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How to Host a Story Discussion

Any member is welcome to host an SDC discussion about any posted story of theirs. With moderator approval, you may also host a discussion about a non-posted or to-be-posted story.

There is a link at the bottom of this post with which to start your thread-- look for the red text.

In the past, we employed a queue designed to give each discussion its proverbial fifteen minutes of fame, which usually turned out to be a week or so. Members may now start a discussion at any time of their choosing, however if there is already another discussion in progress, it may be best to allow the existing discussion to wane before introducing another.

Here is an example of a previous discussion:

The *suggested* format for a discussion thread is:

Story Discussion: <date>. "<story>" by <author>
Example: Story Discussion: March 12, 2006. "Poly Polly" by Penelope Street.
Formatting the title like this is a cue to all that this is discussion thread.

First post: Introduce the piece to be discussed.
Tell the prospective reader anything you think they might need to know before reading your work. This can be little more than a "Hi, my story is, 'Yada Yada Yada', and I hope you enjoy it". It is polite to let prospective readers know how long the piece to be discussed is, either in words or Lit pages. If the discussion piece is a portion of a story other than the beginning, giving some background could be a good idea, but there are no rules- what you tell the reader up front is entirely up to you.

A point of confusion in the past: This is meant to introduce the story, not the author. Although you're welcome to say whatever you want, don't feel obliged to say, "Hi, I'm me and I'm a thirty-nine year old mother of one..."

Second post: The work to be discussed.
If the work is a story already posted on Literotica, a simple link will suffice and in the case of a longer story this is sometimes the best option. If the work to be discussed is a portion of a posted story, it's better to cut and paste just the piece and also provide a link for those inclined to read the entire tale. Of course, if the piece isn't posted, then there is no choice but to include it directly in the thread.

Third post: Conclusion and questions.
This is the most important part- tailoring your discussion. Typical things to do are explain what your goals were for the piece and then to ask some specific questions for the readers. Also consider identifying known weaknesses or any other things you simply don't wish to discuss. If you've read or taken part in some of the other discussions you've probably noticed that most reviewers will assume the author doesn't want anything sugarcoated, so the criticism can be a bit pointed. If you're sensitive, here's the place to say so, although no one can promise it will change how anyone responds.

After posting, waiting can be the hardest part. Unlike other forums, an SDC thread three days old isn't ancient history. Don't be alarmed if there aren't any responses right away. Even if someone reads the story the first day, they may take another day or two writing their response. The discussion usually takes off after several days- often after you engage the reviewers. Then it may take up more of your time than you imagined- careful what you wish for!

You may create your thread anytime you wish simply by clicking here:

If you have any questions, issues, or concerns, don't be shy about PMing a moderator.

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