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She looked to the piano and nodded.

Yeah I just want to quit thinking about this. I am clearly now whatever that woman is so that's all that matters right?

She curled against him and looked to Audra.

Thank you for all you have told us. I am sure as with everyone you are withholding things but for now it doesn't matter. You have told us plenty for now. Thank you and IF I ever decide to let you all do the bloodwork I will let you know.

Audra nodded and smiled to them.

Go on you two. Drinks on the house after all that revelation.

She smiled almost motherly to them as they all stood up and she led them from the alcove. Looking to her bouncer.

They have drinks on the house tonight. See to that I am going to go do a little reading.

Truth be known she was going to retire to her inner sanctumnto the hot springs bath to relax and meditate or consult if he was willing or able to talk.
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