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seeking help and traing for a Dom

Hello I am new here my name is Mr Robinson I am from canada

I am married I have been for while now but I have always had a deep need that I could never seem
To understand or fulfill it was only when i started to read about the Dom/sub
Relationship that I felt I had found what I had been yearning for all theses years I
Have been researching info to get a greater understanding and now I feel i am ready to learn.

I am looking for someone to teach me what it is to be a great Dom and how to find a good sub

Thank you for your time
Mr Robinson
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Don't screw up your marriage for urges. Been there done that lost the t shirt to my ex.
Communicate your wants and needs to your partner. If you are going to be a Dom then you will be cheating. Just to make that clear. If you have permission to go on this quest then join fetlife.com, Adult friend finder.com alt.com Craiglist too. Also there are local munch's or bdsm gathering. And happy hunting. Good luck.
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Meticulously Flighty
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Welcome to Lit.

Being a "great dom" means different things to different people (as does being a "good sub"). It's often kind of one of those life journey sorts of things. I'd advise against getting instruction/influence/perspective/training/etc from ONE person. Yes, you may learn how to be a "great dom", but you'd only be learning that person's views of D/s.

Read old threads; start new ones. Ask questions. Don't restrict the kinds of advice you're open to hearing. Think about what attracts you to D/s... when you visualize the ideal D/s situation, what does it entail, and what do you need to do/learn to make it happen?

You mentioned being married, but looking for a "good sub"... she might be right under your nose (your wife).
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