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Forces of Nature in 250

Use 250 words or less to describe a force of nature and the effects it has on us.

My attempt


So hard a word for so soft a thing. It falls in a gentle patter or a thunderous deluge. It brings life to the desert or takes life in a flood. It is wished for and hated. It will darken your day but can hide your tears.

I love the rain. has been said in a thousand songs. We sing about it and curse it. We hate when it catch us. It soaks us to our bones driving us into our homes... where we get into a shower? Man has made the rain his servant but it can still show us it is the master of our destiny as it takes our lives away so simply as stopping the breath from getting to our lungs.

You can die in the rain

Or you can make love in the rain.

Most of us can't drive in the rain but we laugh when we run in the rain. Some birds can't fly in the rain but we without wings ignore it and fly anyway. We don't want to walk in the rain, but we are happiest when we are singing in the rain.

Who would have thought that water from the sky could be so amazing...

... just by being so simple.


Give it a try.

The lower the score the more likely the story is rather dark. Enjoy what you like and please feel free to comment.
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Forces of Nature: Continental Drift

Continental drift that created the Atlantic Ocean has long been the bane of lovers.

It has been thus from the brutish, yet loving couple in Pangea who woke up on a steamy Triassic summer day to find the one with whom they had snuggled the night before on the far side of a freshwater lake filled overnight when torrential rains flooded their rift valley, to couples of the 21st century. We can imagine the former, we know the latter: she with her bare feet on a sandy Virginia barrier island beach, waving, inconsolable, to her lover standing on a cliff at Pointe de Corsen on the western coast of France, their tears adding to the salinity of thousands of miles of gray Atlantic rollers. They stoically accepts their fate as the firmament they stand on sails apart, an inch each year, as it has relentlessly down through the years and millennia even as the world changes and grows ever older. For now, and for perhaps a little while longer, there is his red horizontally striped shirt and beret and the scent of garlic, while he sees her scarf, his gift of the finest water-silk, waving on the North American breezes.

Yet Ms. Virginia and Monsieur Pierre-Paul, though separated by trackless, storm tossed waves, sharks, Soviet submarines and other hazards of the ocean deep, hold true with the knowledge that one day, though it be in the remote future, they will be together when North America and Eurasia also unite as the Pacific Ocean closes.
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