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Exclamation Chat Rules

We try to keep our rules simple, to the point, and necessary. Most things fall under the following four categories. Violation of these rules can get you kicked or banned without further warning. We aim to keep LitChat, safe, fun, and legal.

1. Illegal Activity - users who discuss or explicitly suggest these activities, or who create rooms or screen names dedicated to these activities, will be banned instantly and permanently from Literotica chat, no warnings:

-Underage sexual activity
-Incestuous sexual activity

** “Underage” is defined by Lit as under the age of 18. **
Underage roleplayers and underage users will also be instantly and permanently banned.

Family roleplay, petplay, consensual non-consent, and age play where all RP characters are 18+ are acceptable. Fantasy is legal. If you are unsure of the distinction, please ask an admin or other moderator.

2. Advertisement

-Posting links in the rooms
The *only* exception is Literotica site links, e.g. forums or stories.

-Advertising other sites and services
This includes the creation of rooms and screen names dedicated to such. Other sites and services include IM services (kik, Yahoo, etc.), video/voice apps (skype, viber, etc.), cam (personal or commercial), websites (facebook, fetlife, etc.), and any non-Literotica link. Bots have no souls and can be banned without warning. Having an academic discussion about one of these sites/apps, or making a passing reference to them is fine. Asking for someone to join you there is not.

Repetitious (often copy/pasted) postings of the same line(s) that directly interferes with the flow of chat. It’s up to admins/cm discretion to determine what constitutes spam, but the general rule of thumb is three per hour.
Cross-room spam is still spam.

3. Harassment

For our purposes here, harassment is defined as “the act of systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying actions of one party or a group, including threats and demands.”

While we encourage folks to use their ignore feature, it does not work for all users on all devices. If someone asks you to stop messaging them, please do. “Stalking” and threatening behavior will not be tolerated.

Please note that it is not the job of the moderators to referee personal disputes. If you don’t like another chatter, don’t engage with them. If it results in name calling or threats, we will step in.

4. Harassment/abuse of moderators

The admins and moderators volunteer their time to make Lit a safe and fun place to chat. While you may not agree with every decision they make, please respect that they are doing the job that they have been asked to do. Do not threaten them or call them names.
If you feel that one of our moderators has acted improperly, please feel free to contact the site admin at http://forum.literotica.com/private.php?do=newpm&u=7.

If you have an issue that is not addressed under these rules, please contact a chat moderator or administrator (usually indicated by a grey star next to their name and often located in the chat mod office).

*please note that as of 4/14/2017, this was a working document and may be modified.

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