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Cold Toes In July

You haven't curled my toes
in all these past days,
I lie wakeful and chilled
knowing that if I add another
blanket then I will wake
too soon and uncomfortably
kicking at heaviness laid
across my feet. I need
my blood stirred and set
in motion with passion
and attention paid.
Make my toes curl, I miss you.
Get Carrie'd away.
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I shake my head, because
you lose the nature of what such play teaches
beyond the violence
beyond the nature of the play
it teaches so much more you stupid fucks,
you ignorant stupid
social constructionist psychopaths

it teaches the nature of good and evil, teaches
the variance within the human condition
they get to act out
the fundamental nature of who and what we can be
along the spectrums of good and evil
because you can not
deny we have the capability to express
good and evil
and this is myt core belief
if you remove the barriers
and layers from men and their biology
you take away their identity
and they do not understand the
nature of violent dichotomy
that it has dual uses to protect
as well as injure

then they will eventually experiment as adults
and burn your society to the fucking ground

As a favour to Tsotha
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My son called me Tod today
experimenting a little outside
of the everyday
I told him he was being rude
that it was disrespectful....

He immediately asked
why is that disrespectful,
and so trying to understand things
myself I was compelled to answer
so I rolled back my memories seeking
something that had been taught to me
or something that resembled a reason
all I could find back there...

Respect your elders was smashed
into my teeth by fists
fear confused as respect
strength and might as competence
yet still the permeation
was always branded into my flesh
taught unequivocally as the right
of the mighty to dominate the small

Funny how a simple why
that demands a thoughtful answer
can uncover that I didn’t know....

and so I set about reasoning out
we’re terms of respect
why I might be deserving of his respect

I looked down at him
amused at my own grasping for an answer

I asked him
are you able to earn money to pay your way?
Are you able to pick up and move tonnnes of
product in a never ending sea of work
breaking your body on the rocks of
to the family
to ensure they can eat
are you able to awake at 4am drive to work
for upwards of 18-20hours a day
do it seven days a week?

are you yet able to comprehend
a tax return
a litany of responsibilities
necessary to ensure your own survival?

He answered no
but I was not smug
nor condescending
my reply

We are not yet equal as adults or as men
But the day you are
you may call me whatever you want
But for now
dad is the correct terminology
and not because I beat it into your flesh
so you never forget

But because you understand that
you have a goal to strive toward
in the becoming of a better man

the hope
that you are my better
rather than my equal

As a favour to Tsotha

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The apples kiss shadows
Between your thighs,
Flowers erupt in the moonlight,
My lips fall, they kiss low-
Finding yours, love awakened in the night.
It was the festival of light,
pulled out of her heart.
Not one sound betrayed the chorus;
Lights here and lights there,
it was a season of rejoice
pulled out of her eyes.
Not one eye blinked,
it was the festival of her.

Shall our legs dance in the old fashioned sense...and the ground blazing like a breath taking century lit with love, centuries old.
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“The most beautiful things are those that madness prompts and reason writes.”
—Andre Gide

I try to understand
the shifting moments of insanity
that drift between waking and sleep

daylights final gaze
chases light into the darkest
fragmented pieces of me

dip the nib into the inkwell
of humanity
scratch the thoughts
onto crumbling pages
a fleck of light within the dark
a sound in the silence

a gasp
a curve flashes
glimpses of desire
of breath held plunging into
into wet
into the suffered longing
of collapsed willpower
nails rake flesh
a mind breaks into death
followed by a reemergence of tangents
circles and hard lines
tearing apart
when you can no longer hold onto
the crash
the shuddered sighs of taut muscles
released from a crushing tension

when the blood pounds
a booming sound of pressure
lesson learnt
of skin and decadence

it flips
to pain
bones cracking
fists and feet
the feel of teeth beneath
my knuckles
the feel of ribs under foot
scars turned mementos
lessons scribed beneath the layers
of veneered smiles
behind the insanity of the day to day
we pay for the sins of our parents
in the flesh
and speak gently into the night
about pain
emotional trauma
physical wounds
trying to explain away the difference
when inside it hurts the same

I write to try and piece together
the jigsaw puzzles of how I think
if I think therefore I am
what exactly am I

As a favour to Tsotha
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Somewhere sits a man
chairing his ego
rolling over those that are disenchanted
with his censorship
his despotic moral high grounding
his unearned morality

sitting there
able to censor with a clear conscience
because rides atop his compassion
for the panicked
the downtrodden
the weak and vulnerable
able to exorcise the demons
to their upset feelings

blaring out his tolerance
his ability to be fair and even handed
claiming his vision is driven
by the desire to protect

not to protect his own power
his own weaknesses
his own injustice
that’s too honest
he hides behind his shroud of virtue
speaking from a place of deep
compassion for the people
he needs protect

just like
Stalin and Lennon

In all their socialistic glee
they hide their envy
their shortcomings and weaknesses
their resentment at it all
behind the guile
of someone else
enforcing their own will
on behalf of ego
on behalf of sensorship
on behalf of themselves

all the while able to smile
at the hegemonic control they have
or perish your thoughts
I do it for love he proclaims
smiling the smile of a Cheshire

Grinding freedom beneath
Be-spoked wheels
and crushing all that opposes
his own sense
political correctness

What a cunt

As a favour to Tsotha
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beautifully written! there was only one line that stumped me (if you could be so kind as to interpret)
"at the hegemonic control they have adhere"
otherwise, i kept up thru the whole piece! thoroughly enjoyable.

my stories
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