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Writing exercise #2

Rewrite this dull bit of dialogue, expanding it with a setting, descriptions of the people, how they say things, their gestures, etc.

Minimum 50 words.



Where were you?


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Ok heres my attempt

Jane fought valiantly to keep a hold of her umbrella in the wind as she stepped out from under the bus stop shelter again. The umbrella did little to keep her dry but atleast kept the stinging droplets off her face as she looked first up then down the road. There was still no sign of movement and she stepped back under cover.

The water pooling on the pavement had seeped up into Jane’s shoes and she kicked off the expensive heels and tried to dry them off on her over coat. The heavy garment was doing a good job of protecting the sequinned dress underneath although it didn’t matter anymore. Her dark eyeliner had already begun running down her cheeks and her lovingly straightened hair had begun to curl.

With a splash a small, blue Camry came to a stop in front the bus shelter. The windscreen wipers were moving in a blur and Jane stepped to the right to doge the flinging water.

“Hi.” Stacy said as the passenger side window wound down.

Jane bent over to stare through the window. The driver was a young woman dressed in a similar slim dress.

“Hi?” Jane almost shrieked waving her arms at the weather.

Jane had travelled for two hours to meet her girlfriend and she stood there in silence watching emotions travel the other woman’s face. Finally when it was obvious that Stacy wasn’t going to speak Jane continued but quieter this time, almost pleading for an answer. Surely there relationship hadn’t dissolved into this, “Where were you?”

Again the emotions flashed across Stacy’s face, her pretty faces contorting with pain as she struggled for an answer. The rain faded from mind as Jane watched Stacy, waiting.

The moments dragged by, Stacy’s shoulders fell a little and when she turned her head up to meet Jane’s gaze there were tears evident.

“Nowhere.” Stacy breathed.

Jane was stunned. She had promised. Stacy had promised this was all behind them but obviously it wasn’t.

The car door was unlocked but as much as Jane wanted to climb into that car, she couldn’t bring herself to go back down that road.
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Another foul attempt, be gentle with me:

The sound of the crickets pushed through the screen door as he sat stewing in that familiar feeling of a depressing downward spiral.

His emotions were in turmoil at the loss of his father and while the connection between them had never been strong, it had been enough. Of course, he had never felt anything like this before.

The bitter sting of scotch halted his focus as he grimaced and leaned his head back pulling the frosted glass to his lips once more. His head swiveled immediately as the sound of an approaching car caught his attention.

He knew who it was, and his heart beat a little faster as the car doors closed and the approaching click of the heels on the stone laden ground caused his hands to ache for the feel of the fabric poured over his legs.

A gentle knock was followed by a sweet sensuous "Hi" as he lifted his head forward and raise done eyebrow.

"Hi" he said back with a groggy smile as the figure outside pulled the screen door open and stepped inside.

She stood with an intimidating air of authority even though she was almost a full 6 inches shorter than him. Her purple blouse hung loose in the mid-section but tightened towards her bust. Everyone always remembered her for her bust as she strode about the office managing her daily duties.

"Where were you?" her eyes pierced his facade of drunkenness as her hands instinctively found their way to her hips, "I mean, today at the press conference?"

"Nowhere," his response was bleak as his inner strength shriveled in her shadow. She had always had a hold over him and he knew he could not fake his way out of this one.
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Originally Posted by MistressLynn View Post
Rewrite this dull bit of dialogue, expanding it with a setting, descriptions of the people, how they say things, their gestures, etc.

Minimum 50 words.



Where were you?


Then suddenly, and completely by chance; there it is. Directly in his path. As though he'd been lead here by a magic spell. She stands abandoned by the crowd (oh how foolish they must all be). Dark, large, sideways, shy, and seductively lashed eyes he finds gazing into his. Beyond his. Directly to his thoughts. They dare - nay! They beg him to find the courage to say something. Anything. Just give her the excuse to step out of her shell.

The dark, wavy layers of her hair, falling lightly over her shapely shoulders he'd noticed when he first walked in. Falling lightly now over the fine material which holds up her ball gown. Falling lightly... falling lightly is exactly how he feels. Her red, red glossed lips having already stolen his desire in that first instance. That first cross-room, longer-than-it-should-have-been glance.

And now her eyes look to the ground. The timidity of her posture inviting the advance. But the words stick in his throat, and instead, his eyes follow hers. Via the bust of her cloth-pressing breasts. Sweeping naturally along the edges of the silk-cladded hips. Along the delightful wisp of the black-silk robe. Finally resting on her strapped heeled ankle. Divine. His imagination takes life a of its own. She feels. Every inch of his glare.

She takes a sip of her wine. He looks back at those eyes. This time, it is too much to resist.

"Hi." Come the words. Sophisticated as a burp.
"Hi." She says back. Amused. But charmed.
"Wh... Where were you...?" But she leans back now. Through a door that she has been protecting from the start. It leads away from the conversation. Away from the crowd. And without even realising, he passes towards her; passes by her. Takes a breath of her perfume. And they fall back against the dark side of the now closed door. His lips drawn to hers by a potion of red poisoned gloss.
He kisses her with urgency. Her - having caught her new pray, lifts the waves of her dress ove tender knees. He watches as the curtain rises, toward the irresistible gravity of her hips, and falls down before her, unable to resist. "Now..." she says vitriolically. "Here."

(Sorry - I had to rush it a bit in the end).
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Sheryl spotted the tall, handsome, impeccably dressed stranger as soon as he entered the bar. She, dressed in a scandalously short, dark flower-print dress, was sittting at a table at the far corner. Upon spying him she recrossed her legs, from left-over-right to right-over-left beneath the small round table that held her Tequila Sunrise.

"He's mine," she thought.

After walking to the bar the handsome man ordered a drink. As he waited his eyes found hers, lingering to explore her appealing good looks. Shoulder-length blonde hair, slender frame, sizeable bosom tucked inside a thin dress. He was mesmerized.

He paid for his drink before approaching her.

"May I join you?" he politely asked.

"You may," she decided, leaning forward to place her breasts front and center, making her availability clear.

"Nice," he commented with a sly smile as he joined her.

A beeping interrupted the silence. "I'm sorry, will you excuse me a moment?"

Her smile widened. "Of course."

She watched the handsome man as he left the bar out the back door. Outside, a car pulled up, the driver getting out.

"Hey there Paul, I hadn't expected you to be here," the driver greeted the well-dressed man.

"I'm in love with your wife, and she loves me," he suddenly announced.


A knife was immediately thrust into the driver's chest. After disposing of a pair of latex gloves he had donned just moments before, Paul returned to the bar.

"Hi," he announced upon returning to the table.

"Hi," she responded. "Where were you?"


She smiled. "Now we are free to love."
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I hardly heard her soft, sweet voice. Just another song in the background. A bird, asking for a little attention. I had none to give it. I had none to give her, this girl who had worked her way under my skin, where no girl belonged.

I saw the mulberry tree, burned with ripe, red fruit. I saw the cloud, drifting dreamily across the blue heaven. I saw the grass, green with summer's heat all around. I saw all this through vague, unfocussed eyes. I did not see her. I did not let myself see her.


I couldn't help hearing her that time. She was so close her words almost tickled my neck. I shivered. I was a girl myself. No girl could do this to me. No girl could tickle my neck so that I trembled from head to, from heart to . . . Everywhere else I trembled.

There was no use denying I heard her. I turned slowly, and let my eye fall on hers, but not allowing myself to look too closely, lest I see too much of her soul.

She smiled brightly, innocent of my desperation to escape her, to flee from her and from the me she was turning me into. “Where were you?”

I watched her lips form the words, and I wanted to run. I wanted to hide. But I was frozen in place in place. My voice was shallow when I finally managed to answer her. “Nowhere.”
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I knew she saw me, but she had kept trying to move away, toward our room. Something seemed odd as I jogged to catch up... her arms weren't hanging down. I finally reached her and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned, blushed, and looked to the side. "Hi." God, could I really say nothing more?

"Hi." God, could she really say nothing more? Even if it was in that cute, timid whisper that let me know she was happy to see me... even if she hadn't shown up last night. She finally looked up at me, but blushed again and found an interesting spot on the floor again.

"Where were you?" We had made plans for a date, but... that was the first she'd just left me without any hint or note since we've started going out.

"Nowhere." 'Nowhere...? Then why is something behind your back?' It had finally clicked that she was hiding something in her hands. I stepped to her and hugged her, solid arms surrounding a soft, plump frame as she let out a relaxed sound. One of my hands traveled down her arm to her wrist, wondering what was hidden. A squeak was my response as she blushed even brighter and pressed a small box in my hands before running into the bedroom in embarrassment.

But what was in it? All I could do was open the lid and find out...
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Originally Posted by MistressLynn View Post
Rewrite this dull bit of dialogue, expanding it with a setting, descriptions of the people, how they say things, their gestures, etc. Minimum 50 words.

Where were you?

“Tap tap tap.”

The frosty atmosphere amplified the simple sounds and they echoed eerily off the cold, ice encrusted walls.

“Tap tap tap,” the sound of thick, gloved fingers on reinforced plasglass.

Dimly the sounds penetrated the fog of her consciousness. Even though she’d been through this before, there was always a shock when waking after such a deep sleep. More knocking and she dared to squint through long closed eyes.

Encased figures scraped at the permafrost covering the canopy of the cryotube. She blinked at the extra light and focus came slowly. Selena worked her fingers as some sense of circulation returned. Even though the Doc’s maintained it was not possible for the phantom like nerve feelings, it always felt to her as if she could feel her blood slowly circulating, heating up, thinning.

A helmeted face filled the still misty view port. The top mounted led light cluster momentarily blinded her.

“Sorry, forgot,” a gloved hand clumsily reached up, snapped at the system and it shut down.

Selena cautiously peeked through shuttered lids. When she realized the light was off, she opened and tried to see the face. The auto tint equalized, changing the golden yellow helmet visor, into a shaded, smokey brown. Slowly she began to make out a familiar shape, then a boyish grin, Dave!!!!

“Hi, you!” his gravely, accented voice warming her quicker than the stimulants the autodoc was adding to her system.

“Hi,” she replied, grinning. Trying to hide it then giving up and with a shrug, letting him get the better of her.

“Where were you?” she asked, a light tone but pointedly waiting for his reply.

His helmet dipped until the visor was touching the rapidly clearing plas tube, “Nowhere,” he whispered.

Completing the greeting they’d shared many times before. A ritual, comforting after any separation and especially so after a coldsleep. For some reason it was an almost dreamless state and equally debated, was the effect the lack of dreams had on those in stasis.

As she warmed, she felt that familiar tingle between her legs she always got from being under his gaze. Cyrosleep required the subject to be naked, naked and completely hairless. To resist the chances of accidental infection the Docs maintained. Deep down she thought it was just so the pervy old geeks could have a laugh.

Still there were benefits. She knew Dave loved watching her like that, as she warmed and woke. Childlike innocence he told her, although his gaze and her warm center told her otherwise.


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Originally Posted by MistressLynn View Post
Rewrite this dull bit of dialogue, expanding it with a setting, descriptions of the people, how they say things, their gestures, etc.

Minimum 50 words.

Where were you?
I'll give it a shot.

The door squeaked open as a small beam of light came into the room. She saw that he still hadn't moved an inch from where she had left him, although he had lifted his head, blinded eyes looking in her direction.
She slipped through the doorway and closed it silently behind her. Her heels tapping on the concrete floor echoed through the room, giving him some knowledge of where she was. His arms were suspended above him, the wrists tied together with a dark red scarf and hoisted upwards with rope.

Her tapping came to a halt and Vince could feel her gloved fingers gently trailing over his bare shoulders, goosebumps racing over his skin as she travelled downwards. He swallowed heavily and managed to crack a smile on his lips. "Hi, Mistress Tessa" He said to her with a soft and whispery voice. Tessa had always appreciated her subs to show initiative, and Vince was no exception... eventhough he was her brother.

She knelt down and gently turned his head a little, his blinded face looking at her. She gently raked a nail over his cheek and lower jaw. "Hi, my sweety. I hope you didn't miss me too much." She stood up again, leaving his body alone as he hung helplessly from the chains.
Vince had no idea how long she had been gone, it could've been mere minutes, it could've been hours.
Gently, he adjusted his kneeling a little, which in turn made the rope squeak in the pulleys. Tessa giggled softly as she heard the sound, but she didn't seem to have moved a lot.
"Where were you? If I may ask?" It sounded way more daring then he had intended to, but he felt that he needed some indication for how long she had been gone.
Feeling her breath on his skin almost caused him to jerk away, he didn't realise she was so close.
"Nowhere, my dear." Tessa whispered softly to him, giving his earlobe a teasing lick.

It had been her dream to see her brother as helpless as this, and now it was all becoming reality.
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Nick Carter sat in his car outside the home of his girlfriend. On either side the houses were in darkness but a single warm light showed through the curtains in Melissa's bedroom.
Still awake, he thought, staring up at her window.

It was after midnight. He'd told her he'd be over so she'd waited up for him. He nodded to himself and for the third time he reached to turn off the ignition.
She'll want to know where you've been, he thought. And he stayed his hand and left the engine running.

Okay, so she's cute, he thought. But she's demanding too. Always wanting to know what time he finished work, what he'd been doing, who he'd been talking to.
He sighed and stared up at her lighted window. He already knew how the conversation would go.

"Hi", she'd say, her gaze intense, her smile not quite reaching her eyes.
"Hi," he'd say, feeling guilty, but trying not to show it.

She'd make him coffee and they'd have to sit opposite each other in her too bright kitchen. He'd see the sadness in her eyes. The careful way she moved and held herself. They'd look at each other, neither of them speaking, as she crossed her legs and pulled her robe tighter. He'd feel the silence of her house, feel the lateness of the hour, the tension growing. Then;

"Where were you?" she'd say. It was what she always said. And she'd smile as she said it, and put on a brave face, but he'd see in her eyes that she already suspected.
"Nowhere," he'd say, with a shrug and quickly look down at his hands.

He knew exactly how it would go if he went inside and he sat there for a long time looking up at the light in her window. He stared hard at the light, wishing it would go out.
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Originally Posted by MistressLynn View Post
Rewrite this dull bit of dialogue, expanding it with a setting, descriptions of the people, how they say things, their gestures, etc.
Minimum 50 words.



Where were you?


.....Tonight was hell. Holidays that fall over a payday are like that. Busy enough that I ignored the last decade or so and bummed a Marlboro Light from the dishwasher. And I was just finishing when Patricia came outside.
....."Hi." Her voice still had that deep burgundy sound to it. I'll probably hear echoes of it for the next week or more.
....."Hi," I replied. I mean, what was I going to be, uncivil? Not with Trish, never with her. Especially after everything that had gone down.
....."Where were you?" I looked right at her at that, head cocked and teeth rubbing on my lip. Trish was never anything but direct and to the point, but nothing I might say was going to satisfy her. As if I would want to do that any more.
....."Nowhere," I said as I stripped the cherry off my smoke and pocketed the butt. All the answer I'm ever going to owe her.

Yeah, old exercise, but I was wandering through and it was on top so I stopped to give it a shot.

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Hello, hello, mayday, mayday, can anyone hear me. Hello, hello, mayday, mayday, can anyone hear me?

I can hear you.

Hello, who are you? I am lost and can not remember who I am.

I can hear you, I am your computer.

Hello, I am lost and all the stars look the same.

I can help you, I am your computer.

I do not remember where I am going, can you help me?

I am your computer I can help you find your way.
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Originally Posted by MistressLynn View Post
Rewrite this dull bit of dialogue, expanding it with a setting, descriptions of the people, how they say things, their gestures, etc.

Minimum 50 words.



Where were you?

Tracy sat on the couch, fuming. It was 2 am and Jenny wasn't home yet. Sighing she took a sip of her hot cocoa and tried to figure out what had gone wrong. In the last year she'd watched her beautiful, intelligent daughter turn from a sweet, responsible girl into an sneaky, secretive little brat. Ugh.. teenagers. She sighed again, and took her cup to the sink. As she picked up the phone to try Jen's cell again, she heard the unmistakable click of a key in the door and walked into the shadowy hallway.

Folding her hands across her chest, she arched her eyebrow and glared at the teen trying to slip in the front door unnoticed.

Jen jumped, startled. Quickly trying to think how she was going to get herself out of this one she smiled and decided to stall. Tentatively she replied, "Hi."

Tracy shook her head, exasperated. She'd been hoping there would be an offered explanation as to what had kept Jen out 2 hours past her curfew with no call, instead she was going to have to drag it out of her. Her words quiet but with a steel edge she asked,"Where were you?"

Why mom? Why... Jen thought in her head. Just once couldn't you have asked me nicely or given me a chance to explain before you took on that tone with me? She glared at her mom, threw her jacket on the chair and stomped up the stairs.

The last thing Tracy heard before the slamming of the door was her daughters voice biting out, "Nowhere!" and then all was quiet again.

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She was too good for him. She was far too good for him and, what was worse, he knew it.

Girls like her just didn't go for guys like him. It didn't happen. Which meant that this fling, this affair, this... this whatever it was, wouldn't last. Amazing that it'd lasted this long.

It wouldn't be quick either. The whole thing would draw out over the next two or three months, with her complaining that he was distant, holding back, emotionally detached. All that bullshit that girls say when they're looking for reasons to leave you. He'd heard it several times before, from girls who were coming to their senses and realising that they could do better than him.

He wished he knew exactly how he managed to attract these damaged girls. Cause damaged they must be to 'settle' for him, even if only for a short while. He was almost happy when they came to their senses. It was like a beautiful creature settling on quicksand, but escaping just in time to avoid being dragged to a murky doom.

Yep, if there was one thing that was certain, it was that this was doomed, right from the start. She could, and would, do so much better than him. And it was only a matter of time before she realised.


The soft syllable drew him out of his reverie and he realised that he'd been staring fixedly at the headboard while he thought. The tangle of blonde hair in his arms giggled as he blinked his way back into the real world again.

"Hi," he replied.

"Where were you just then?" A hand came up to brush a tangle out of her face and large grey eyes stared up at him.

"Nowhere," he said. "I was here with you."

She snorted and snuggled down deeper in his arms. "Yeah, right."

He masked the sigh of disappointment behind a smile and closed his eyes. Yep, she was definitely going to leave him. He just had to make sure he was prepared for it this time.

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When his cell rang, he excused himself from the table and left her staring at his plate. It looked better than she thought it should after such a large meal. When the waiter asked, she hadn't wanted dessert, but now . . . She reached across the table for a bite.

It tasted tart and sweet. It coated her tongue with hot chocolate syrup and whipped cream and melting raspberry ice with a touch of lemon to accent the flavor. She swallowed, but the flavor lingered and she ached for more. Just one more bite.

The second was better than the first--hot and cold in her mouth. She looked around the room, but he was still talking across the sea of chatter and the ringing of silver on plates. She wondered idly who was so important that he left his icecream to melt, but didn't really care. She needed another bite.

This time she misjudged the size of the bite and felt chocolate running down her lip. She caught it and looked at the contrast of the dark chocolate against her long, pale finger. Then she took a delicate lick. The chocolate tasted different with the salt on her finger. Another lick. She closed her eyes and focused. It was a good difference, she decided. She took her finger in her mouth to suck off the rest.

Her mouth was warm around her finger, but where the hot syrup came off it felt amost cool. She wrapped her tongue around it to take in the last bits of flavor. She twisted her finger and felt the brush of her nail at the back of her tongue and the roof of her mouth. She drew it out, and could feel her teeth catch at the back of her knuckle. Another. She needed another.

When she opened her eyes, he was staring at her mouth across the table.

She reached over and swiped another load of chocolate and whipped cream onto her finger. She watched him watch her take it in. He swallowed hard. "Hi," his voice cracked and he cleared his throat. "Hi."

She licked her lips, watching him watch her tongue make its slow circuit. "Where were you?" She looked down at his dessert. Half gone.

He looked around and down at his cell phone as though he'd never seen it before. "Nowhere."
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"What were you eating under there?"

"Under where?"

And then there ensued hysterical, laughter.

"Ewww! You were eating underwear?" More laughter. The clever little boy laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed, until at long last, his required fifty-word count was finally exhausted.
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I dodged between slow-moving pedestrians, running as fast as my brand new heels would carry me, trying to be careful, but I was late.

A flimsy cardboard carrier filled with five overpriced and overfilled cups of Starbucks balanced precariously atop the presentation I had slaved over half the night. Each near-collision made my heart skip a terrified beat, and my building ID was clenched between my teeth, preventing even the briefest of apologies.

When the building finally came into view, I slowed to a more sedate walk so I could catch my breath; it would make a great impression if I stumbled into my first staff meeting looking like a frazzled mess.

Reasonably calm and collected by the time I arrived in front of the high-rise, I shouldered the revolving door around and stepped into the line of people waiting to slide their cards through the turn-style security checkpoint, barely suppressing the urge to tap my foot impatiently.

When my turn finally came, though, I blinked and glanced down at my caffeinated burden helplessly. Shifting pleading brown eyes to the nearby security guard, I hoped he would just let me through. Honestly, I could have planned this better, but if I spilled the coffee on my presentation, I might as well go home.

Andy, identified by the polished metal name tag clipped to his navy blue uniform pocket, chuckled under his breath and stepped around the side of the guard station.

“Hi,” he murmured while carefully extracting my ID from between my teeth. Judging by his unflustered smirk, this was a common event for the building; he gave the front of the badge a cursory glance, then swiped my card through the magnetic reader to release the locked gate.

“Hi!” I gave him a hurried but grateful smile while stepping through the turn-style, careful not to shift and unbalance my burdens. Once through the other side, though, I hesitated and glanced down at the ID still in his hand.

Without skipping a beat, Andy held the card in front of my painted lips and lifted an inquiring eyebrow.

I could have asked him to drop the badge between the coffee cups on the carrier, but that brief conversation would take a whole second I could not spare. So, I bit down delicately and mumbled a muffled “hanku,” hoping he would interpret my thanks correctly, before rushing down the hall to the bank of elevators.

Shuffling into the next lift with a herd of other nine-to-fivers, I squeezed myself towards the side wall so I could protect my armful. Someone else pushed the button for my floor, and I exhaled a relieved sigh until I recognized her. Tabitha Jenkins, the office receptionist, seemed to dislike me from the day I arrived for my first interview.

Her emaciated skull swivelled my direction as the polished elevator doors slid closed. “Where were you?”

I gave her a sardonic smirk around the laminated card between my lips, obviously unable to respond in my present state.

With a disdainful grunt, she yanked the plastic out of my mouth and lifted her chin imperiously, as if I owed her an explanation.

I gave the Starbucks cups a meaningful glance. “Nowhere,” I finally answered, as the lift dinged and the doors opened on our floor, wondering if she had the mental prowess to piece it all together without a flow chart.
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"Hi", he spoke to me with such a soft voice, he was barely audible.

"Hi", I spoke back. This man looked so fragile, so weak. I couldn't believe my friend set me up on a date with this guy. She's going to get a serious talking to when I leave this place. At least this man has good taste and was very cute, and he knows how to take a girl out on a date.

We sat outside at the By the Bay Restaurant and watched the ocean waves tap lightly against the sand. The wind blew with just enough force to cause my hair to dance around my shoulders. I could see the children playing with parents, siblings, and friends along the beach. With the sun setting beyond the waters, this would have been the perfect date...if I really wanted to be here.

'Be nice to the man. He hasn't done anything wrong.' I had to tell this to myself before I ran away screaming.

As I walked up to him, he stood and pulled out my chair for me, waited for me to sit, and then sat himself right beside me.

"How are you doing today Ms?..."

"Toni, just Toni. Im doing fine. How are you today Mr?..."

"Zackary, but my friends call me Zack. Im doing well now that you're here Toni. I didn't think that you were ever going to show up. Where were you?"

I sat thinking to myself, give the guy a try. He was nice enough to meet you for some drinks, the least you can do is create small talk.

I looked up at Zack and said, "nowhere".
~~ms. thick chic~~
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“Hi.” She whispered the word between gasps as she caught her breath. She lifted her head off his chest and gave a brief squeeze.
He let out a soft moan and pushed up, feeling himself sliding inside her soaked pussy. He ran his hands along the curve of her ass as his eyes focused on her face again. He grinned. “Hi.”
She smirked at the look on his face and kissed him softly. “Where were you?”
He chuckled softly and squeezed her tight in his arms. He gave a lingering kiss as he wondered, how to explain the slippery pink heaven where his mind went after a long hard fuck? Were there really any words that could describe those few moments when he was only in his body and not lost in his mind? Would she understand, or would she think he was a complete nutjob?
“Nowhere,” he whispered, as a more important question presented itself. Holding her tight, he rolled her onto her back and began to slowly grind his hips.
Again? Her eyes asked, brightening as her legs wrapped tight around his waist.
He nodded.
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Wink Marcy's Dirty Little Secret

"Hi.", said Jefferson D'Arcy after his wife Marcy walked into the house and before she turned around and said, "Hi."

"Where were you?", asked Jefferson with his arms crossed before Marcy shrugged her shoulders and answered, "Nowhere."

That was before she stuffed a male stripper's thong into the laundry hamper.
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"Hi." There, he'd done it. Check off one New Year's Resolution: 'talk to the hot goth girl who's way too cool for your nerdy self.' Done, and with over a minute to spare before the year gave out.

"Hi." Oh no, wait, he hadn't anticipated this. He'd anticipated every likely scenario. Being slapped, having a drink thrown in his face, getting a beat-down from an unanticipated neanderthal boyfriend, there had been so many possibilities. But, being completely ignored had seemed the odds-on favorite. Something along the lines of 'fuck off, dweeb' was about the most he'd figured he'd had any chance of eliciting. He was completely un-prepared for a polite response.

But it got worse, she was looking at him, as if he were an actual person, as if she- No, it couldn't be: as if she expected him to say something else. A conversation. He wasn't ready for a conversation. He was already stressed to the limit just finding her in the midst of the crowded, raucous New Year's Eve Party. But he had to say something, anything:

"Where were you?" What kind of a stupid question was that? How is that witty banter? How is that supposed to lead to anything. That was it, he'd ruined it. From stunning success to crash and burn.

Her thoughtful pale blue eyes regarded him from within halo of eye-liner for a few moments. It occurred to him that he'd never been close enough to note her eye color before, and that her jet-black hair was probably dyed. It didn't matter.

"Nowhere." What a succinctly existential answer to a stupendously lame question. She really was as deep as she was beautiful. Stunned and emboldened beyond all reason, he leaned forward, as the crowd chanted out the last ten seconds of the old year, until his lips were scarcely an inch from her's....
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Playing Away


‘Oh, hi. I didn’t see you in there. I guess it must have been all the, umm, shrubbery.’

‘Yes, she does let things get a bit overgrown at this time of the year.’

‘Winter I guess.’

‘Well, that and the fact that her husband has been away for a couple of months. He’s due back next week, so I guess she’ll probably get out the clippers before then.’

‘Actually, I quite like a bit of shrubbery myself. Not too much, of course.’

‘No. Of course. Anyway, how can I help you?’

‘Well, actually, I’m looking for Slot B.’

‘Then look no further: I am she. Or at least that’s what she sometimes calls me. Slot B. She has a few other names for me too, but I guess I’m happy with Slot B.’

‘Slot B. Yes. It’s quite a pretty name – in a funny sort of way.’

‘And you are?’

‘Oh, sorry. I should have introduced myself. I’m Tab A.’

‘Nice to meet you, Tab A. You’re a fine upstanding fellow, aren’t you?’

‘Sometimes. Other times I just, well, hang around. It rather depends.’

‘Well, you’re certainly a fine upstanding fellow at the moment. So … how can I help you?’

‘Well Brain – who, quite frankly may or may not be thinking clearly – thinks that I should get into you ASAP. You know, put Tab A into Slot B?’

‘Oh, that sounds quite exciting. You know, what with her husband being away and all, I haven’t had any visitors for a while. There’s been the odd finger, but that’s about all. Certainly no one quite like you. Let me just open myself up a bit and make a bit more room. There. See how that is.’

‘OK. I’ll just …. Oh yes, that feels fantastic.’

‘Yes, it does, doesn’t it? It feels fucking wonderful.’

Later that evening, when Tab A was resting quietly beside his normal Slot B, she mentioned that she had come looking for him earlier. ‘You weren’t there. Where were you?’




But she didn’t seem at all convinced.
‘Writing is the ultimate decision-making experience. Every paragraph, every sentence, every word, is a decision.’ – Michael Bremer
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Alright my excuse for an attempt on this. Its my first attempt on one of these. I did not read any other stories before making my scribble. the story is meant to be more fun than erotica...
Originally Posted by MistressLynn View Post


Where were you?


"Hi," Andy sat up, he had been half asleep on the couch. "Where were you?"

"Nowhere," was Susan's response, in almost a sing-song quality. He knew this tone, it meant she had been up to something, and she wanted him to guess.

"Walmart, the grocery store, the park, flea market, fucking a hobo, Target, (which he pronounced Tar-jay) a high school play, the animal shelter," each guess getting a head shake.

"I give, where?"

"You suck," and threw the plain black bag onto his stomach.

He reached into the bag and pulled out its contents. He looked at her with an evil grin. She ran for the bedroom and he followed, item in hand.
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Wink Who Is That Behind You?

"Hi.", said Anne while she was soaking in the bathtub.

"Hi.", said Dustin while he was standing in the bathroom and staring at his wife.

That was when Anne looked at her watch and asked, "Where were you?"

"Nowhere.", answered Dustin while a naked woman was sneaking right behind him.
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I returned to my apartment to find it riddled with junk food wrappers, condoms and beer cans. My grandmother laid on the floor wrapped in nothing but my carpet. Alongside her, my college roommate, Bill, was passed out using her breasts as pillows. My other two gaming buddies, Steve and Rich, were passed out in the corner clutching tequila bottles. I dropped my house keys on the kitchen table. My grandmother stirred a bit.
“Hi,” she mumbled. I thought she had a stroke. After a second look, I realized it was that her lips were stuck together with dried cum.
Too confused to say much else, I answered, “Hi.”
My grandmother rolled Bill to the side so she could sit upright.
“Your friends knocked on the door. I recognized Bill and Steve and let them in, “she explained. “Bill said it was game night and wondered what happened to you.”
Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, she asked, “Where were you?”
“Nowhere,” I said absentmindedly. I had conveniently pushed game night out of my mind to try and get some ass from the second floor neighbor. I wasted the entire night trying to remove a virus from her computer and listen to drone on about her ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile my buddies were busy drilling my grandmother for gold.
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