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Originally Posted by Hypoxia View Post
That was a couple of months ago. How is it going? I cook them slowly too. Hopefully I'll squeeze more out before year's end.
To answer your question. I've actually written several. "Mom's Sweaty Ride" series. "Incestuous Film" series, and my latest series "Cross Country Taboo." I'm currently working on part two of the later. All of these are with the "Mom and son" theme. Check em out if you like let me know what you think. They are pretty popular.
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Blaster666 is a fast rising Oedipal fiction Grandmaster!

I have recently started to pay attention to Blaster666 who has established himself in recent years as a quality author of mother/son sex stories. His use of grandmothers and sisters in the incestuous mix is appealing. I usually do not care for grandmas, but he does well with them. He is still writing, while so many other grandmasters of this topic have retired from writing, died or just disappeared without explanation. So one can look forward to a new Blaster666 tale of Oedipal lust! There are few greater pleasures than finding a new story from a favorite author. When that happens, just cancel my appointments, let me put together my gallery of Jocastas du jour, for I will be whacking off for a while!

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Following have some interesting way of storytelling...

World's Greatest Mom by epiphany65
Mom's 5th Wheel Lovin by klrxo
"Ohhh...Mommy," I Groaned by scouries
Amanda series by SSW_1050 (now re-released as Mandy and me)
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There was one I read...it was about a mom who was with her husband and fantasized about hers and His friends...and the next day he and his friends are at the house and wife "accidentally" texts son a pic of her in a bikini and then sexts him some too at husbands request....I cannot remember the name of it...but sons name was Kyle.... I wish I could remember the name of the story...love to read it again
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[Story] Sexy Mother and Her Horny Son Share Motel Room and Bed

Prelude: Mature mother and her son Michael (age 18) are on a two day road trip to visit the grandparents.
At the end of the first day, they stop at a motel for the evening and discover only one room is available.
This is a short story of what happened that night.

Mother says to son, "Michael, the motel only had one room available and it's a single, so we have to
share the bed."

Son replies, "Great. I've been wanting to sleep with you for a long time."

Mother says, "What do you mean by that remark?"

Son replies, "Oh, nothing."

Mother says, "It better be nothing. Now, I'm going to take a shower then you can take one when I'm

Son replies, "Why don't we take a shower together?"

Mother says, "Because I'm your mother, that's why. Michael, are you thinking that you might get lucky
tonight and I will let you fuck me?"

Son replies, "Possibly."

Mother says, "Well, get those thoughts out of your mind because it's not going to happen. I'm your
mother and not some cheap whore, although I do really enjoy sex. Especially rough sex. I like when a
guy wants to fuck me, but I pretend not to be interested. After wrestling with him for a while, I'm pinned
down on my back and continue to struggle as he begins fucking me. After several minutes of rough sex
in various positions, the guy suddenly stops and ejaculates. Feeling his warm sperm pumping inside
me triggers an intense orgasm that makes my body shudder. The next morning we do it all over again."

[Michael unzips his shorts and his hard cock springs out]

Mother says, "Oh my God, you have an erection. Well, go ahead and masturbate because I don't want
you pushing it against my naked backside when we are in bed."

Son replies, "Naked backside?"

Mother says, "Yes, I sleep in the nude."

Son replies, "Awesome. I do too."

Mother says, "Why aren't you masturbating?"

Son replies, "I'm going to wait until later."

[Thirty minutes later]

Mother angrily says, "Michael, let go of my wrists and get off me! Stop pushing your hard cock against
my pussy! Oh my God, I just felt it slide inside me! Pull out right now! I'm your mother and not some
cheap whore! Stop fucking me! Stop fucking me right now!"

[The next morning]

Mother says, "Michael, what are you doing? Let go of my arms. Oh my God, you have another erection!
No, you are not going to fuck me again! What we did last night was wrong and is never going to happen
again! Let go of my wrists and get off me!"

To be continued...
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Sam Jason
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Good Feedback--My Mom/Son Stories

I've been very fortunate to receive a lot of private comments from readers who have enjoyed my mom/son themed stories.

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best mother/son

Best one recently is "Eternally Bound." I like how there were some obstacles and doubt to overcome from the mother's side and the new kind of premise that a person promoting that kind of union was a college professor conceived from incest.
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For me personally if the story is written by a man, which it seems the majority of stories are, I always go to the comments section to see if there are positive comments from any women about the story. I prefer it when the story itself is written by a woman, & a woman old enough to actually have an adult aged son is even better, but at the least I gotta see at least a positive comment from one. Meaning that at least one woman read the story and found it hot.
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I get a lot of private comments that are very helpful, getting things from the viewpoint of the woman or daughter is not easy, l wish more would get in touch as it would help to make the stories more rounded.
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I just like to know that I'm masturbating to something that a female brain approved of and got off to. Instead of something that just came from a guy.
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Great stories will enjoy reading them all thanks everyone.
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