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Getting Started: Rules and Guide lines UPDATED 01/01/2016

Forum Guidelines

Updates in RED BOLD

1. You must be 18 years or older to read or participate at Literotica.

2. You may not post sexually explicit pictures or stories featuring anyone under 18 years old. Literotica does not allow the posting of underage or animal sex pictures - or links to such - on the forum.

"Because there is no difference between reading about fictional underage sex and reading about fictional people pretending to be underage, we do not allow underage sexual role-play stories just as we don't allow underage sexual fiction. In other words, we do not post stories in which a character speaks and acts under the age of 18 - even with a "All characters are over 18" disclaimer."

We don't allow

2a) underage characters from RL or published fiction and/or artificially aged characters (taking characters that are underage in the source material and calling them 18 or over);

2b) Any J.K. Rowling adult fanfiction, as she's publicly that she is against it. Beyond any legal issues, we have no wish to be disrespectful, especially since the source material is aimed mostly at non-adults.

3. Do not post /hotlink copyrighted images or articles in their entirety. Fair use laws allow some posting of copyrighted material, such as excerpts from articles and screen captures from movies, under certain circumstances. Please do a Google search under "Fair Use" if you want to understand this issue better.

4. You may not post personal information of other members or, for that matter, anyone else. We do not allow phone numbers, email addresses, private messages or quotes from private emails to be posted on the forum. This rule also covers real names, employment info, and any other personal information that we deem inappropriate. (this includes your own information. You have a private message feature for things like this.)

5. Do not threaten other users.

6. Any post or PM made with the intent of promoting another site or a product will be removed. Spam is strictly forbidden. You may not send unsolicited PM's or emails to other users trying to promote other websites or products. Literotica is not a place to promote other websites, and we are very strict on this issue. If you abuse this policy, you will be banned. If you persist, your ISP will be contacted. (this includes signature areas of your profile, do not post promotions to other sites there)

7. Please do not blatantly "advertise" for other websites in your signature. We allow non-commercial links to other people's personal websites in sigs, but please do not beg people to click on your link, make it huge and/or flashing, or otherwise be obnoxious. Personal = myspace or facebook as examples.

We do not allow links to any adult pay sites. We also reserve the right to remove signatures which link to sites with numerous annoying pop-ups, viruses, or anything else potentially harmful to people's computers. If you turn your signature into an advertisement, we will ask you to change it. Do not start threads with the URL in the header.

8. You cannot use a URL/site address as your member name. If you do so, we will ask you to change your name.

9. Flooding the forum with posts, screen-breaking text, or images - or bumping old threads - and/or any non-substantive activity with the intent of disrupting the forum is prohibited. Is also considered Spamming. This also includes signatures that screen -break.

10. Please do not post audio that automatically plays itself on the forum. There are people who access Lit from various locations, and in some locations they prefer to be discreet. We reserve the right to edit or remove any post or signature which automatically plays audio.

11. Please post content in the appropriate forum. We do not believe in censorship, but your posts will be moved or removed if you do not read the forum title before hitting "SUBMIT". Personal ads should be posted in the "Personals" forum, story ideas in the "Story Ideas" forum, BDSM issues in the BDSM forum, random nonsense on the General Board, and so on.

12. We will not remove your *posts or your account. You have the ability to edit out any text and remove any attachments on your own. The administrators will not delete your posts just because you changed your mind about what you said. You can edit your own posts as you see fit. Please do not contact us about removing your posts.

* Any posts breaking the rules WILL be removed.

13. No sexual activity involving bestiality (you can write stories about supernatural beasts like ghosts, unicorns, werewolves, etc.).

14. No Snuff

* * *

If you believe that someone is violating these rules in a specific post, please click on the "REPORT THIS POST" link in that post and submit a report to the Moderators.

Anything else goes. You may post whatever you like. Consequently, so can everyone else. The administrators here don't believe they are anyone's parents nor are they anyone's Jiminy Cricket. It's not their responsibility to make sure that everyone on the site uses free speech responsibly. It's up to individual users to be responsible for themselves. For those who are not, the programmers at Jelsoft have added an ignore function for your convenience. Just go here and add the user you don't want to deal with anymore.

In short, we believe in the First Amendment, and offensive content will not be removed unless it breaks one of the rules.

How to choose the right Role Play Forum:

What are the SRP and ORP forums for?

The Sexual Role Playing and Online Role Playing forums are places where users can collectively create stories. One user will start a story thread, and others can join in, inventing characters and situations as they go along.

The Online Role Playing area is for a more traditional RPG, only with an erotic theme. These stories generally involve adventures and quests, involving mystical or futuristic beings with magic powers. These are stories with the occasional sex scene in there, but mostly plot twists and fight scenes (if applicable)

Borrowing from Ravenloft’s ORP decision making balance between ORP and SRP, it’s 60/40. If it is 60% sex, it belongs in SPR. If it is 60% story, it belongs in ORP.

Examples of ORP: Batman - Return of the Jedi - Die Hard - Lord of The Rings

The Sexual Role Playing area is more free-form. Topics of stories can range from high school reunions to hospital scenarios to wedding encounters. But one thing in common, it's 60% sexual encounters with bits of plot in between.

Examples of SRP: Busty Cops - Doing the Mailman - School girl needs a spanking - Tie Me Tightly, Sir

Before jumping into either forum, we recommend you read the excellent Hecate's ' Roleplay Online' Guide, which discusses everything from character creation to role play etiquette.

Also another helpful guide provided for by Ravenloft and Crycede in ORP’s forum, Guide To The Online Role Playing Forum. This also has definitions of RP terms, like OOC and IC.

Some things to be aware of:

1. If a thread/story is “locked” or “Closed to (name)” The creators and writers won’t look kindly on someone jumping in uninvited. Please read the first post of every thread to see what the creator would like or wouldn’t like. Closed means just that, unless listed do not post. There are ways to inquire about joining in, PM the creator of the story, or look for a link to an OOC thread.

2. Threads looking for Players is a resource in which writers and new comers who wish to write can find a thread in need of a role player to either take over a role abandoned or to fill a character role open.

3. Seeking Role Players and Inspiration is a resource where one can introduce themselves (not too personally as per the rules) about what they would like to write, what they won’t write or share their story ideas that others might write for them to follow along and enjoy.

Short Cuts:

Form Tools Menu: This drop down menu will allow you to subscribe to the current forum you’re looking at. It will then be added to your Usercp for easier access.

Thread Tools Menu: this works the same as the forum tools menu. By visiting a thread, and one you’re not currently posting in, you can hit the subscribe to this thread option and get email notices whenever a new post is posted. It too will show up in your usercp. Stories you're posting in will automatically be added to your subscription list found on your Usercp.

Quick Links Menu/ Buddy List: This option opens up a smaller pop up box (so have pop ups allowed on lit) in a separate window and allow you to see which of your friends /co writers are currently online.

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