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Question A bit of Nostalgia *Le Sigh*

Hey all, first time poster on here but I've been using Lit chat for years, at least from my early 20's so at least 10 years? I've always loved Lit chat, even the old format, it was brilliant. With the new chat it was just better, smoother, easier to control, and I loved it for that. As time has worn on though I have come to find myself missing a couple of of features from the old Chat that, I feel at the time, put Literoticas' chat past anything anyone else was doing, especially as it essentially a free service put on for their members.
The main feature I lament the demise of the most, is one that I'm sure contributed to the lively public room debates, sexual shenannigans, and just all out orgies is the simple Whisper feature that allowed you to talk privately to someone within the public room forum without having to go instantly to a private room. It allowed for an exchange of ideas between parties that could lead to the decision of "Fuck it, we're taking this public," and letting everyone join in.
It also let a potential matching have the safety of answering privately knowing that if the other party went outside of appropriately accepted bounds, they could respond in public chat instead of whispering and have the support of the room.
But the ability to chat to someone and get a feel for each other... Some of my favourite recollections from the old chat was engaging with someone privately in room while you both also carried on in public chat. The moods were electric and the whole room could take off into an insanely erotic coming together. To then sneak off to your own room with your paramour, engage in what you had been leading up to as you set Chat on fire what ever that may be (I judge no one their kinks ).
I also miss being able to bring up an interface of the members that you have favourited, a tab under the room occupants window, that allows you to see if they are online. Keeping this separate from the authors that you follow would just be common sense one would think, though since you can't see if the are on chat anyway, there is no chance of accidentally chatting to your favourite author unprepaired.
Again, let me say that I absolutely LOVE Lit Chat, I have had the most fun using their Chat for years, and am just wondering if anyone else here remembers these features and if they are as missed by others as by myself?
And I guess, I would also like to know if adding there features back into chat is something that may be done at some point?

Thanks guys for listening to my first post on these forums, and I hope that I may have prompted a reminder to some of those that have been enjoying this community for as long as myself or longer, and hopefully aroused an interest from the younger generation about the extra dimension that these features added to the way you could play in Chat.

Love to all.
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I"m at the opposite end of the spectrum, just started chatting this week, but really enjoying it more than I ever expected.

For me so far I haven't gotten much from the rooms, seems mostly people saying variations of 'hello' with some folks trying valiantly to get some banter going but not a ton of takers. However, I do see how the whisper thing would be handy there - not as much of a commitment or risk of a PM, and maybe a good way to establish what you are looking for with an individual before breaking in to a PM.
However, what I really really really agree with is how it would be great to be able to quickly/easily see if your 'favorites' are online. A couple of times now I've been in the middle of a great RP or chat and one or the other of us gets disconnected. I'm sure sometimes it's someone who just ditches out, but I'm also sure there are a million legit reasons it happens. Bottom line for me is that I'd love to be able to 'see' that person again (assuming they feel the same) but the list of names on the right of each room are long, and you have to go into every room and check the list to search for someone who might not even be there.

I'm really curious about the tech/admin side - in my experience 'minor' changes that seem so obvious and simple to users are anything but
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