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Posted my story yesterday. How long is "PENDING"
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The Web site posts that it will normally be in pending (if you don't push that button) for no more than 72 hours (three days). During contest time, we've seen up to six days in posting delays recently. The submissions on the most recent contest are now over, but it may take a few days for the system to get back to normal. First-time authors here tend to see a longer delay than established authors, as the editor will scrutinize their story more closely.
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Hi, Bridget, and welcome to Literotica and the Authors' Hangout in partiuular.

Unless is is intended for the current contest, you would be lucky to get it posted in 72 hours. Four days is more likely. If it is an illustrated story or a story with audio, it will take much longer, probably three weeks.

ETA: But don't go and click on the "pending." That will start the waiting period all over again.
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