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Well after thinking about it I might as well post the WIP story here. Originally didn't want to as to not "ruin" it for people but I'm sure only a few will read it here compared to on the main site (and I'm sure you nice people will rate it anyway once it's submitted).

As most people have probably figured out with my writing a lot of it is based on truth, inspired by truth, actually happened or is just my own sick mind. I don't really like to say how much certains thing are but I will say this... I haven't spoke to my mother for a long time and for future chapters - yes, champagne has been served that way

The first chapter is written by the woman's mother - aka my mother (as am/will be the main character in this story). Although this is planned as the opening chapter future chapters might "jump back" and be set before this one. Like I've said in the past, this is planned as one giant novel.

Anyway, here is the WIP first chapter...

His balls glistened with her wetness as they rested against her dripping vagina, her cheeks spread wide as his wrist thick cock sank deeper into her ass, the soft wet skin of his young full testicles hanging between his legs looking breathtakingly beautiful in the dim orange glow of the table lamp.

I know I shouldn’t watch my daughter – but I couldn’t help it. His endowment was gasp inducing and seeing and hearing the enjoyment it gave her made my heart swell with pride.

My breathing was fast but shallow, holding back my excitement as my eyes fixed on her soft round bottom pointing gloriously into the air, her shoulders and head flat against the mattress allowing him to deeply penetrate her body as he crouched behind her, his knees above her, his strong back damp with sweat as he towered over her. My eyes ate up the view as I watched his firm young backside tighten and relax as he ever so slowly worked his enormous tool in and out of her tightness.

The sound of my daughter’s muffled whimpers and moans of pleasure caused my nipples to ache with hardness, my chest heaved with nervous excitement as my ears strained to catch the sounds of her enjoyment she was trying desperately to keep quiet. She gasped into the mattress as he slowly worked his full length in and out of her grasping asshole, so slow and in control as I watched him withdraw almost his whole length, the deep rich purple of his head slightly visible as he withdraw, before pushing his whole length teasingly slow back into her, listening to her short silenced cries of pleasure as he filled her, watching her body give itself to his size.

Soon her breathing became more noticeable, her gasps impossible for her to hide, her whimpering caused my own clitoris to throb. And then my daughter’s sweet voice sang out in sweet stuttering innocence, “I’m gon, I’m gonna, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum” getting ever so slightly louder, and louder as the moment over took her, his thrusts still maddeningly going at the same constant slow speed as my daughter began to orgasm.

My heart leapt as I heard her muffled screams of pleasure shouted into the mattress, trying her hardest not to cry out. My arousal was immense as I listened to her begin to cum, if my fingers where to even graze between my legs I would explode into climax. And then as I watched I had to quickly stop myself from falling over as I covered my mouth to stop my own gasps of pleasure from giving my presence away as my sweet sweet daughter squirted. Not much, but I saw it, clear liquid burst out from her vagina, splashing against his testicles, trickling down her legs as she desperately grabbed a pillow to smother her shouts of pleasure. His thick cock never changing pace, constant, and deliberate. Silence filled the room, her held back vocals now silent, just the gentle slow slapping of wet skin on wet skin.

His muscular biteable ass continued to work his immense shaft in and out of her anus. I could feel my own warm wetness soak my knickers. How could he keep such a steady pace, resisting the urge to take her for his own pleasure, how could her young tight bottom continue to take such a large object sliding within it for so long? It was almost hypnotising.

Again her body began to twitch, her very being trying it’s hardest to keep her pleasure silent as her moans and gasp escaped her. And then, her voice, trembling, almost sobbing, pleaded to him, “Please, please fuck me, please.” My own asshole began to twitch, longing to experience the sensations my daughter was, to share in her world of ecstasy. Her voice filled my ears like gentle ripples on water, “Please,” she begged “please, oh god please, cum in my ass, please” as if almost crying with frustration.

For the first time his slow rhythmical thrusts stopped. And then he began to fuck her. His thrusts deepened, his body pressing hard against her cheeks as he forced every inch of him inside her. Her breathing became erratic as he sped up, the sound of her growing wetness splashing against his balls as he filled her anus was tipping me over the edge. Soon his body was crashing against her, the soft gentle skin on skin sounds had become loud whacks, he was lost in the moment, his immense tool battering her forbidden hole with complete disregard to the world around him.

Her self-restraint betrayed her and my chest heaved with excitement as the full sounds of my daughter’s beautiful orgasm flowed from her. Her gasps, moans, shouts and screams made my heart race, steadily getting louder, forgetting where she was, and forgetting everything as her body succumbed to him. She began to tremble, her breathing was sharp and fast as she approached climax and once more my ears were blessed with her pleading sweet voice, “Stop,” she stuttered, “My mum, she’ll, she’ll” but it was too late – she had already past the point of whole return.

As my eyes locked on his immense thickness repeatedly disappearing between her cheeks, my ears drowning in the sounds of her non-withheld pleasure she began to squirt again. At first a splash but then she began to bellow, you could almost hear the shame in her orgasmic cries as she knew I would hear, but still she was unable to stop – and then it happened. She gushed, not just a bit of ejaculate but a massive amount leapt from her vagina. Again and again it flowed out of her, splashing against him, soaking the bed, just an uncontrollable torrent of liquid all why she made such sounds of pure bliss and release my eyes watered with joy.

Eventually she collapsed, her body flat against the bed in utter exhaustion. But he had yet to finish and his body language had changed from that of a man giving pleasure, to one of a man taking what he is entitled to. He withdrew from her, allowing me to see his full size framed between his legs and began to drag her to the side of her bed. She offered no resistance, her strength was gone, she was his now. Her legs slid off the corner of the bed, her used bottom facing directly towards me as her knees rested on the ground. Her wide, used, asshole gave no resistance as he mounted her from behind and began to fuck her; she was now an object, a means to and end. She was almost silent, panting deeply as if unaware of the force he was using.

He collapsed into her, his grunts and deep breathing giving away the intensity of his orgasm as he came hard into my daughter’s ruined ass. His deep breathing caused his body to rise and fall as he lay on her back, his cock still tightly clasped by her. Eventually he withdrew, I bit my lip as a strand of cum followed from her anus to his cock, clinging onto his beautiful purple head as he moved away from her until the distance caused it to let go, splitting in two. One hanging enchantingly from his cock while the other fell down her leg. He moved and collapsed on the bed, leaving my daughter’s beautiful gaping bottom before me.
As I watched his cum dribble from within her, pooling into an every growing mass on the wooden floor below my hand reached down into my own knickers. Gliding ever so gently past my vagina I reached back and pressed my index finger against the tight warm crinkles of my own asshole. That was all it took. My whole body felt like it was emptying itself of so much tension, so much suspense as I locked my mouth shut and came. My breathing becoming deep, crying out for air as my orgasm passed, my eyes unable to look away, unable to stop feeding off the site of my daughter’s spent anus continuing to overflow with cum.

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Wow! Hot!
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Ok, now I'm aroused. That was quite a read; thank you!
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If you take requests

Bobby and I would like to see you having sex with your husband. How about a cock in a vagina? Thanks for posting your lovely photos. Bonnie
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Wow! So incredibly hot! Thanks for sharing, Goey. And I can't wait to read more.
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