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Cold Toes In July

You haven't curled my toes
in all these past days,
I lie wakeful and chilled
knowing that if I add another
blanket then I will wake
too soon and uncomfortably
kicking at heaviness laid
across my feet. I need
my blood stirred and set
in motion with passion
and attention paid.
Make my toes curl, I miss you.
Get Carrie'd away.
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I shake my head, because
you lose the nature of what such play teaches
beyond the violence
beyond the nature of the play
it teaches so much more you stupid fucks,
you ignorant stupid
social constructionist psychopaths

it teaches the nature of good and evil, teaches
the variance within the human condition
they get to act out
the fundamental nature of who and what we can be
along the spectrums of good and evil
because you can not
deny we have the capability to express
good and evil
and this is myt core belief
if you remove the barriers
and layers from men and their biology
you take away their identity
and they do not understand the
nature of violent dichotomy
that it has dual uses to protect
as well as injure

then they will eventually experiment as adults
and burn your society to the fucking ground

As a favour to Tsotha
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