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Spell check needed

Hello all,

I have the first part of an illustrated series written however I do not have MS word so I was unable to do a spell check. I was wondering if someone would be interested in running my story through a spell check and emailing it back to me so I can submit it. I would also be grateful for opinions and feedback. If interested message me here or feel free to email me at


* No e-mail addresses allowed in posts ~ personal info prohibited per forum guidelines.

Thank you

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Send it to me tonight. How long is it?
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If you google "free spell checker" you'll find some options that might be useful. MS Word isn't the only choice!

It's always worth getting a human reader to catch the things that a computer can't, but running it through the checker first will save your human some work.
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Eager to try my hand at my first editing on this site. Let me know if you still need editing.
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