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A Tale of Two Suites (closed)

Dennis Nader felt his gut churning uncomfortably as he made his way toward the elevator. He paused to press the "up" button and the doors slid smoothly open to the sound of the chime. He knew it wasn't the high calorie, spicy food he had just consumed that were bothering him, he had a stomach of iron. Nor was it the three glasses of wine he had had with dinner, if anything, they had helped a bit. He studied himself in the reflective wall of the elevator as the car started to speed upward toward the eleventh floor. His gelled, sandy blonde hair was stylish enough, and the black suit fit well. His sister had picked out the tie (he himself was hopeless) and it matched nicely with the ensemble. I'm getting married tomorrow. He turned the phrase over in his mind, trying to parse out its meaning, all the strands of what that would mean stretching out before him in a terrifyingly broad vista. What am I doing? But I love her, what else can I do? His mind warred with itself as he rode upward and his suspicions about the source of his indigestion were confirmed as it worsened the more he thought about it.

He knew all grooms were nervous on the night before the wedding. How could one not be? Still, it might have helped if his bride hadn't been so...distant? He wasn't sure, she had just been a bit odd before the rehearsal dinner. Her words when they parted for the last time before she walked down the aisle had been proper enough, how much she was looking forward to spending her life with him and so on but...her eyes had had that strange, familiar look. He had always figured that a gorgeous woman like his soon to be wife was out of his league, and yet she had responded positively when he had finally gotten up the courage to ask her out. He still wasn't quite sure what she saw in him and every once and a while she gave that same, odd look to other men. There was nothing for it, he needed to talk to Jason. Jason could always calm him down. He and Jason went way back, he was one of Dennis' groomsmen, and, in one of those odd twists of fate, his wife happened to be a good friend of the bride, the matron of honor in fact. His stomach gurgled uncomfortably. Yep, definitely time for Jason. Dennis stepped out of the elevator and quickly found suite 1186, rapping nervously on the door.


Now this is my kind of party. Tim thought to himself as he leaned against the polished wood of the bar. Dance music blared from the overhead speakers, having long since driven off everyone over the age of 30. He checked himself out in the reflection of the wood as he nursed his Jack and coke. His jet black hair hung past his ears, but it was well groomed and stylish. His dark complexion accented his handsome, half-hispanic features. He had already peeled off his suit jacket, and loosened his tie. Underneath the white shirt bulged with muscle. He was a little short at 5' 9" and he compensated with a fanatical workout routine. It seemed to work with the ladies most of the time, anyway. God the dance floor was hot tonight, the bridesmaids had all busted out clubbing outfits. Short skirts and plunging necklines seemed to be the order of the day. He couldn't see the bride from where he stood, but he knew from the dinner that she was the most smoking of them all. He wondered if she had changed as well? He threw back the rest of his drink, shook his head and started toward the dance floor. Its good to be the best man! Only one way to find out if any of the ladies were single.
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I walked up to him and held out my hand. He took it and gently shook it and squeezed it as I said "Hi Dennis. Where have you been? We've been looking for you and I wondered if you were ignoring us."

The party was in full swing. We had all had dinner and a lot of wine, but the bar was open and I'd had a few more while I kept looking for him because I wanted to dance with him.

We had all shucked our fancy dinner clothes and put on our clubbing attire. The parents had all gone to bed, but I remembered my last night as a single woman and I intended to make the most of it and celebrate with whomever wanted to celebrate.

Jason was off somewhere, probably with one of the bridesmaids but I didnt care. After last night together in bed, we had a little chat ths morning and agreed that tonight was a special occasion and a night for Dennis and his bride, and for that matter the rest of us, to do whatever we wanted and that included sleeping with someone else if that happenned.

I led him to the dance floor and went into his arms.

We danced close and the lights were as bit dim, asnd i kissed him.

"Just think about tomorrow night with your own little bride", as I kissed him again.

I wore a skimpy little blouse with no bra, and a miniskirt with no panties. I had already had a hand or two fondling my naked ass, but I pushed them away saying i was waiting for Dennis. Now he was here and I was his if he wanted me. I would train him to be the good husband he needed to be if he wanted to keep that hot bitch he was marrying from fucking around.

Then I realized what i was thinking. Speaking of hot bitches fucking around - Jason and I had fallen into thst scene and frankly we both loved it.
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