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I'm a Virgin and I want someone to role play with me

Hello as you can probably tell from my username, I'm a virgin. I'm an 18 year old Asian male in college and I haven't had sex EVER.

I'm what some people would call a "ghetto Asian", relatively good looking in a classic clean cut way, 5'6 in height, and relatively average in everything else. The problem is that whenever I'm interacting with girls, I'm either friendzoned, they fall in love with me, or become needy and obsessive(I had like three stalkers).

I'm Asian and only 18, I want to focus on college and a relationship where I can just vent all my sexual desire without any strings attached, but from what I can gather, I'm a good alternative to bad boys because I walk the line of geeky and tough.

Lately, porn just isn't working out because my desires are becoming more and more hardcore, and sex lines are out of the questions because I'm broke.

So what I'm saying is there any volunteers or any good places to look for volunteers for an online sexual relationship?

I'm a dominant despite being Asian, so please reply to this thread if you have any good suggestions, websites, or desire to volunteer.
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I am virgin too. 18 year old pakistani. Wanna bang me in hijab?
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Hey did you guys hit it off? Want to tell us all about it?
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I am in China,is now a college student, but,because my English is not very good, so I recommend you to my WeChat:wangubeikong

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