posted by Simon_Silver View Post
I got ready to jump into the Literotica scene 3 years ago when I joined but then things went all wahoony shaped IRL and I lost the will to go on, but I never stopped writing and have this one story that I edited and re-edited to within an inch of it's life over the years. _I_ think it's ready to go, just needs one last read through with a new set of eyes and then it's off to the capitol E Editors.

It's a fantasy story, about an orc woman and her human lover: and a threesome with another orc woman, but I digress, around 3750 words in the actual story itself, anyone want to take a crack?

(I will give attribution in the acknowledgements if you want...)
Hi Simon_Silver.

I sent you a PM with my info for beta-reading.

- curl
I'll be away for awhile. Nothing's wrong. Apologies.

My stories feature fitness as flirting and foreplay. (Is that too many f-words? )
My mostly male-primary stories here on literotica.

Five NEW female-primary stories posted here on literotica...
Female-primary version of "Reunion, Workout, First Date. Light, sweet, and fairly innocent.
Four-part series "Cheerleader Muscle. Starts tame, but the later chapters are written for serious female muscle fans.
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My psychoerotic short needs a fresh perspective.

A little over 21,000 words, contains maledom/femsub, humiliation, dubious consent, allusions to incest, abuse, anal.

Hereís a brief (and temporary) synopsis:
For Alannah, life is simple. Go to work at the shoe store; go to class; eat fake lobster whenever she can; sleep; repeat. Her monotonous life changes when she meets dark and dangerous Zachary, who seems to know better than she does what games her heart wants to play.
Willing to swap.

Thank you for your consideration.
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I created a thread before I noticed this one:
Literotica stories by masterandmargarita
BJ Bliss: An Oral Enterprise available on Smashwords and Amazon
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Could use some help with Christmas and Mom Series

Still looking for an editor/ beta reader who can help improve Christmas and Mom. I have chapter 2 in the submission Que now and writing chapter 3. Anyone interested in beta reading let me know.

Chapter One is here https://www.literotica.com/s/christmas-and-mom-ch-01

Chapter two has Chris and Nicole getting together with a threesome towards the end.

Chapter three has Chris, Billy, and Abby getting together to share a secret and having their first threesome together. Still working on 3, right now its at about half a lit page in Abby's pov...she's isn't much of a talker so I'll probably finish in either Chris or Billy's pov.

I have a lot of open holes that need filled, the dad bails on his new girl friend leaving her with an infant child....

Billy and Abby move in with his sister and her new born....

Nicole's husband is banging his intern, Nicole decides not hide Christmas as her dirty little secret but keep him as her 'boy toy'. I'm thinking something needs to happen with this, either David finally pisses off, gets hit by a truck, or jumps into bed with his wife and her new lover....can't make up my mind!

Somewhere down the road Jason's story needs to come out, I'm thinking a past lover appears with a small child, maybe even an unknown wife? That would certainly put a bit of drama into the story!

There are so many possibilities, so many doors left open....
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GM beta reader available

I'm more than willing to beta read and/or edit (grammar, spelling, flow, pacing, sentence structure, etc.) Gay Male only. No scat. No incest. Non-con/dub-con and ingestion of urine we will need to discuss first. BDSM? Absolutely! Kinks/fetishes? Sure! Group male-on-male? Yes! Romance? Please! Something I haven't thought of? Ask!

I will read any length of story, although turn-around will obviously depend on number count. I prefer manuscripts in a form importable into Pages (*.doc and *.docx I can import; I'm not sure of other formats).

PMs are turned on and the operator is waiting for your message.
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looking for a beta reader

I submitted the story, so I'm not looking any more.
My stories

My personal favorite is Oscar's Place.
Most recent is my Summer Luvin' contest entry Modern Biology.
Up next is Unlikely Angels, Ch 18-21.

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I just broke a long-term case of writer's block with an idea that I had to try and I'd like some opinions. I understand the value of a second set of eyes and I'm not married to the story. I'm not sure I'll even submit it, so whatever people suggest I'll probably do, including abandoning the project.

It also has no title, so suggestions are welcome.

The story is the 7000-word first part of what I hope to be a longer story about a dystopian future where ideals are valued more than people and prisons are filled with thought criminals. Of course, the prisons are all privatized and they make money by throwing their prisoners into reality-TV death games. The death games are frequently mentioned but never shown; that will have to wait for the next part if it is ever written.

Even though it is the future, there's no significant science-fiction content. It is heavy on dialog and light on sex, but the story takes place in a unisex prison where everyone is naked, so sex is frequently mentioned. In the end the story builds up to some gay male sex, but I hope to include heterosexual sex in future parts.
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hello, I have a mostly Femdom (hetero) story (in English) in progress (I have written about 3300 words so far). I need a second pair of eyes experienced with this kind of situations. Maybe I give too many information or too little in the story; maybe a Domme would never act that way; such things. I just want to know if I can just write on or need to change a few things before I can continue. Please PM me.

here the link for the thread with the excerpt: http://forum.literotica.com/showthread.php?t=1277992

Sorry, I had the PM options set to Buddies, Mods and Admins only. Now everyone can send me PMs. I just checked now. So sorry.

Last edited by Heliopheres : 02-04-2016 at 10:17 AM.
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I can be a beta reader and/or editor for stories in the gay male category. I can work with plot structure, character development, world building (sci-fi / fantasy), continuity, grammar and more. If you have questions about stories both long (novella) or short stories send me a quick PM explaining what you would like and the genre(s) your story best falls under.

I do not edit scat stories, but if a longer piece has a bit of, "golden shower play," I can work with that.

I accept .doc or MS.

Last edited by Beautifulstorm : 03-05-2016 at 09:11 AM.
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I beta read whatever, and I do it within 24 hours. I stick to real problems like typos, grammar, and omissions.
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Anyone interested in filling out a survey as a Beta Reader?
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Looking for a Beta Reader

Iím currently writing an Alternate History/Fantasy story for Literotica, (currently at 188.000 words in 50 chapters) and while I will need an editor at some point, right now Iím just looking for someone to bounce some idea off.

The name of the story is 'A long time from home' and the basic concept is that Atlantis (Iím sure youíre heard of it) was real and inhabited by a human race called Atlantians. The Atlantians had mental powers and magic, but eventually their island disappeared, which in my story happens around 1200 BC.

The main character is an Atlantian, who use life force to keep himself young, drifting through the centuries, as he wanders the world to keep his eternal youth hidden. Around 180 AD he walks into a cave and uses a trance that sends him into a state of suspended animation, indented to last only for a few years, but he makes a mistake that causes the trance to last until he hears a danger.
He wakes up in June 2000 and has to adapt to the modern world, while we follow his past in flashbacks.

Thereís violence in the story in the form of fights and thereís a lot of sex, but I donít mix those two.
Some of the planned sex-scenes are currently missing, as I happen to be slow at writing them, (When Iím writing I tend to jump over the sex -scenes and write the plot instead), but thereís still a lot of sex in the story.

Is this something you would be interested in reading and commenting on?
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I was wondering if any one would be willing to look over my story for me...I'm new and could use some help....
Thank you
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Originally Posted by a1000712 View Post
I was wondering if any one would be willing to look over my story for me...I'm new and could use some help....
Thank you
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Beta Readers Needed

Hi guys! I'm back but for a different purpose.

I have recently completed writing a novel and I would love to get some feed back on the first 3 chapters. Itís genre is New Age and the story has a diverse cast and deals with mature subjects such as rape, drug abuse, and mental illness.

I am looking for Beta Readers to read the Prologue and the first three chapters. Please be over the age of 18 if you are interested. I am interested in both male and female readers but my target audience age is 21-40. If you are still interested after reading the Prologue and three chapters, I would love to get more feedback on the rest of the book.

Please message me if you are interested. I also am a Beta Reader and would love to read unpublished manuscripts and give you feedback.

Thank you.
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Noob seeking Editor for first section of a 5-part series

I'm looking for some help editing my first story for Literotica. I have some experience writing professionally, but this is my very first venture into erotica.

The story is tentatively entitled "Summer Temptations." All told, I've written about twenty-five thousand words, which I plan to split into a five-part serial. I only need help with the first installment right now, but I'm hoping to find someone willing to commit to looking over the final draft of the complete series later this summer.

I would normally wait until I had the entire project finished, but for the sake of keeping my writing consistent, I think it's important to establish my tone in this first story.

This first installment in the series is a sex scene establishing the strength of the relationship between my two main characters, before I set up a classic roommate menage a trois plotline in the second installment. In it, the female character, Andrea, performs a striptease for her boyfriend, Robert, before having sex in the girl-on-top position. I'm attempting to convey a sense of seduction while gently foreshadowing later themes of female domination. It's about 6,500 words.

Any one willing to lend an extra pair of eyes would be greatly appreciated.

I've turned on my PM notifications, and my e-mail is this username at Gmail.
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I am currently working on a story that mix's a couple of genres. The main are Humilation and Non-Con although that second is mostly in the form of blackmail.

I am about 20 pages and 10198 words in at this point and kind of starting to doubt if any of it is worth reading at all. A extra set of eyes to at least give some feedback on what is working and what isn't would be great.

EDIT: Forgot that I should include a synopsis

In a world that is heading for the post scarcity wonderland there are still people who fall through the cracks. Sally Cross is one of those people and she is going to have to do things she never imagined if she wants to be a part of the glorious future of mankind.

Also I am more than happy to have a look at anyone elses stuff. Just don't ask me about grammar.
The woman lay panting underneath the Christmas tree, listening to the sound of bells jingling and hoofs tramping on the roof as she tried to catch her breath. The slowly flashing lights of the tree caught and highlighted the pearly droplets of sperm that scattered on her bare breasts. Forming a trail that led the eye straight to the auburn hair of her sex and the thin but thick stream of seed that slowly leaked from her well used sex.

Her son had wrote Santa, asking him for a little brother or sister. As she heard something take off from the roof with a muffled "Ho Ho Ho" she smiled to herself.

Next year, She thought to herself. I'll need to write to Santa myself.

(If you like that then check me out on chyoa.com)
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Hey, everybody.

I'm looking for a beta reader to read a story that will be submitted in the transsexual/cross dresser category.

The story is not finished, but it is currently 32,000 words long. Will cap at somewhere around the 45-50,000 mark.

You don't have to worry about grammar, or structure, or anything like that. I'm just looking for someone to read and tell me if they enjoy the story so far. You are welcome to comment on changes, what you would like to see from the story going forward. And I will even discuss my plans for the rest of the story with you. If you are so inclined.

Of course, you can message me a simple. I liked it. I hated it. It was okay, or we can have a discussion about it.

Thanks guys

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This is from another thread, requesting support for a beta-read/editing for an ~800 word story. PM me if able to help!

Originally Posted by hankuric View Post
Was inspired by the following prompt and would like some help with beta-reading/editing a short ~800 word story. PM if able to help out.

Originally Posted by Hypoxia View Post
Pretty experimental. The 1st-person POV is not a person but the fuck itself, telling of its experience from the inside. I'm reminded of a hentai illo showing cunnilingus as viewed from within, at her cervix looking out at the slurping tongue. How might A FUCK'S TALE go?
-- HU
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