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If still on--and can share-lol

Originally Posted by CurvyBlonde777 View Post
Hi there... my god.. those are hot..

care to chat tonight for a while? I am on all night.

can we share-lol?
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Loves Spam
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Fantasy Revisited

You and I have chatted before a couple of times (lol). Write me at gavican2003@att.net... Gav
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Hi Curvy - sorry I missed your event. I am a former teacher and occasional writer who got teased by a few of my former students. One was so obvious with her flirting that she got me started on erotic writing - me trying to imagine bumping into her shortly after graduation and getting relief from all the times she bent over my desk braless. I never thought of the teaching of a couple, though - that might lead to a new, future story.
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Originally Posted by CurvyBlonde777 View Post
Good Morning Literotica Friends!

How is everyone doing? Any Older men up for a really slow and sensual role play cyber about an older man slowly seducing me when I was 18 or 19? I love the idea of a coach or teacher taking interest in my relationship with my boyfriend Jon, and how he teaches us the proper ways to give hand jobs, oral sex, and passionate love making.

I love anything gritty, seedy and just plain wrong. Ha..... I love the idea of him having a seedy background, yet no one knows about it. The idea of his house being a total wreck and how he invites us there to teach us. In other words... I LOVE contrasty ideas.

I will be on today from 11AM all the way until 5PM.

Here is a little background about me. I did actually start dating Jon in high school. We were 18 when we started dating. We did get married and have been together ever since. We have never been involved with others - so I love to cyber about it. In real life, we do have a very special relationship and we deeply love each other.

This is perhaps why I love the idea of an older man seducing us when we were only 18 or so. So innocent, naive, vulnerable.. trusting to EVERYONE... and just not knowing that there are "bad" people out there. Ha....

Ever since we have been dating, Jon has always enjoyed photography and taking pictures of me. During the cyber, I will have 100s of pictures to share.

Again, I will be on by 11AM so if you are interested, let me know. Give me some details on how you think the "older" man should be?

For now, here are a few pictures of me. Also, if you look at some of my other threads I have posted more ideas and more pictures.

Live the photos, especially the last one!!
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Originally Posted by iamtheway View Post
You look amazing
So sexy
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Hello curvy
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damn woman you are smokin ass hot. no wonder your husband has stuck around
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