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Big fan of bidets (for hygiene). Much better than plain old TP. You can buy attachable bidet hoses at Bed Bath & Beyond. Never understood why they aren't more popular in the USA.
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After we purchased a house with one, I'll never have another without. Just so much more hygienic and in fact when we rent apartments on vacation in Europe we'll pick places that have them. I think the wife prefers them for after sex as well.
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Toilet Bidet -

You may want to try one of these -
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Originally Posted by badrad View Post
That looks way too complicated
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Interested in mature women and or couples in the Bradenton/Sarasota FL area. PM me or Kik me at stevem3030.

Would love to be her naughty boy

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Mustang ranch has one in every room for the ladies to use.
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So girls bitch like crazy if a man leaves the toilet seat up, but they're just fine hopping on to a bidet. Another one of life's great mysteries
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