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Middle aged couple blackmails teen peeper into sub

A mid forties couple named Chad and Stacy is fucking doggy style, with their bedroom window open to their backyard. There's been a power outage for the last few hours on their block and it's a hot summer day in the Dallas suburbs. Stacy the MILF starts moaning as Chad starts picking up the pace. While their bed springs had been audibly creaking for the past 15 minutes, soon there is a distinctive slapping emanating from their window. Soon Stacey the former cheerleader emits a final moan and closes her eyes as her former lineman powers his haunches into her for a few final deep strokes. When she opens her eyes, she sees the bespectacled, pimply face of her neighbor's 18 year old son Nedry with his eyes scrunched in concentration just before he emits an involuntary grunt.

5 minutes later
"We can make use of him" Stacey says, interrupting her husband's diatribe. He had hoisted the little squirt clean out of his pants and thrown him onto the bed, then grabbing the little perv by his ankles and dragging him until his ass was almost off the bed, right where the wet spot was. Chad had berated him then and there without even bothering to put on clothes about how his parents (who the couple knew from church) would be ashamed of him and how he could be a sex criminal for life. Stacey walks over and takes her husband's backscratcher off the shelf. She orders Nedry to turn around and bend over. Her husband's puzzled expression soon turns into a confused but raging hard on as he watches his wife mete out her punishment, still naked and messy from their afternoon session. After a few minutes she pauses and takes a finger and fishes her cunt for some juices. She then shoves the finger up Nedry's asshole as she asks him "Are you going to tell your parents?" He shakes his head furiously. She looks up her husband's amazed face, then down to his raging hard on, then back up as a smirk crosses both their lips.

Three weeks later

The couple had told Nedry's parents that he had agreed to volunteer to do chores for them for the rest of the summer as part of their church's program to encourage youth to serve their community and their elders. Nedry was on his hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor with a chastity belt around his naked groin when Stacey comes in butt naked. She walks in front of Nedry and orders him to lift up his face. She then squats down, exposing her naked asshole. Nedry kisses it like he has done many times before, only this time she lets one rip. Nedry recoils and she laughs, saying "Oh, I wonder what I'll think of next." She then walks over to her husband, naked with an erection on the sofa, and they smile at each other as she straddles him with her pussy.
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