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At the Coffee Shop

I would like to do a quick RP between a customer (older, sex starved woman), and a young attractive barista.

The story should start as the customer comes to the coffee shop regularly, but does not pick up on the admiring glances of the barista, until one day when the barista manages to strike up conversation...

I would like it to be fairly short posts (3-5 paragraphs), with a little backstory to establish setting, and then move to the sexy stuff quickly.

PM me if you are interested, and we can work out the details.

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I don't chat. I only role play.

I don't have the time for it. I don't want to see your dick pics.

I'm not interested in hearing your "real life" sex stories,
nor do I have an interest in sharing mine.


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Originally Posted by NX44fun View Post
I would like to do a quick RP between a customer (older, sex starved woman), and a young attractive barista.

The story should start as the customer comes to the coffee shop regularly, but does not pick up on the admiring glances of the barista, until one day when the barista manages to strike up conversation...

I would like it to be fairly short posts (3-5 paragraphs), with a little backstory to establish setting, and then move to the sexy stuff quickly.

PM me if you are interested, and we can work out the details.

You have your Private Messaging set such that you can't receive PMs from the population at large. Go to Quick Links, then Options, then ensure that your PMs are set to receive PMs from anyone, not just Buddies. Otherwise, no one can talk to or role play with you.
I don't chat. I only role play.

I don't have the time for it. I don't want to see your dick pics.

I'm not interested in hearing your "real life" sex stories,
nor do I have an interest in sharing mine.

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I blew a monkey once.
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So i saw Alitta Battle Angel and i really wanna do an rp in that world. So...if you are interested, or are a fan then hit me up plz.
Insert something witty here.
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Looking for a fun woman to rp with :)

hi everybody!

First and foremost, i'm looking for female roleplayers only.

Before I get started, it's worth noting that I have a veriety of kinky tastes, and even though i'll be listing role/scenes, I am very much open to other suggestions or tweaks.
Secondly, i love all kinds of women. Skinny, large, curvy. Blonde, brunnette , redhead, bald. Caucasian, latina, black, asian, east Indian. All welcome and frankly, appreciated

Let's get started!

Bro Sis
Themes: Rough, blackmail, and impreg risk.
I wanted a brother blackmails his bitchy, uptight sister into some rough fun, owning her and making her life a hell. This can be explored and expanded uponm but I also would like a fear of pregnancy thing in there to spice it up

Pornstar and Business woman
This scene would be of a male pornstar pursuing a businesswoman that he sees on a daily basis. She is very hot (or has a particular asset he craves, like a huge ass or an amazing rack) and he tries very very hard to pursuade this conservative woman to make a scene with him. This could also be a bangbus type of scene. This scene could also take on any characters, such as an older pornstar and an 18 year old hottie, or a 18 year old male "up and coming" pornstar and an older cougar he has his eyes on

the Urge
This is a more futuristic rp, not really sci-fi but more of a dystopian feature ala The Purge. The States is in economic turmoil and many states have ceded. A utopia has risen in the turmoil, a walled city called Moutainville. Men pax higher taxes, and beautiful women get various government subsidies and jobs just for being beautiful. THE CATCH. Once a month, at random, commences The Urge, where for 24 hours, any man can take any woman for pleasure. This is very much a non-con or reluctance type of scene (with more of a focus on reluctance) and this is more of a setting. I do have a WEALTH of ideas and creative scnes for this world, so if this is the one you're interested in, we're gonna have lots of planning

Pm me if you're interested or have ideas of your own you want to throw by me.

i'm pretty chill, and i'm not expecting a lot out of my partners. I'm here to HAVE FUN. i don't expect crazy fast responses or a novel every time. I will tell you that I am fairly detailed but i also understand pacing and moving the story forward. I'm also very accomodating to any kinks you may have.

I just want an rp buddy preferably a long term casual rp thing.
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I'm opening this prompt up once again! PM me with your interest!

Love Potion No. 9

I stepped into Tommy's Pub that night with a smile. After busting my ass through the first half of summer semester, I was looking forward to grabbing a couple of drinks on my last night on campus. With a week off before the beginning of the second half, I was going to head home the next day to get my mind off of class and just unwind.

I hated to be *that guy*, but yes, I was at a bar by myself. My friends either went home for the summer or off to internships while I stayed on campus to knock out a few courses so I could graduate a semester early.

So with the bar unusually quiet (this place turns into a ghost town in the summer), I saddled up at the bar next to a couple of townies and waved to the bartender. She was a good-looking girl, but I had never seen her before.

"Hi there," she greeted me with a wide smile. "What can I get you?"

Usually, I'd just order a bottle of beer, but I was feeling pretty happy, so I thought I'd do something different. Little did I know that I'd utter five words that would change my life forever.

"Surprise me with something good."

With a smirk, she nodded. "Oh, I got something I think you'll like."

She went to work making a drink, and seconds later, a rather fruity-looking drink was sitting on the bar across from me. The townies glanced over toward me and chuckled.

"What is it?" I asked.

"It's called Love Potion No. 9. Vodka, peach schnapps and ruby red grapefruit."

I glared at her from my seat.

"What made you think I'd drink this?"

"Hun, you're at a bar by yourself on a Friday night. You could use a little love right now," she chuckled.

As much as I didn't want to admit it, she had a point. I had been spending so many hours studying and doing work that I made no time for a social (or love) life. My girlfriend and I broke up after she decided that I wasn't spending enough time with her, but my grades were slipping with each weekend trip here and date night there. It was a break that we both desperately needed.

My green eyes looked at the bartender, then down to her concoction, then back up to her. I shrugged and drank it as she tended to the townies. It wasn't bad at all. But as I drank more, I noticed something printed on the bottom of the glass.

You're not in the dumps as much as you think,

But do yourself a favor and finish this drink!


I did what the glass told me to do, and on cue, the girl came back around. "Looks like I read your mind just right. Another?"

"Yeah, it wasn't bad. Why not?"

She nodded and went to work on my second 'dose' of Love Potion No. 9. After she handed it to me, I sipped on it while watching a baseball game on TV. As I reached the bottom, there was another note.

You have a short time to witness this mystique,

It does not last forever; just for a week.

Huh? A week?

"Excuse me," I said, getting the girl's attention. "What is this? There was one in my first glass too."

I tilted the glass to show her the message at the bottom. She laughed.

"Oh, they're just little silly sayings we put there for anyone getting that drink. No big deal. Another?"

By now, my low tolerance for alcohol was coming into play. Luckily, I only had to walk back to my apartment.

"Yeah, sure," I replied, a little slur in my speech.

She came back with a third, which I drank a little more quickly than the first two. As I expected, a third message was waiting for me.

Want to see what makes this drink really unique?

All you need to do is get a kiss on the cheek.

"So what happens if I get a kiss on the cheek?" I asked the girl with a sly grin of my own.

"I'd show you if I wasn't working," she replied. "But unfortunately, I can't be kissing customers. One more?"

I waved my hand dismissively. "No, I think I'm good for the night. What do I owe you?"

"Consider these on the house."

My face lit up. "Really? Well, thank you. I'm Josh, by the way. What's your name?"

She smiled. "Well, I go by my middle name of Anastasia, but my real first name is Ruth."

"It was nice to meet you. See you soon?"

"I'm sure you will!"

With that, I headed out of Tommy's and walked back to my apartment. It wasn't until I got halfway down the street that I started to think about the messages. What happens when I get a kiss on the cheek?


I woke up the next morning feeling horrific. I had no recollection of what I did the night before, and my head was throbbing. I hadn't blacked out like this since the night of my 21st birthday. With a shower and some aspirin helping me to feel a bit better, I managed to pack my things and get on the road toward home.

While I drove along the lonely highway, I still failed to piece together my evening. That meant that I didn't remember Anastasia and her drinks. It meant that I didn't remember the messages at the bottoms of the glasses.

It meant that I had no idea what was going to happen upon returning home.


This is an incest plot based on a senior in college who unknowingly consumes a love potion while on a night out. Any woman who kisses him on the cheek for the next week will be driven mad with lust for him. Since he's heading home to see his family...well, you can see where this is going.

So who falls victim to Love Potion No. 9? Is it his younger sister? How about his mom? An aunt or cousin? Hell, his grandmother probably remembers the song best of all of them!

While I would love and prefer for there to be more than one woman involved, I'm open to playing opposite just one character.
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New to Literotica

I think I've found my partners for now... thanks everyone!

Hi, all! My name is Erin and I'm new to this site, but not to sexual roleplaying in general! I used to be quite active on a different site, but life kind of got in the way, so now I'm looking to get back into it, and thought I'd try here on Literotica.

I consider myself a pretty intelligent, down-to-earth person, and I love to write with a partner. I love all of the sexy stuff, but one of my main requirements when writing is finding a partner that I can really create a STORY with... I like to develop the characters, really give them personalities, and have lots of fun with the plots of the story... not just jump RIGHT into the sex.

I am a female and really only play female characters, although I could play a male secondary if the story requires it. I tend to like more "realistic" roles... I don't have many hard limits, although I will admit, incest is not one of my favorites. It just doesn't do it for me!

I am completely open to any ideas, and would love to hear from some gentlemen on this site. Maybe we can find a mutual interest, and go from there?

Thanks in advance, guys!

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Looking for male writers

Hey guys,

I'm a girl from Germany and I love to read and write erotic stories here on lit. Although I'm relatively new here.

I normally play natural submissive woman, since it matches my personality. If they know it depends on the story. I like bdsm, age gap, master/ slave, to be humiliated is a huge turn on for me.
I like a long build up to the sex and lots of story in between the sex. I'm not a big fan of rape and forcing my character, because it takes away the tension. Allthough sometimes a little rape scene with not your main character can be really hot.
I most like it when he slowly seduced her. Maybe in the beginning with a little blackmail or she might be dependent on him. But sooner or later she realises that she is enjoying it.

I enjoy every setting from history and fantasy to modern and the future. I really don't like incest and I'm not a fan of scat and piss. Apart from that I'm pretty open.

One idea I would like to try out is that I play a young upstart at a big company and he is the CEO.
But I'm very much open to ideas or suggestions.

Pm me if you are interested in writing with me.
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Dumped on Valentine's day.
Valentine's day 2019

Wayne Wilcox

A 33 year old man who lives with his stepmom on a large piece of land. Arrives home from a date with his now ex-girlfriend. " Mom I'm home and this was the worst date of my life. If you need me I will be in my room."

He goes into his room Once he is in his room he slams the door behind him slam!!! Then he strips down to his boxers lays down on his bed and cries tears of anger and frustration.
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Alice was wearing a dog collar, handcuffs, and nothing else. A thick leather leash was clipped to the O-ring on the collar, leading to the leg of the heavy kitchen table it had been looped around earlier. She squirmed, she'd been here for a while. He'd promised that he would be back soon, but every second that passed felt like a minute, and every minute felt like an hour. Just about anyone could walk into the kitchen and see her naked and trussed up like a thanksgiving turkey.

Perhaps we should start at the beginning.

Alice had been dating Connor for less than six weeks, and she was growing bored. She usually did. He was eighteen, she was eighteen. There were certain things that eighteen year old high school kids got up to. Unfortunately, those same eighteen year old high school kids tended not to be very good at those certain things. Sure Connor was hot, he was tall, dark, and handsome, with exactly the kind of body movie footballers had. Unfortunately there were rather less brains in his head than you'd have thought considering his position as the team captain. She was just about sick of his pawing over her body, and ready to have a full time make up session with her purple rabbit at home.

Then he'd walked into the kitchen. She'd never been into older guys, but calling Connor's dad an older guy seemed insulting. He was probably early-forties, trim, with just enough grey to his hair to be distinguished. Even in his suit it was clear that he had a past in sport as well.

That had piqued her interest, but it shouldn't have gone any further than that, yet somehow she had ended up naked and leashed to her ex-boyfriends father's kitchen table. She squirmed once more as she heard a key in the front door, hoping against hope it was Him.

As to how she ended up there. Well… you'll just have to find out…

Hey guys!

I've RP'd a lot before, but never here. This is a fantasy I've had for a while and I'd love to play it out with someone, being turned into a willing sex slave by an older, more experienced dom/domme.

I'm looking for an experienced, literate roleplayer who is willing to roleplay the whole process. Not just the sex, but the seduction as well. I'm very kinky, and especially interested in the idea of objectification and slavery. I love the idea of being a desperate, willing little sex toy for an older man or woman. I know my prompt suggests a man, but I'm bi, and happy, even eager to explore it with either sex.

PM me if you're interested and we can talk out the kind of things we want to explore!

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Hi guys! I'm look for some RPs here, so PM if interested!

I typically like to include bondage elements in the RP, whether non-con or not. I also like to switch, so I don't mind either dom or sub, preferably both! I quite enjoy playing canon characters in fandoms like Naruto, Overwatch, Incredibles etc. but I don't mind coming up with our own characters too.

I also have a small idea for mixing between fandom and modern setting:

It involves a couple in their mid twenties who attend a convention together. Their sex life had gone rather stale, and the boyfriend is mostly interested in video games. He finds himself roped into a local gaming tournament, completely ignoring his girlfriend. Upset that he'd rather spend time gaming at the event, she decides to go off and experience the convention on her own and along the way, meets up with some thirsty individuals who invite her back to their hotel room.
SRP Profile
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I am looking for a female co-writer that enjoys detailed post and stories that have a plot. I rather enjoy non-consent and stories with elements of BDSM.

I have in mind a young teacher and her first teaching assignment in a back woods setting, a one room schoolhouse and a school superintendent that has desires to make her his sexual concubine. If interested PM, me or if you have an idea for a non-consent BDSM story I would like to hear it.

“Life is an adventure to be lived ……not a problem to be solved.”

"I am a story teller. A shadow that dances and spins words for the amusement of those that care to listen."
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Filled, thanks.
I don't chat. I only role play.

I don't have the time for it. I don't want to see your dick pics.

I'm not interested in hearing your "real life" sex stories,
nor do I have an interest in sharing mine.


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Thank you

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Hi guys,
looking for a new male RP partner. Have unfortunately lost a few recently...

So please feel free to look into my previous RP’s and my profile and get in touch if you would be interested in doing something!
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Hey, looking for another srp to join. Let me know... I'll try not to disappoint
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I am looking for a female co-writer that enjoys detailed post and stories that have a plot. I rather enjoy non-consent and stories with elements of BDSM.

I have in mind a young teacher and her first teaching assignment in a back woods setting, a one room schoolhouse and a school superintendent that has desires to make her his sexual concubine. If interested PM, me or if you have an idea for a non-consent BDSM story I would like to hear it.

“Life is an adventure to be lived ……not a problem to be solved.”

"I am a story teller. A shadow that dances and spins words for the amusement of those that care to listen."
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few rp idea.... am open to yours... female roles needed

NEW Little Town Siblings Plans End Up Twisting In Big City

We are brother/sister or step siblings. Both 18-19 years old. We plan to get 2 motel rooms then 2 apartments, but when we get to the big city we find the cost of living is much higher. This puts us sharing a motel room while we look for a cheep apartment and jobs.

Am looking foreword to some fun twists like how they react to the motel clerk may give them the honeymoon sweet. Or a normal room with 1 bed in it rather then 2.. And events like that. How do they handle there sex drives...

NEW The Invisible Man

We work for a government lab. The company has a rule about not talking about work outside the area be it lab or office. The company has mostly public programs but a few black ones (secret government work)

My job is a low ranked lab worker who gets tasked with the long projects. Its not out of the norm for me to go in with first shift at 7am and come out 8pm second shift or into the third shift even. In the lab I am working in the black area. Working on a chemical to make stealth better. Like total light absorption chemical that would mask the physical body of a jet. I am doing experiments on it as we got it to absorb the light but is to easy to wash off or to short term life to turn over to the government.

The female role works for the company. In a different part of the building (out side my lab area so i don't know co-writer can make it up to fit them selfs)

We would live on a government base basically. In a otherwise normal town. (thinking like area 51 outside Vagus.) We happen to live next door to each other.

Looking for a long SRP with lots of self denial... Like we both like each other and are very good friend, but dont want to risk telling the other how they feel. We just hide the feelings not knowing the other is doing the same... Will have some Voyeurism, soft rape/gentle non con. (can see being invisible fallowing her into the bedroom. As she sleeps I talk to her and get her having sexual thoughts leading to hand job and or blowjob.. maybe more)

Am willing to work in my co-writers kinks too

My daughters best friend

You would be playing my daughters best friend who moves in with me. I hope its a slow building srp. The characters would be just you and me.

Basic idea would be your 18 years old. A year behind my daughter and shes away for college. (shes out of the rp). Your folks die and I offer you to stay with me so I would be your guardian and you wouldn't need to change high schools in your senior year. I would be there to help you threw the hard times and we find other things get hard too with are new closeness. .. Some ideas would be at night you have nightmares and come to bed with me to help you sleep, and more often the happen more comfortable coming to bed with me you would be. Things like that starting out innocently at first.

The new land owner with unknown mountain man.

A lady buys a remote cabin in the mountain range of Alaska. Off a small lake at the foot of a mountain range. She buys the cabin from the family of the old man that stayed at the cabin. The family didn't know there was a mountain man that looked after the cabin when the old man wasn't there.

My co-writer can make the female to fit there personality.

surrogate gets more then she expected.

Close woman odds are incest story. (female part co-writer needed)

The basic idea is a woman carry a baby for one of her friends who couldn't have one. I live with her and help her with cravings while shes pregnant and do all the classes with her.. (normal pre-birth stuff) After the birth when she is let out of the hospital. I over hear her talking or she tells me how her breast hurt being full of milk. I want to help her with that. May have to start out as she sleeps...Or can do it while shes awake.. I will need to work that out with my co-writer. I see it starting out innocently at first then going sexual.

That is the basic idea. I am open to ideas of my co-writer to help focus it to make it enjoyable for both of us to write. I see it as mom/son or siblings kind of story, but am open to a close family friend that I would be staying with.

College goof up with new roommate

The college goofs up and puts a female an a male in a room together. Its in summer when they find the room is now co-ed (expecting some hesitation and friction as personality's clash at first.) Like she may want to change her shirt and bra. She asks him to leave the room and he says no its my room to... Kinda things.

Both could be freshmen or ones a upper classmen getting a new roommate.

Living with sisters best friend.

We grew up together. You and my sisters where best friends. We want to move out from home/small home town, and cant afford rent on are own. We come up with the idea to live together.

Western early to mid 1800's mountain man

The idea is I am a mountain man out west in the early to late 1800's. There would be Winchester repeating rifles and they would be rare for they would be pricey at the time. The time would be around the American Civil War. to help give you a better idea what kinda setting.

My back story is.. I was raised by a "half bread" (part native and part white) so I know of the native ways, but not welcomed to much by them. I am in my early 30's living not far off a wagon train path, but far enough to keep my home out of site.

(idea options but feel free to use your own)
Your a homesteader at the base of the mountain when you lose your husband. (could be do to sickness or natives)

You could be apart of a wagon train and fell behind where they kept pushing on not wanting to risk the train...

You could be a native woman who see's I am not like normal white men and more like a native and you take a liking to me.

-----(ArticAvenue put out a Oregon Trial roleplay idea.. This is at the end of the trail from his ideahttp://forum.literotica.com/showpost.php?p=90393882&postcount=18 ) I am open to hearing your own ideas for the western days... Could be set in America or Canada western country side.

Lady ship wrecked and the hermit

Setting is in one of the many islands of the Philippine area. Lady an her friends go out for a long trip of sun in the fun. (swimming and stuff like that vacation on the boat). While out on the boat there is a big storm that runs the boat over the reef causing it to slowly sink. She ends up getting separated from her friends (current could have pulled her away from the boat if she got washed over board kinda thinking...) When she comes to she finds her self on a small island.

She is also sharing the island with me. Who picked this island to move to so I can get away from people.

Her body/personality type is up to my co-writer and how she got separated from the boat.

prostitution plot
A idea from Alice's rp with a spin

You are a wannabe escort, (You can pick your age ideal area would bee 18-25ish tho open to older and could be interesting) You don't want to get to deep into it by working for someone maybe just something on the side to make extra cash. You know I am shape and would do most anything for my long time best friend from are school days...You get it in your head to have me be your body guard.... Maybe at first it starts out by you having me stay over when you go on dates/meeting a guy at a bar and me staying on the couch to make sure you come home safe at night, and I end up listing to you have sex... To lead the way to you asking me to keep you safe as a "working woman".... We may have some sex but for the most part I would be hearing you have sex with others and us interacting in the day... When your working as a hooker I may be in the closet watching you with your clients but I would not be active with them while your working...

VIP and the hotel lady

I am 35 year old male who runs a mid to large over seas company. This has been a long trip and has been full of delay after delay. I come into the hotel lobby finally where I meet you working the hotel desk. When I get there I find theirs yet another problem with my room (may be needing maintenance something that wasn't logged into the computer when I booked the room weeks ago) I would have had a high class room as I am a big spender client with the hotel chain so when my company books we get a bit of VIP treatment including a escort if needed.
SRP idea's link for 2019. All my notices go into my e-mail, so I will see a pm or post if I am logged in or not. http://forum.literotica.com/showpost...0&postcount=25

If you want a good feel for how I write in a srp here is a story http://forum.literotica.com/showthread.php?t=1495035

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Hi all. I am looking to write again, as my good partner seems to be gone forever.

Here are some of the themes I enjoy:
Forbidden, either older/younger (18+ plus only) or family play (18+ only)
Cuckold / Femdom - Wife Dommes her hubby
Cheating / swinging - Wife and hubby play with others
Reluctance/regret - could work with any of the above

I prefer to follow the Lit rules as far as limits go,even if we play by email or in pm's.

I prefer longer, slower roll plays / stories that are more or less based in real life settings. Like we are neighbors, coworkers or met out somewhere. My preferred writing style is third person but will work with my partners style.

About me, I am a 53 dwm. Like everyone here, I like porn and, if you are reading this thread, I like to write / role play. i am willing to work with anyone, just let me know what role(s) you need.
"....As you grow up and leave the playground
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Looking for something a little different. Interested in the sex but more interested in building a story and characters. The more the merrier. I'm open to discussing and establishing a base understanding of the story. Hope to chat.

Love taboo storylines. Special kinks are exhibitionism (reluctant yet so eager), power dynamics, cross-dressing, sissification, forced-bi, bi-curious, cuckolding, etc.

Sissy Restaurant:
Kelley and his wife go to a new club that was recommended to him by the Director of his department. Unbeknownst to him she suspects that he is secretly a submissive cross dresser who hasn't yet admitted it to his wife. The evening more or less starts off normal but quickly spins into new realms as his wife discovers the waitresses' secrets. As they go throughout the evening the story evolves and maybe the Director is involved or the husband and wife discover things their own way (I am open to discussion and would love to explore some other ideas/thoughts on the matter).

A Summer Away:
Kelley finds himself abroad for the summer and does not know anyone beyond his host family. The children that are his age do not have the time of day for the foreigner and often are out with their friends while he is left to his studies and helping out his host mom around the house. Her husband is a high profile lawyer who the housing agency placed him with, because of his fields of studies, but is often out on business and when he is home is often curt and uninterested in furthering their professional relationship. The more that he spends with his host mom the more their relationship flourishes and grows.

Growing Pains
Kelley has stayed at University for the summer and his housing options are limited to his Aunt's & Uncle's second home near the woods--about five miles from campus. With little or no options, and his friends gone for the summer, he grudgingly accepts their generous offer. The home is small but neat with lots of light and a shaded, private backyard. Kelley has taken to enjoying the morning writing and drinking coffee in the kitchen while spending his afternoons in the backyard with his shirt off enjoying the shade that the trees provide. Having grown up with their children he has spent time in this home and has settled himself in the guest bedroom--out of habit--when one afternoon looking around the home he discovers his Aunt's drawer full of sexy lingerie and a closet full of shoes and dresses.
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The babysitter - You will play my just turned 18 babysitter. One night you are snooping through my stuff and uncover a deep secret I have. I used to be a pornstar. This turns your attraction towards me into a full blown obsession, you have to have me. You confront me and blackmail me into fucking you and maybe even possibly pulling me out of retirement

Brother’s addiction - My character, your brother, has a huge addiction to porn. You are always catching me jerking off and have never seen me with a woman. You think getting me laid will break my addiction and get me into real sex. You help me overcome my addiction but we both develop new addictions, each other
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Dark or Winter

I'm twenty-seven years old.

A vagina, but I prefer to think with my cock.

Male x Male only based roleplays.

I am willing to mirror posts.

I prefer real pictures, model or other wise to descriptions.

Yes, I am ditch friendly, just tell me.

Dominate/Sadistic Boss Figure, for my Submissive/Masochistic Character Elijah.

BDSM ; Humiliation ; Non-Consent

Send me a PM, if you wish to discuss further.
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Looking for female writers interested in starting these stories:

The babysitter - You’ll play a just turned 18 babysitter who uncovers a deep secret about me, I used to be a porn star. I’ve kept this secret hidden from my family and you use that to blackmail me into having an affair with you.

The side chick - you will play the side chick I used to hook up with in the past. I was your “sugar daddy” and just recently I decided to end things between us because I got married. This time apart made you realize how badly you were obsessed with me. I take my wife on a vacation to a tropical vacation where you just so happen to show up. You become all buddy buddy with my wife to torture me and when we are alone you demand things go back to how they were or my wife finds out about us.
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Through Closed Doors: An Unusual Love Story

I am looking for a thoughtful female writing partner to bring the following story to life. Please PM if interested in discussing further.

This is an unusual love story. Your character is an intelligent, hard-working woman in her 20's who has high aspirations in life. Maybe she wants to go to medical school, or start a non profit or a business - something she feels passionate about. She comes from a difficult background, with her dysfunctional family and finances always being tight, but she has been able to persevere and she has almost reached her goal... when suddenly her younger sister is diagnosed with a rare cancer, for which there exists a very promising - and cripplingly expensive - experimental drug. There is no possible way your character or her family is able to afford it, and with everyone in the family already either working overtime or encumbered by vices, there is no way out. Your little sister is getting sicker, and for everything you have risen above so far in life, this seems like the challenge that you will not be able to overcome.

Then, one day, while you are [at the shop, at work, in the library, etc] a man walks up to you and proposes something that will take care of your problem, and then some. You don't know how he knows about your situation, but he clearly does, and he is willing to cover the cost of your sister's treatment, plus more, if you do just one thing. He passes you a note without saying a word:

I want you to find Dr Grant Harrison and sleep with him. You will play the role of a prostitute who has kept an eye on Dr Harrison and knows that he often lives on his own and must be lonely - and that he must be well-off given his profession. You will collect a sample of his semen in the vial in this envelope, and contact me on my burner phone at 921-396-1095 when the deed is done. I will inform you of the location wherein the vial should be deposited. Thereafter, 100,000 USD will be deposited into your bank account, and you will never see me again. If he learns of our interaction, or that you have been asked to do this, you will not receive the funds. If you accept, pick up the envelope and place it in your pocket. If you do not, I wish your sister the best.

It goes against everything she stands for... but her sister... she is the light of her life... and she deserves a chance.

My character, Grant Harrison, a handsome man in his early forties, leads an unusual life. He is married, and happy. But his wife due to her own work as a lawyer lives in New York City while Dr Harrison works at a hospital in California. He spends a few months living on his own working, in a small apartment, and then a month back in New York with his wife. Sometimes when she's off, she'll come to California. Little does he realize that there is someone who wants to ruin him. And one night, while he sits reading in his little apartment after a hard day's work, he hears a knock on his apartment door. He opens the door and sees a woman - who clearly looks like a prostitute - and without saying anything, slams the door shut and locks it.

"No thank you. Good bye," he says firmly and walks back to his chair.
Words, well used, are wonderful.

My SRP profile.
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New beginning

It's been a long time since I last posted here. Looking for someone who is willing to start a fresh with me.
Here are some ideas and feel free to inbox me if interested.

1. The creepy farther in law.
It is more or less like some Japanese porn where the son and his wife are moving home to live with the old man. Here is a teacher and she is a house wife. The old man make deals with her when his son has gone to work.

2. The Gift (a romantic thread)
Sheeba was trained since the age of six to please men. At twelve, she begin to learn all about sex. She was the chosen one, a fine breed to be offered to the young Prince as a pleasure slave. Her duty is to teach him all about pleasure in the flesh and keep him company. She later befriended his personal bodyguard and had an affair with him. He teaches her about love and , not only serving and giving pleasure to others.

3. The magical Stone. (You need to start the thread)
You will play a woman in your sixties. Describe a little about your lifestyle and how you bought an antique Stone, blood red necklace. That night, you had a dream. I will speak to you in your dream, asking about your love life, sexual desire and regrets, probably things you wish you had done when you are young.
I agreed to give you a second chance of being younger again.

Please send me pm if you wish to comment or join any of these. Thanks
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