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No more games! I hope this gets through!

No, I'm not a chat member, but all else has failed concerning my account.
Someone hacked my account?
Hi. I'm fairly new here. Yesterday, I could not get into my account when I logged into the forums, but it worked in the story sections. I then emailed the webmaster. I used same password I been using and it worked. I joined Dec 03, 2017. Odd that when I finally did get into the site, it was via the story section into my user cp hi-liting data I left out in my bio intentionally. It required me to enter my birthdate and gender, which was not done before, then click the old user cp, then back to new. However, none of that worked after I did this. I emailed to admin, someone named Laurel replied - I suspect the email(s) were hacked and you nor I knew anything about it it. I also found this inserted into MY email to webmaster that someone named Laurel replied to:

"info-en@wikimedia.org I'd love to contribute to your wonderful site. The problem I have is that I'm being stalked and trolled from the website Literotica. I have great concerns they have obtained or are attempting to unlawfully obtain personal data. How do I deal with that?"

That 2nd paragraph above is NOT mine. Though, I see now it is true. Maybe a hidden message for me? It was hidden and did not present itself until I emailed Literotica webmaster.

Whatever you can do would be greatly appreciated. There's been many problems with my user cp since I joined. Now, I don't know what works on it. For now, my same old password is working.
I have a much larger issue to deal with in real life with insurance companies and 2 hospitals missing data they need for me and it's being investigated as I'm taking it to civil court. I had to get a court order/injunction to obtain personal medical data that was being hidden from me. I have an identity theft protection plan that has been activated as well, so whatever I'm doing now is possibly being monitored from my end with my permission. This "thing" with literotica is just another thing for me to deal with lately. It too will be reviewed by people besides ourselves.

Whatever you could do, Manu, would be greatly appreciated. Below is a copy of my email exchange with whomever Laurel is:Your Literotica Account3

Feb 6 at 5:27 AM
Hello Dinosaur1,

Someone at this email address has requested their password for Literotica.com.

Please visit the URL below to log into your Literotica account and set a new password:

You must click on the above link within 30 minutes, or this request will expire and your password will remain unchanged.

If you have trouble clicking on the link, you may have to copy and paste it into the browser.

If you didn't request your password, then you may disregard this notice and nothing will change with your account.

If you do not know what this email is about, you can ignore it or contact us by responding to this email. Please be aware that this email is sent only by request and the site it is sent from does contain content that is intended only for persons over 18 years old.

Thank a bunch and take care,


In addition, I also have a missing Yahoo account that has since been retrieved via phonecon with Yahoo and Verizon. They are looking into my Yahoo accounts and the exchanges therein.

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I'm sorry, but this Forum only deals with chat moderation support issues, and is staffed by chat moderators. We do not have the capability, nor the expertise, to assist you with technical issues.

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Originally Posted by tesscaline View Post
I'm sorry, but this Forum only deals with chat moderation support issues, and is staffed by chat moderators. We do not have the capability, nor the expertise, to assist you with technical issues.
What she said. Closing.
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