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Kim wakes. The sun is up. She is alone. Naked. Sore. But the room is empty. It is like no one has been there.

She tries to sit up but she feels giddy. Faint. Like she has taken something.

She thinks.

Or been given something.

The flat screen is blank.

But if she looks hard it's like there are people there. Naked people. Naked butts and private parts.

GODDDD. I watched Bill raping Janey and Lucy and Sally right there yesterday. GODDDD.

She lies down again.

And Father Phelan. I trusted him, she thinks.I confessed my sins to him. Little sins like jealousy and covetousness and bad thoughts about people. And he fucked my nieces.

Kim resolved what to do. She would go straight down to the church and confront him. Or tell someone. Anyone.

She dressed. She ddn't know why but something drew her to the black lace underwear Bill had given her. Years ago. She'd never worn it. It just sat at the bottom of the draw.

She pulled it on. It felt great.

And then the black cocktail dress. She didn't wear that much either. But it still fit.

She checked the mirror. Wow. Hips, breasts, waist, legs. She'd show these people she was a force to be reckoned with. And if Bill wanted to look at young girls for sex, well let him see what he was missing.

Where were her silk stockings? And her high heels?

Kim was half way to the church when she realised how strange she felt. Horny was the word the kids on the bus used. She was incredibly horny. The dress was too tight and too short, and if she pulled the hem down her breasts showed.

She stopped in a bus shed for a moment and sat. The dress rode up to the top of her thighs. Her legs felt silky. She ran her fingers up them to the hem of the dress. And then under the dress. She found her vagina. She was moist. It felt good to trace the outline through the panties. And even better to slip her finger underneath, sliding to and fro across the slit, teasing her clitoris, slipping inside a little.

GODDDDD. She was sitting in a bus shed pleasuring herself. Why? Thank goodness no one had come along.

Kim stood, gathered herself together and turned the street corner. The house where the priests lived was first. She opened the squeaky gate and marched up to the front door. Knocked. No answer. Knocked again.

But there was a noise from the garden at the side. She stepped round to find a man gardening. He was shirtless, neatly muscled and tanned, with a tattoo on his left shoulder. He was bent low in the bushes and his tight trousers had ridden down exposing a neat ass crack and a hint of tan line.

Kim didn't know why, but she stepped up and placed her fingers down his ass crack, gently gliding them neatly until she felt the pressure between his skin and pants.

"What the fuck?"

The man stood, alarmed and turned. It was Father Romero, the new young Filipino novice.

"Father Romero. I'm sorry. I didn't realise it was you."

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Startled, Father Ramero stands up quickly. Mrs SAMMS! The young priest looks down into Kimís eyes and sees the all to familiar look of a drugged out of their mind druggy. The look he sees in all the drug addicts he councils at the shelter every Saturday. But this is Mrs Samms. The most conservative Catholic wife in the whole parish.

The young father looks closer at the 40 year old staunch conservative of the church and his eyes widen as he takes in the short black cocktail dress. So short it doesnít cover the bottom portion of Kims buttocks. The priest sees the married lady isnít wearing any underwear and he feels that stir in his groin that he knows is the work of the devil. Kim turns around as if modelling and giggles. She bends over to adjust her high heel straps.

Father Ramero is further shocked to see kim is wearing underwear after all. Tiny black g string underwear that barely covers Kims obviously very red and used hard vagina and anal cavity. As Kim remains bent over and struggles with the high heel strap she wiggles her ass causing the dress to ride up to her waist and the g string to pull to the side. Father Ramero gasps audibly as he sees what appears to be wet seaman seeping from both offices. The priest swallows hard as his cock swells. Help me father. Help me with this temptation. The young father whispers to himself.

Kim smiles hearing the Fathers whipspers. The images of her husband Fucking his young neice Lucy in the ass fills her head. And had horrid priest Fucking Janey!! Kim stands quickly and wobbles on her feet. Falling into the sweaty young fathers chest. Oh father. Hey neeed you! I neeeeed your Cock in my Married Cunt now! Kim growls and kisses Father Ramero hard on the lips and her small hand grasps the priest bulge. A sizeable bulge. Much bigger then bills or chads!

Kim laughs as the priest protests are garbled and unreadable. Kim sinks to her knees right there and yanks the fathers black pants down Kim is muttering incoherently and animalisticly pulls the Hispanic priest Cocks out. Kims eyes are drug glazed and she barely sees that the huge 9Ē brown Cock is as thick as the bottom of a coke bottle. Kim force gags her small mouth on the big brown Cock. Aggggg! Caugh!! Slurping Sucking gagging.

In the back of her mind she wanders whatís happening. Why is she doing this? In the open. Is she crazy? Is she dreaming!?

Father Ramero leans against the wall unable that resist. He looks down at the conservative wife gagging on his Cock like a crazed fiend.
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Father Romero gave into Kim for a moment or two before coming to his senses.

"Mrs Samms, please," he said, pushing her off his cock with both hands.

She fell backwards into the bushes, her ass and her legs in the air. He bundled his cock, hard and swollen, painfully back into his pants, then leaned forward and extracted Kim from the hedge. The branches caught at the flimsy cocktail dress and by the time she was upright, it had been mostly ripped from her.

"Father, Father," she cooed, snuggling close against his bare chest. "Is it true what they say about priests?"

She pushed her mouth up towards his, nuzzling his neck and under his chin, licking crazily, enjoying the salty taste of the sweat he'd worked up in the garden.

"Surely a pretty boy like you isn't really celibate," she said. "I mean, every girl in the congregation wants to fuck you."

Father Romero was alarmed and aroused by Kim's words. Centerville was his first posting as a novice priest. He lay awake at night rubbing his cock and praying for forgiveness and wondering why he'd agreed to his grandmother's dying wish that he take holy orders. Back in Manila he'd been a tearaway, ridden his motorcycle like a crazy man, running errands for drug pushers and pimps, and getting his fair share of the wares they sold. The priesthood was tough, but bleeding out in a Manila street would be tougher. He phoned his mother once a week and told her he was happy.

But why was America entirely populated by over-sexed women? Not just his age, but mature women as well. Not that he ever anticipated Kimberley Samms would be one of them.

He grabbed her round the waist and bundled her, bodily, into the house, tripping over the step. He and his near naked parishioner fell onto the hall carpet. He pushed the door shut with his foot.

"Mrs Samms, this is not the place. I beg you...."

But his words were smothered by her mouth on his, ramming her tongue between his lips as her hands did something similar with his flies. Father Romero felt his cock, barely deflated from the tussle against the wall, rise back into action. Kim soon had the sizeable fleshy rod proud of his trousers, which she wrestled down to his knees. Then lying on top of him, she slid down his body until she could clamp her mouth around his cock for a second time.

"Mrs Samms," he began again, but went silent. Kim was working his cock hard, taking him deep into her mouth, sucking hard, working her tongue round the shaft and the knob, expelling the cock with a slurp, and then repeating. She was immediately in a mechanical cock sucking rhythm and Father Romero found himself flexing his ass against the floor, and pushing his cock into her mouth in response.

And the best part, he thought as he resigned himself to Kimberley Samms being his first American conquest rather than one of the slutty scantily-dressed teens who taunted him over the fence, was that he was alone all morning. Father Phelan was away with Bill Samms at some weekend camp for younger parishioners, and his drug addicts counselling session didn't start until afternoon. Maria would bring him lunch at noon, so he had nearly three hours to fuck Mrs Samms. It was wrong, he knew, but the whole thing was well underway now and she didn't seem stoppable.

He heard himself say 'fuck me honey", then "suck my cock, slut", and realised all was lost.

Kim looked up, his cock jamming her mouth, smiled round it, and leaned down again, intent on making sure the young Filipino remembered today even if she was a bit hazy about the whole thing.

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In the back of Kims mind she is screaming at her self. What are you doing kim? Her inner self is actually sobbing in shame and guilt. Why why why?!!! Kim however sucks furiously on the strange Filipino priests Cock. As if it shame herself, to taunt herself. Kims guilt ridden, samed innermost self forces tears to her eyes. Tears of shame roll down her once innocent face as she gag sucks the huge cock.

Romero sees the tears roll down Kims face. He tries stop himself, but the devil has taken control. Romero looks at his own hands as he grabs the married womenís face violently and presses his cock deeep down her throat with no let up. Kims mouth is stretched to its limits so much so her jaws lock open. Kims nose is pressed tightly into the hard six pack of the priest. All oxygen is cut off as Kims eyes bulge out of their sockets and become red blood shot. Her Nostrils flared trying in vein to suck it n oxygen but are pressed onto Romeroís brown skin to much.

The young father brutally face Fucks kim whilst she flaps around in total panic as darkness ensues. Dark waves of blackness descends on kim. The last memory is of a torrent of cum exploding in her mouth. The priests iron grip twists her hair so violently she canít move. Kim snorts and convulses as cum spews out her nostrils. Her bulging blood shot eyes go blank as she passes out.

Father!!! Omg! What have you done! Father Ramero whirls around. RThe priest is red eyed with evilness darting from his eyes. His huge coke bottle thick 10Ē Cock spewing cum as Kim drops to the floor with a thud. Father!!!!!!! The voice screams again, but louder. Romero breaths deep and his eyes focus on the voice.

He sees Sister Maria. Fuck! The new nun who transferred to the parish from Brazil last month. Father Romero what have you done the young nun cries out. Father Romero still in the grips of evil sexual desire advances on Sister Maria.
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"Father, what have you done?"

Maria stood transfixed by the scene of horror confronting her in the hallway of the priests' house. Mrs Samms, naked and still, lay on the rug, her face covered in goo. And Father Romero, also naked, was coming at her like a madman, his cock still hard and swinging before him.

She may have been thinking about becoming a nun. But Maria had grown up in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. There wasn't much she hadn't had to deal with in her 19 years. As the muscled Filipino ran at her she took aim and kicked him as hard as she could in the groin. Father Romero stopped as if he'd run into a wall, looked down, grabbed his injured cock, and crumpled to the floor.

Maria stepped over him to examine Mrs Samms. What on earth had possessed the woman to come to the church dressed like that? Not that Kim had much clothing left. Maria saw that she was breathing, then checked quickly outside to see if anyone else was about. She saw the remains of Kim's cocktail dress in the hedge.

Turning back and closing the door, she saw Kim was stirring. Maria bent down close.

"Can you stand, Mrs Samms? Let me help you to a bed."

She used all her strength to help Kim up onto her feet and the two women stumbled into the nearest room. Maria helped Kim to a bed where she lay down and shut her eyes. Outside she could hear Father Romero stirring as well.

"Father," she said stepping into the hall. "What have you done?"

The Filipino struggled into a sitting position and just stared down at his now limp cock.

"Maria," he said. "I can never be a priest now."

Maria murmured agreement and went to fetch a cloth to wipe Mrs Samm's face.When she returned Father Romero had gone and Kim was asleep.

Maria sat on the end of the bed and thought about what had happened. Her mission from the Bishop was more complicated than she thought. It wasn't just Father Phelan that she would have to watch and report on. Father Romero was also a sex fiend. And Mrs Samms. How many of the Centerville congregation were involved in the devil's work?

Maria was gently wiping Kim's face when there was a knock at the door. She opened it to a young couple whom she noticed were looking with interest at the remains of the cocktail dress in the hedge. And they looked a bit strange, sort of dopey, Maria thought, with wide eyes and messy hair and clothing.

"Hi, I'm Janey," said the pretty young girl, "and this is my boyfriend Chad. Is my Aunt Kim here? Mrs Samms? That's her dress."

Janey pointed at the hedge.

"Is she here? She's not very well and we need to give her some medicine."

And before Maria could reply, Janey and Chad pushed their way inside.
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